AirFree P3000 Review

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Updated January 9, 2023
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When looking for the best air purifier, or more specifically, the Best Ionic Air Purifier, people probably want a silent air purifier that destroys mold spores and organic allergens, among other things, and the AirFree P3000 filterless air purifier may be that purifier.

Why We Like It – AirFree P3000

The AirFree P3000 has an award-winning design that doesn’t require a filter or a fan, and can use heat to provide clean air without making any noise. It can capture various contaminants and has simple controls, all while having the appearance of chic and modern home decor.

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  • Completely silent
  • Maintenance-free
  • Not durable


It makes up for what it lacks in a filter, a UV light, or a fan with design, a lack of noise, and low energy consumption. Due to having thermodynamic TSS technology, Airfree air purifiers still manage to be part air sterilizer, part filter, and more. Unlike the AeroMax 300, which uses a 4-stage filter, the Airfree air purifier uses heat to eradicate pollutants such as dust mites to improve the overall air quality.

Efficiency(room size etc.)

For such a small purifier, it has a surprisingly wide range. It has an area coverage of 650 square feet, surpassing the Pure Enrichment air purifier filter, which has an area coverage of 190 square feet. Only the Airfree P1000 comes with a similar impressive area of coverage. It’s also easy to move the p3000 from room to room, and it can be used for larger rooms without making any noise as it gets rid of any airborne microorganisms. It also has an adjustable night light for when the user needs to roam the room at night.

Versatility (HEPA, what it filters, odor reduction, etc.)

The Airfree Onix air purifiers don’t contain HEPA filters or any filter for that matter. Instead, it contains filterless technology, in the form of the manufacturer’s exclusive patented thermodynamic TSS technology. Because of this, it can capture mold, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, pollens, and pet dander through the ceramic core, using heat to destroy the organic pollutants.

Even though this unit is filterless and a great stationary device, you’ll want a HEPA filter for your personal space, which you can read about in our Airdog FitAir Portable Air Purifier review.


The AirFree unit has the appearance of home decor to help blend in with the decor that the user already has, and, unfortunately, it has the durability of some home decor as well. The housing is made of plastic to house the ceramic core, similar to the Silveronyx air purifier with a true HEPA filter, except it has a filter instead of a ceramic core filter. However, it’s also very lightweight, as it weighs 3.1 Lbs, less than the Silveronyx, which weighs 5.39 Lbs.


Despite its small size, it’s expensive due to the parts and designs it has in spite of its simplicity. The thermodynamic TSS technology and everything it’s made of, such as the ceramic core, affect the cost the most. It takes a completely different air purification approach than just a filter. While effective and convenient, it also means that the whole purifier would have to be replaced if any breaks. The Airfree T800 is another impressive air purifier that does not come with or needs the use of filters. Read our Airfree Tulip review for a look at another model by this brand.

AirFree P3000 Wrap Up

Customer reviews have been mostly positive, praising the purifier’s performance. It garnered a big enough reputation to be featured in a video for related products on One reviewer addressed how it’s effective for mold and mildew in closets, and that it completely got rid of the smell after a year.

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