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The Airfree P1000 is just one of the many filterless air purifiers that have continued to become popular among consumers seeking to breathe cleaner air, and get rid of dust mites, mold spores, bacteria viruses, and pollen from their environment. It’s also pretty unique, as it uses filterless technology to get rid of these airborne microorganisms, with a level of efficiency that’s not any less than what you’d expect from an air purifier that’s got a true HEPA filter.

While the Airfree P1000 air purifier still doesn’t pack enough punch to be called the best air purifier around, it’s still a great option for anyone looking for the Best Filterless Air Purifier under $250, so if this sounds like your budget, then make sure you get to the end of this review.

Why We Like It – Airfree P1000

The Airfree P1000 is a reliable, well-designed, and filterless air purifier that destroys mold, bacteria, and any other airborne contaminants to improve the air quality in your living space. The unit relies on exclusive patented Thermodynamic TSS technology that uses heat to kill microorganisms in the air, guaranteeing completely silent & emission-free operation.

  • No maintenance costs
  • Completely silent operation
  • Large room coverage
  • No timer, air quality monitor


As you’d expect from an Airfree Air Purifier, the technology used here is that of a Patented Thermodynamic TSS, where high-intensity heat is used to destroy any microorganisms in the air. This process is completely silent, and is sure to destroy any dust mites bacteria, or viruses that might happen to be present in the air. The P3000 Airfree Air Purifier also applies the same Patented Thermodynamic TSS technology, and with both units being around the same size and weight, you’ll easily be able to move them around as much as you’d need to.


One of the things that a lot of people tend to seriously consider when purchasing a new electrical appliance for their home is the amount of electricity that is going to be consumed. With the Airfree P1000 filterless portable air purifier, though, this shouldn’t be something to worry about. The unit guarantees low energy consumption, as it doesn’t have any fans that need to be powered. It’s also pretty efficient in terms of room coverage, as it is well-suitable for a room size of up to 450 square feet. You may want to check out the Airfree air purifier reviews for a larger room coverage of up to 650 square feet.


Being a silent air purifier, you’re guaranteed no disruptions if you choose to use the Airfree P1000 air purifier at night as you sleep. Just like the Airfree Iris 3000, the unit also features a blue night light to help you create a comfortable environment, but there’s no timer you’ll be able to use to schedule its functioning, as all you need to do to switch it on is to plug it into an electrical socket.


The good thing about getting any Air Purifier Airfree like the AirFree P3000 is that there are literally no additional costs for you to incur once you purchase the unit. This unit is also completely maintenance-free since there’s nothing you’ll need to replace, and with a guarantee of completely silent air cleaning, adjustable night light, and a generous 2-year warranty, it’s pretty much one of the best air purifiers there is.

Although, if you have a top air purifier with washable filters, then you’ll eventually need to replace the filter after so many washes. So, if that’s too much of a hassle for you, then you’re better off with this filter-free unit.


Instead of using a UV light filter type to provide clean air like the Airfree T800, the Airfree P1000 relies on an air sterilizer technology that does not emit harmful ozone air, and neither does it emit any ions. Its process is completely harmless to the environment, and is also both small and lightweight for easy portability.

Airfree P1000 Wrap Up

Headquartered in the United States and manufactured in Europe, you can rest assured that Airfree products are of exceptional build quality. They’re sure to provide long-lasting service and are more energy efficient than other air purifiers.