Airbus Bag2Go Uses GPS And RFID To Get Your Bags Where They Belong

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Whether you like the best weekender bag or something bigger, this is very cool.

If you fly on a regular basis, you’ve probably gotten your bags lost at least once. Eventually, they return to you: Beaten, torn, probably missing everything of value, and possibly lit on fire. It would be nice not to have to deal with this, and now Airbus, yes, the plane manufacturer, has Bag2Go, a system they’re testing to do away with luggage loss for good.

The system has multiple redundancies, which is pretty much what you’d expect from an aircraft manufacturer. First off, it has a barcode you can scan with an iPhone app, and that airports can do the same, so that you can match bag to itinerary.

Next, it has an RFID chip built into it, both to easily identify the bag if it gets lost and to tie into luggage tracking systems used by both airlines and airports around the world. If that weren’t enough, the bag has a GPS tracker built into it that allows you to find its location precisely, and just for that extra layer of redundancy and to ensure you can find the thing no matter what, it has a 2G tracking device as well.

In short, to actually lose your bag for good, the airlines would have to drop it down a shaft into the Earth’s core, fire it into space, or use quantum mechanics to send it to an alternate universe. None of which, we’d like to note, are events we’ve actually ruled out as unlikely to happen to your luggage.

Just for good measure, the bag even has a digital scale built into it, so you’ll know exactly what it weighs and you won’t have to argue with the jerk behind the counter over whether it weighs more than it should. Airbus is still working out how they’re going to sell (or rent) these bags, but considering how many problems they solve for travelers and airlines alike, expect them sooner rather than later.

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