The World’s Most Comfortable Tent Makes Sleeping Outdoors Like Home

This has to be one of the best tents around. If you love camping, then you have no problem sleeping on the hard ground inside your sleeping bag that’s tucked inside your tent.

But for those who prefer a more comfortable sleeping arrangement when getting closer to nature comes this ingenious Kickstarter campaign for Aesent, the world’s most comfortable tent. What makes this tent so special is its patent-pending integrated inflatable base that almost makes you feel as if you’re in your own comfy bed. The durable and comfy 4-man tent features a 6-inch inflatable base that’s attached via zipper access, so the tent can be set up in minutes, while the large inflatable base is set up in as little as two minutes.


The idea for the integrated inflatable base came after the creator tried to fit a standard queen-sized inflatable mattress into a small 2-man tent to no avail. So he thought that tents should just come with their own inflatable base, and Aesent was born. One of the biggest challenges was making the base durable and puncture resistant, which was fixed with a special vinyl that’s thicker than the standard camping air mattress. And for times you want to really rough it, the tent can still be used without the mattress. Just unzip the base from the bottom of the tent and once it’s unzipped, you’ll find a second set of pole anchors that will allow it to be set up as a lightweight camping tent for when you want to shed extra weight on hikes. Get ready for all your summer outdoor adventures by having a comfy tent handy and pledging $160 will get you one of the early bird ones.


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