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The Air King Fan earns its distinction as a best window fan because of its ingenious Storm Guard feature which lets you fully close a window while the fan is still cooling the room. And while it may have only one blade, the powerful motor ensures it can do the work of two-bladed models.

Why We Like It – Air King Fan

The Air King Fan is a versatile fan that can cool both residential and work areas with ease. It fits windows 27”-38” Wide & 26.25” Tall, which means it should fit anywhere where windows are present, and it’s three speed motor ensures you get the exact amount of cooling you need.

  • Storm Guard Let’s You Fully Close a Window
  • Powder-Coated Front Grill & Blade
  • Cools 2510-3560 Square Foot Rooms
  • Only 1 Blade
  • A Little Expensive


The Air King Fan comes equipped with a powerful Three Speed, One Phase Motor that is rated at an impressive 120 volts and 1/6 horsepower. This means it can cool rooms between 2510-3560 cubic feet with ease depending on whether you set the fan on high, medium, or low. High velocity air circulation with little to no maintenance is the name of the game with Air King.


The Air King Fan fits windows that are between 27 inches and 39 inches wide and 26.25 inches tall. The fan is constructed from impact-resistant plastic housing and powder-coated steel for the front grill and blade. But while it may be resistant, which is always a good thing, it does have only one blade. Consider the Bionaire Dual Window Fan if dual-fans are what you prefer.

Noise/Sound Level

Depending on the speed settings, the Air King Fan produces noise at about 50-64dB. For reference, 50dB is about the same as an open refrigerator while 64dB is slightly louder than an electric toothbrush. For a whole-room cooling fan, these sound levels are pretty good. And considering the room sizes it can cool, walking away from the sound if it’s bothering you is a viable option.

Versatility/Modern Features

The Air King Fan is a versatile fan that can be used to circulate air and cool rooms whether it’s a residential or work area. And while traditional window fans are held in place while the window is closed on top of it, Air King Fans have a Storm Guard feature that lets a window close fully. This is fantastic for those days where there’s heavy rain. The fan acts as a fan, and it does it well, but you can also check out the Genesis A1 if you want something slightly more high-tech.


The Air King Fan’s high price may be a turn-off to some people, understandably, but consider that the fan is also compliant with OSHA and ETL. Add to that the 1-year limited warranty which protects against defects and workmanship, the various ways you can contact customer service if you need to claim the warranty, and you have a fan that can justify its price high as it may be. Still, if you do want something even slightly less expensive, try the Holmes Window Fan.

Air King Fan Wrap Up

The Air King Fan, admittedly, is a little on the expensive side. But the Powder-coated front grill and blade ensures it will last a long time. The 2510-3560 square foot room range is also an impressive engineering feat and ensures any and all rooms become cool. The price, then, seems like a bargain.

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