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If you’re in the market for a wall mounted fan, finding a fan with a quiet motor is very difficult. But the Air King 9020 is one of the very few wall mounted fans in the market that stays relatively inaudible throughout all the speed settings, and that is the defining feature of this fan. So it undeniably is the best garage fan and the best wall mount fan in this range. But it’s trustworthy in other areas too.

Why We Like It – Air King 9020

The Air King 9020 is one of the only well-built, high speed industrial grade wall mount fans that is somewhat quiet at all speed settings. And that in itself is enough reason for us to adore this fan. On top of that, it also features excellent performance and versatility.

  • Powder-coated body, paint doesn’t chip off easily
  • Outstanding noise level of just 62 dB for a high speed industrial grade wall mount fan
  • Totally enclosed ball bearing motor
  • The wall plug doesn’t have any built-in fuse


For its price, the Air King 9020 high speed industrial grade wall mount fan performs exceptionally well. There are three speed settings to begin with that you can adjust using the rear-mounted pull cord, the kind you usually see in higher-end exhaust fans. And it can put out the following amount of air in each speed mode: 3670 CFM (1500 RPM/High), 3330 CFM (3330 RPM/Medium), 2940 CFM (1050 RPM/Low). However, if you need something with even more performance, you need to go for the Lasko 2265QM.


Being a high speed industrial grade wall mount fan, the Air King 9020 is very well built and lasts long. First of all, the entire outside body of this fan is totally powder-coated and rugged. So the black paint won’t chip off or rust easily even after heavy indoor outdoor usage or while using this fan beside water heaters in humid conditions. The fan has a steel blade guard, so the blades are durable as well. And the motor is totally enclosed, so there’s no chance of it failing due to any outside debris or other things (unless it fails due to an abnormal power supply or anomaly in voltage). With all that packed in, the fan isn’t really small at all. If you need something smaller, take a look at the Maxx Air Wall Mount Fan.

Noise/Sound Level

As we mentioned multiple times before, this is where this fan knocks it out of the park. This fan is extremely quiet at the max setting; in fact, it is about 62 dB, which is barely audible in a quiet room. The ball bearing motor really comes in handy here. Another series of quiet fans that you can go for are the Westinghouse ceiling fans.

Versatility/Modern Features

Even though it performs extremely well and is way less noisy than some of the other high velocity fans, it’s missing a couple of features too. For example, the 9 ft. long power cord doesn’t have any built-in fuse to protect the motor from power fluctuations. If your area faces voltage issues often, you need a stabilizer with this fan. And it only supports 120V 60 Hz power input, meaning you’ll face troubles getting this fan to work outside the United States and a few other countries.


This fan costs about $10~20 less than its similarly specced competitors and has free shipping. So it’s one of the better value for money fans to buy. If you don’t care about a few of the versatility drawbacks, this fan is going to serve you well. And the fan and the parts accessories all come with a 1-year limited warranty that you can avail by contacting their customer service.

Air King 9020 Wrap Up

The Air King 9020 is an extremely well made underrated wall mounted fan that goes below a lot of people’s radar when shopping for a new high velocity fan. The only drawbacks are pretty much nitpicking, and everything else from performance to the noise level is so exceptional that it even puts cheaper air conditioners to shame.

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