Air Purifier vs Air Exchanger

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Updated July 8, 2022

Pitting an air purifier vs an air exchanger requires a little bit of background knowledge. Both are great systems for keeping indoor air pollution under control, but they do so a little differently. The best air purifiers are those that fit your lifestyle and needs. Keep reading to find out which system is right for you.


  • Both systems will remove hazardous airborne particles from your home, but they work a little differently from one another.
  • Using purifiers and exchangers together is the best way to improve indoor air quality and limit air pollutants.
  • If you can only afford to invest in one type of system, you should always purchase an air-cleaning device, whether it uses ionic technology or simple air filters.

Comparing Air Purifiers and Air Exchangers

So, in the battle of air purifier vs air exchanger, which system reigns supreme? The answer to that is both. These systems work wonderfully together and should generally be used in tandem. There are a ton of different types of air purification systems, however. For example, an air purifier vs an air scrubber is a similar question that can help you decide on an even better method of purification. For other purification options, you can also learn about ionizer air purifiers vs UV air purifiers, air purifiers vs air ionizers, electronic air cleaners vs filters, and air purifier filters vs car filters.

Explaining Air Purification Systems

From electronic air cleaners to ionic technology, there is a whole range of products to choose from. Air purification has become wildly popular over the years, especially as air pollution worsens. The first thing to figure out is which types of technology work best for your lifestyle and home. Looking at different styles, such as an air purifier HEPA vs UV system, can help make the final decision.

What Types of Air Purifiers Exist?

There are a ton of different types you can choose from:

  • Central Air Cleaner
  • Ionic Technology
  • UV Light Purifiers
  • Electronic Air Cleaners
  • Portable Air Purifier

Which Air Cleaning Device is Right for You

Both your lifestyle and budget will determine the correct type of air purifier for you. Understanding your needs, such as improving allergy symptoms, is the best step forward. You’ll want to figure out what your budget is, which types of air filters would be best, and whether you want a whole-house system or portable units.

Explaining Air Exchangers

You can find exhaust systems used all over your house, especially in HVAC systems. Air exchangers are installed by indoor air quality experts and can provide adequate ventilation for your comfort and health.

Insider Tip

You should have an air purifier for each area of your house as a general rule, but there are whole-house systems you can invest in, as well.

How do Air Exchangers Work?

Having poor air circulation can lead to feeling like you’re breathing stale oxygen, which is never pleasant. Exchangers are effective air purifiers that help pump fresh air into an indoor space. They do this with a series of exhaust systems installed into your house.

Are Air Exchangers Effective?

The short answer is yes. However, they do not work nearly as well as a single system and should be paired with other air filters. Exchangers are technically a type of central air purifier that works by keeping air circulating through your house.

Which Option is Better for You?

Both systems should be used in conjunction when possible. Exchangers bring in a fresh air supply so that purifiers are better able to remove indoor air pollutants. If you can only afford to budget for one, go with the best type of air purifier for your lifestyle as your first choice.


Don’t be fooled by the promises that manufacturers make about lower-efficiency filter options, like carbon filters.


What portable air cleaner is best for allergies?

Any portable air cleaner will improve allergy symptoms. For the best results, choose a portable air cleaner that uses carbon filters to lower the impact of allergies.

Should I get an activated carbon air purifier?

If you have allergy symptoms or asthma symptoms like the vast majority of people, absolutely. Even those who don’t understand the impact of allergies can improve their life significantly with these types of air filters.

How do electronic air cleaners detox indoor air?

There are a few different types of air purifiers that use electronic air filters to clean up airborne contaminants. Ionic technology is still highly effective and popular.

Should I choose an ionic purification system?

Ionic purification can be a great option. However, if you suffer from allergy symptoms, you may want something with a HEPA air purifier instead.

STAT: In 2018, the Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario area experienced 227 days where half or more of the monitoring locations reported elevated ozone and particulate matter. (source)

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