Can an Air Purifier Clean More Than One Room

Updated: Jan 9, 2023 6:30 PM
Can an Air Purifier Clean More Than One Room

If you live in a home with multiple rooms and you are shopping for the best air purifier, you will likely have one question on your mind. Can an air purifier clean more than one room? We are here to help with answers.


  • Air purifiers can typically clean more than one room at once, though it will depend on the size of the rooms and the power of the purifier.
  • You can always run the air purifier continuously at a low setting or move it around as needed.
  • You should check the stats before buying an air purifier, paying close attention to its CFM and CADR ratings.

Are There Multi-room Air Purifiers?

Simply put, most air purifiers can purify more than one room simultaneously, but the exact amount will be set by the square footage of the rooms in question and the power of the purifier itself. Read this article to learn troubleshooting tips for your air purifier when it stops working. For other helpful articles, check out how much is an air purifier, why does my air purifier smell, and where to put an air purifier.

Do I Need an Air Purifier in Every Room?

You do not need an air purifier in every single room, although the best desktop air purifier for a desk or end table is appealing. But, you may want a great air purifier for asthma around where you normally hang out. Additionally, it would be helpful to know what kind of device you need to help your needs the most. To learn their differences, you can check out our comparison of air purifiers and air cleaners. Moreover, you may need more than one throughout your home depending on a variety of factors, including home size, air purification power, and just how unhealthy your home’s air is. In that case, check out our Honeywell True Allergen Remover HPA300 review.

How to Purify Multiple Rooms at Once

Having a purifier that can cover large rooms, like the one in our Bissell air purifier review, can cover multiple small rooms. Here are some tips to help you purify the air throughout your home without having to buy an air purifier for every room.

Run it Continuously

You can run your air purifier continuously, providing that it is on its lowest setting. Running your purifier all of the time can help treat several rooms at once, particularly if these rooms are connected in some way. Be wary when continuously operating an air purifier at its highest setting, as this can eventually wear down the unit.

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You can run your air purifier continuously, providing that it is on its lowest setting.

Check the Stats

There are several commonly found stats that you will run into while shopping for an air purifier. These numbers could let you know how the purifier will do when it comes to treating multiple rooms at once. Look for the cubic feet per minute number, the CFM, and the clean air delivery rate, or the CADR. These metrics illustrate just how powerful the unit is and how quickly it can purify the air.

Move the Purifier Around

If you are not going to be running your purifier continuously in a single room, feel free to move it around the home as needed. You can run it in the bedroom before sleeping, for instance, and then move it to the living room as you work remotely or take care of the kids. Air purifiers tend to be rather light and easy to transport. Also, you can use a water air purifier, and this article will show you how.


Be wary when it comes to continuously operating an air purifier at its highest setting, as this can eventually wear down the unit.


What are air purifiers supposed to filter out and do they actually do it?

Air purifiers are supposed to filter out anything out of the ordinary that is floating around in the air. This can include allergens, pet dander, dust, smoke, virus particles, and bacteria, among other items. As to their efficacy, it depends on the make and model of the air purifier.

Can air purifiers filter the outdoor air that enters your home?

Air purifiers can filter the outdoor air that enters your home, but you should exercise caution when allowing outdoor air inside your house. This is because an air purifier can only filter so much air at once.

How to calculate if you need additional air purifiers?

Let’s do some math. If an air purifier is rated to treat 500 square feet, and you have a 2,000-square-foot home, you will need four air purifiers.

STAT: In the North American definition, “true HEPA” means that a filter removes at least 99.97% of airborne particles of a 0.3-micron diameter in a single pass. (source)

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