Air Hogs Hover Toy Combines an RC Car & Helicopter (video)

It’s never an easy decision.  Do you drive or do you fly?  And no, we’re not talking about boarding a private jet or jumping behind the wheel of a car.  Instead, we’re alluding to the activity called RCing, or remote controlling.  Okay, so the last terms may not be real, but you know what is real?  This RC Car Helicopter by Air Hogs.


It’s officially called the Air Hogs Hover, and boy does it elicit the kid in us.  Unlike the Transformer toys, which change from a car to a robot, the Hover is always ready to fly and drive.  It charges up via the included remote control, which takes about 20 minutes and provides 10 minutes of play time.  A standard set of joysticks control the velocity and direction, while a set of shoulder buttons control the propeller and the gun turret – yes, it fires 4 foam bullets with surprising distance.  In addition to flying and driving, Air Hogs has billed this RC toy with a third option; hopping.  So if you face an obstacle as you’re driving, you can quickly activate and deactivate the propellers, which in turn causes the Hover to jump sort of like a parasurfer.

Expect the Air Hogs Hover to arrive sometime next quarter and cost $50.

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  1. My son and i had alot off fun with the air dog car that alot flys but it broke. We put it throw alot learning how to fly it . My son is 5 and just befor it broke he was flying it like a pro

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