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The Airfree Filterless Air Cleaner has a number of useful features that definitely puts it in the running to be considered a best air purifier. It destroys contaminants with ease, and the filterless technology means you can save money by not having to purchase expensive filters. If you;re looking for the best filterless air purifier, you’ll want to check this one out.

Why We Like It – Airfree Air Purifier

Airfree Air Purifiers are among the leaders in air convection via purification technology. The hyper-heated ceramic chamber destroys organisms before releasing clean air back into the environment. And speaking of clean air, the unit has an astounding 99.9% Air purification rate!

  • Airefree Destroys Small and Large Particles with Ease
  • Comes with a Night Light
  • Don’t Need to Buy Filters Thanks to the Filterless Technology
  • Takes a Long Time to Purify a Room
  • Covers Only a Small Room
  • Doesn’t Suck In Contaminants


Airfree Air Sterilizers can destroy even the smallest airborne particles and microorganisms via its ceramic heating chamber. Even larger particles, such as mold spores and pet dander don’t stand a chance and Airfree works by torching them to a crisp. All while being a completely silent air purifier too. However, it does take about 21-30 days to completely purify using this method. But if you do enjoy it, you can also check out the Airfree P1000.


One downside of the P3000 is the relatively small room size it can accommodate. At 250 sq ft the P3000, like its cousin the Airfree Iris 3000, can only accommodate a single room at a time. You’ll need to purchase more if you want it to cover your whole house, condo, or apartment. Bringing it around to different rooms isn’t advisable either as unplugging it will cause it to reset and have to heat up again extending the time needed for purification.


The Exclusive Patented Thermodynamic TSS Technology Airfree Air Purification Systems use allows for an incredible 99.99% air sterilization rate. Not only that, it also eliminates the need for you to purchase replacement filters for the unit, which saves you money. However, this also means you’ll have to wait for contaminants to pass into the range of the unit instead of having it suck them in. Almost all Airfree purifiers, such as the Airfree T800, work this way.


Airfree Air Purifiers are compact and can easily blend into the decor of your home without much issue. They also only weigh four pounds so they are easy to transport (though this isn’t recommended as I’ve mentioned above). Further, the Airfree Air Purifier is manufactured with quality materials and in Europe. Because there are no moving parts a five year life expectancy is estimated. Just in case, the unit also comes with a two year warranty.


Customer reviews in the United States on Amazon are a positive ⅘ stars, so that’s always comforting. In conjunction with the filterless technology, the P3000 also has low energy consumption which saves you even more money. And if you are thinking about putting the unit in a bedroom, especially a child’s, the P3000 comes with a handy adjustable night light too!

Airfree Air Purifier Wrap Up

The main draw of these Airfree Air Purifiers is that they require no filters and no maintenance. Just turn it on and go. They are still working out some kinks, such as the low coverage area and the actual time it takes to purify a room, but it’s a new technology. Give it some time and let it grow.

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