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When looking for the best blender for frozen drinks, most people just ignore the cheaper blenders in favor of costlier professional blenders. But the Aicok Blender we are going to talk about today is probably one of the only cheap blenders that are competent.

Why We Like It – Aicok Blender

At below $100, the Aicok Blender is probably one of the only high speed professional blenders that feature self-cleaning at this price. And there are three auto modes, one for ice crushing, one that turns it into a smoothie blender, and last but definitely not least, the dessert making option.

  • 1400 Watt base
  • Three automatic modes
  • Affordable price
  • There are quality control issues in some units


For the price, it comes with a potent 1400 W motor. Even the costlier Ninja Smart Screen Blender features a lower-powered base than it. But do note that there are some quality control issues with some motors. So make sure to check whether or not it works as soon as you receive it in case you decide to buy it.


Speed is easily adjustable on this heavy-duty blender. We already talked a bit about the automatic modes. There are manual speed options too. They consist of “Lower,” “Middle,” and “High.” It’s very for people who like to take more of a hands-on approach. And just like the Cleanblend Blender, there’s a pulse option too.


The BPA free 72-ounce Tritan pitcher is dishwasher safe. And the stainless steel blades are very durable and crushes through pretty much everything. From desserts to baby food, this blender will make anything you throw at it. It is not really as durable as the Vitamix 7500 Professional Grade Blender, but at this price, it’s not really expected to have the same level of build quality.

Versatility & Attachments

According to the product information, the pitcher and the base are all you get with this blender. The lid is indeed hard to remove, and there is no convenient hatch to release drinks. But once again, you usually see these features on higher-end blenders.


Even though there are a few usability quirks, if you can find it with free shipping in your area, it’s still an excellent value for money product overall. You simply don’t get this many automatic modes and a robust base like this from any other manufacturer at this price bracket.

Aicok Blender Wrap Up

The Aicok Blender is pretty great overall. There are a few inconveniences that you might need to get around, but all in all, it’s a complete package.

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