Airpocket Carry-On Handles All Of Your Travel Essentials

These days traveling by airplane is a hassle on many levels, but at least we have some gadgets that will make our lives easier when it comes to traveling with our tech. Like the Airpocket, which is a convenient carry-on bag that takes care of all of our travel essentials.

A Simple Design That Cures Your Travel Blues

This bag fits in the seat back pocket of the chair in front of you and allows you to have everything that you need with you at all times. No more sitting in your seat and realizing that you forgot something. It is simple, stylish and easily accessible.


Airpocket was created with the intent to help travelers stay organized, from the moment they leave the house and throughout their entire travel experience. It will hold all the things you need for your trip: travel documents, your phone and other devices, even a good book if you want.

The beauty of the simple design is that it works perfectly with your existing luggage and fits perfectly into the seat-back pocket, keeping everything within easy reach. This will make travel a much more pleasant experience.

Airpocket is made from neoprene, which is a soft and sturdy material. This material is what cushions and protects your valuables in case of drops, knocks, and scratches. The internal pockets are flexible and will take the shape of whatever you place inside, hugging it nicely.

Airpocket Carry-On Handles All Of Your Travel Essentials
Airpocket keeps your important things nearby.

Store It On Your luggage Handle, Then in the Seat Pocket

As another added bonus, you can slip Airpocket over the extended handle of your carry-on bag for extra convenience. You can also place it in your purse, handbag or satchel of course, as you make your way through the airport, then you can just pop it into the seat-back pocket when you get to your seat.

This might just be one of the handiest travel accessories you ever own. Sometimes it’s the simplest designs that help you out the most and make life easier. You won’t find another electronics case quite like this.

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