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Aikoper Desk Fan Review

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The USB Powered Desk Fan Aikoper, similar to a fine Vornado fan, hits you with a constant stream of cooling power without losing power or having a hiccup in its operation. There is a slight whirring sound when it’s working, but it won’t amount to anything. It’s more background noise than it is anything else. For more great fan options, check out our best desk fan list!

Why We Like It – Aikoper Desk Fan

The Aikoper Desk Fan has a Twin Turbo Cyclone Structure which gives you cool and consistent streams of air. It’s a sleek and modern design that will surely become the most eye-catching feature of wherever you decide to place it, and the whisper-quiet operation means you can work or sleep without being disturbed.

  • Constant Streams of Cooling Power
  • Painted Black Finish
  • One-Button Control
  • Only Two Speeds
  • Slight Whirring Sound


The Aikoper USB Desk Fan contains the latest Aikoper technology, which is the twin-turbo cyclone structure, to cut the airflow evenly and continuously. It’s not the same technology as some of the finest neck fans. This allows the fan to constantly produce streams of cool air. It has two speeds, which is standard for a fan of this size, but it’s not unheard of for fans to have more precise options. See our Vornado Pivot review for a portable fan with three-speed options.

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Aikoper Desk Fans feature a sleek and very modern design. Completely rejecting the traditional desktop fan design of competitors such as the Holmes Blizzard Fan, the Aikoper Desk Fan has a bionic shell sculpt with a painted black finish. There’s no doubt it will be the most fashionable piece of equipment on your office desk. Weighing only 12 ounces, the fan is also easy to transport from room to room. But for a truly portable fan, check out our BLUBOON clip-on fan review.

Noise/Sound Level

The Fan Aikoper USB Small Table Personal Electric Fan features whisper-quiet operation. Despite the lack of dB-level measuring, the use of the term ‘whisper-quiet’ leads us to believe it’s somewhere around 40dB. By the company’s own admission the fan does make a slight whirring sound which can be soothing background noise to some, but can also be annoying to others. Check out the Fancii USB Fan for something a bit quieter.

Versatility/Modern Features

The Aikoper Desk Fan operation is as easy as pushing a button. A single button on the metal base is enough to turn the fan on or off. And since it’s a USB fan, plugging it into your computer or power bank is enough to get it up and running. Because you won’t be using AC or an electrical outlet to use the fan, you’ll be saving on energy costs too. For another option, check out our AceMining Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan review.


The Aikoper Desk Fan has reduced vibration and wobble thanks to the rubber strips at the bottom of the fan. The fan comes with a 5V USB power supply, but it’s not specified how long the cord is. Likewise, it only comes in one color: black. And while it’s a painted black that can fit in with anything, we would have liked to see some bolder color operations to set the fan out from the rest of the pack.

Aikoper Desk Fan Wrap Up

The Aikoper Desk Fan may only contain two speeds, but the constant stream of cool air you’ll get should more than makeup for it. The painted black finish is strong, vibrant, and adds to the elegance of the design, and the one-button control system allows for easy operation even among the most technologically inexperienced among us.