Airlighter Fires Up Your BBQ In Seconds (video) | Gadget Review

Airlighter Fires Up Your BBQ In Seconds (video)

If you’re a grill master who thinks propane is for wimps and enjoys cooking over traditional charcoals, then you need to toss out your matchsticks and grab yourself a man’s lighter like the Airlighter. The portable air-driven fire lighter looks more like a torch than a lighter, but will fire up your charcoal grill, fireplace or campfire in a matter of seconds thanks to its 4″ flame that not only ignites charcoal and wood, but also delivers airflow to quickly spread the flames throughout your pit.


You’ll be ready to cook up your steaks in only 5 minutes! And, you don’t need lighter fluid, thus eliminating that awful chemical taste it gives to food. And for all you green freaks out there, you’ll be glad to know that you’re helping to keep earth cleaners since you’ll be eliminating a known contributor to the erosion of the ozone layer (lighter fluid). Don’t worry about your kids or your dumb friend having an accident with the Airlighter, either, since there’s a child safety lock that prevents accidental ignition. Take your fire lighting skills to the next level for with the Airlighter that retails for $99.


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