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Air Pakk Turns From Pack To Pillow

Wherever we go, we have a few things we need on us at all times. One of those, more often than not, is a pillow. But how do you carry your stuff and a pillow as well? For Air Pakk, the answer is “inflation.”

Pillowy Goodness

The Air Pakk is, as a backpack, a fairly simple device. Open it up, load your stuff in, haul it around, or clip the things you need to the band around the front. It’s not the most complex backpack in the world, but it gets the job done. The interesting part, for those on the go who need to rest their head, is the inflatable pockets inside the bag itself.

Full Of Wind

The real value becomes apparently when you fire up the inflatables hidden in the front and back of the bag. Self-inflating, and allowing you to fill the bag with anywhere from a quarter-inch to two inches of soft air to rest your head on, the Air Pakk is essentially a discrete pillow, seat cushion, travel pillow, or what have you. It even has a nice, discreet little lay-flat zipper and a removable outer cover. In other words, it’s pretty much everything you want out of a travel pillow. The padding can even be used to protect your stuff. Well, your flat stuff. We don’t recommend tucking your ceremonial mace in this thing.

Rest Easy


If you travel a lot, or are just highly mobile from day to day, you probably need some place to rest your head. The Air Pakk is a pretty clever way of taking care of that need, albeit one that doesn’t come cheap. If you’re looking for a portable pillow to haul stuff in, it’s going to run you around $90 from their Kickstarter. But at least you can sleep wherever you go.

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