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When scouring the internet and local stores for the best air purifier, you would do well to consider looking for the best personal air purifier too. Personal air purifiers have great battery life and can create a protective barrier around your mouth so you aren’t breathing in contaminants. That’s what makes them perfect personal air purifiers. And if this all sounds good to you, the AirTamer A310 should be on your watchlist.

Why We Like It – AirTamer A310

AirTamer A310 Personal Air Purifiers are powerful little devices that create a protective personal bubble around your head and shoo away all manner of contaminants. Not only that, but it can also last up to four days on a single charge and more if you don’t have it on constantly.

  • 150-Hour Battery Life
  • Removes All Manner of Contaminants
  • Incredibly Lightweight
  • No Way to Check Efficiency
  • No Battery Charge Indicator


The A310 Wearable Air Purifier emits around two million negative ions every second so you’ll always have clean air around your personal space. They’re as powerful as the leading Honeywell air purifiers. If you’re interested, you can also check out the AVICHE Necklace Wearable Mini or the AirTamer A302 Portable Air Purifier for similar air quality. For a much faster air purifier, the Airocide air purifier would come out on top, specifically because it cleans a room fast. The best thing about the A310 though, is the incredible 150 hours of battery life!


The negative ions emitted by the A310 cover an area of roughly three feet around your head. It’s your own personal bubble that’s great for wearing on long road trips or during a plane ride. If you want something a little better, but not quite as portable, check out the Dyson Cool Me. Unfortunately, there’s no way to check how efficiently the A310 is running like most other purifiers.


One of the main draws is that the A31 is filterless so there will be no added cost associated with having to purchase more and more filters. The A310 can protect you from viruses, pollen, smoke, mold spores, and dust mites. Basically, anything that can cause you harm or flare up your allergies. If you’d like a device specifically for smoke, check out the Smoke Buddy Air Filter.


The A310 is among one of the lightest personal air purifiers we’ve come across. Weighing less than two ounces (1.76 if you want to be exact) you should have no problem wrapping it around your neck and going about your business. The unit also comes with a protective silver tin case so you won’t have to worry if you accidentally drop it. If you have a baby around your home then the Airthereal ADH80 would work great as it comes with a child lock.


Perhaps it’s just me, but I find small, personal air purifiers to be pretty expensive, and the A310 is just another example of that. At $150.00 you should be sure that this is the unit you want to buy. You should also note that, while it has a great battery, there’s no indication as to the current charge level and thus how long a charge it has left. Kind of a big oversight or design flaw if you ask me.

AirTamer A310 Wrap Up

Despite one incredibly baffling design choice, the absence of a battery charge indicator, the AirTamer 310 should make anybody not only happier, but healthier too. It’s lightweight, so it’s easy to carry around, and its battery life is second to none. And the absence of filters means you won’t have to spend more money after the initial, expensive purchase.

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