Air Guitar Move for iPhone Lets You Play with a Special Motion Sensing Pick

Air Guitar Move for iPhone is effectively Guitar Hero for the iPhone.  You’re probably thinking “but doesn’t that game already exist for the iPhone”?  Yes, it does, but what that game lacked is hardware.  Air Guitar Move for the iPhone incorporates a special guitar pick that plugs into the iPhone’s 30-pin dock connector.  Holding the iPhone in one hand and the pick in the other, you can strum up and down like a real guitar.  The included game hardware includes an accelerometer and detects when you move your hand up and down.  Your movements are then reflected in the game.

Air Guitar Move for iPhone will launch with two apps. There will be free play, which allows you to play cords and notes as if the iPhone is a guitar, and a game that is very much like Guitar Hero requiring you to strum according to the onscreen queues.

Currently the guys behind Air Guitar Move for iPhone are seeking $25,000 in funding by none other than the crowd.  As of today they’ve received over 124 backers for a total pledge of $8,525.  If you pledge $39 or more you’ll score your very own Air Guitar Move.  You can expect it to be released this fall.


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