Air Purifiers: Your Home Air May Be Dirtier Than You Think

If you smoke it’s easy to know that the air in your home is dirty. That’s why many read our best air purifier for smoke list. But your home is dirtier than you think.

People who want to choose the best air purifier for their homes (discover the top air purifiers by reading this) generally fall into two categories: Those who are buying a purifier for a very specific purpose and already know what they want, and those who are thinking about an air purifier, but aren’t totally sure how much benefit it will be.

For the latter group, we have interesting (and spooky) research for you to check out: According to the Environmental Working Group, the air inside homes tends to be two to five times more polluted than the air outside.

environmental pollutants
Air purifiers are defined by their filters, so pay close attention!

Colder Months Are Worse

This tends to be particularly bad in the colder months, because of course homes are more likely to be sealed up at this time, and there are fewer ways for contaminants to escape.

Winter also tends to see a lot of candles, wood fireplaces, poorly vented heaters, and other sources of air pollution that can quickly raise the levels of contaminants in the house. Pets are also likely to spend more time in the house during these months, so you can also add pet dander and related dust to the list.

Then there are the long-term sources of environmental pollution that can creep up over time. Chemical cleaners may get things clean, but they can also fill the air with fumes that may get circulated through your HVAC for quite some time.

VOCs and Outgassing

And let’s not forget about the latest common enemy, VOCs or volatile organic particles: These are nasty chemical particles exuded by various types of paint, foam, carpet, and other modern accessories we don’t usually think about. The process is called outgassing, and it can happen over years.

While not all air purifiers can clean up VOCs and other environmental pollutants, if you are worried about their effects then it’s important to look for a model that includes a filter designed to weed out these problematic materials. Additionally, look for environmentally safe materials when buying new accessories!

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