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When looking for the best air purifier people always look for an air purifier that works perfectly even in a large room. The Fellowes Aeramax 300 may be that purifier. It’s also a portable air purifier that is both quiet and more durable, in addition to having a HEPA filter.

Why We Like It – Aeramax 300

The Aeramax 300 has 4 fan speeds, a filter indicator, and a HEPA filter packed into a quiet unit. It’s great for people who suffer from asthma with the various types of contaminants the air purifier can capture, and it’s a portable air purifier with mostly positive air purifier reviews. For babies that live in unhealthy environments, the Aeramax Baby DB5 would, however, work better.

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  • For large rooms
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  • Expensive


Along with an Ionizer, it relies on two filters: A true HEPA filter and a carbon filter, unlike the Envion Ionic Pro purifier, which doesn’t have a carbon filter. It also doesn’t have an amazing design like the Alen BreatheSmart. Both capture airborne particles, but the HEPA filter has a 4-stage filtration process that captures an impressive amount of different types of contaminants while the carbon filter reduces odors. The fan speed has 4 settings and can be automatically adjusted.

Efficiency(room size etc.)

The air purifier has a decent area coverage, as it has an area coverage of 300 square feet at the least and 600 square feet at the most, less in comparison to the Silveronyx air purifier with a true HEPA filter, which has an area coverage of 500 square feet. But, if you read our Hamilton Beach Trueair Odor Eliminator review, you’ll find it’s better concerning coverage. The Aeramax can be used for large rooms, but if the room is too large, the air purification process wouldn’t be as effective and would take more time to completely improve the air quality.

Versatility (HEPA, what does it filter, odor reduction, etc.)

Since it has a true HEPA filter, it has the ability to filter through a variety of air contaminants. It captures pollen, cigarette smoke, dust mites, ragweed, mold spores, germs, various allergens, and viruses. What makes AeraMax air purifiers stand out is how they offer the Aerasafe antimicrobial treatment, which is the ability to use two different types of filters simultaneously while aiding in preventing odor caused by contaminants caused by fungi and bacteria.


This air purifier is a little heavier, as it weighs 12.5 Lbs., weighing more that the Pure Enrichment air purifier filter, which weighs 9.5 Lbs. This purifier also has a more durable housing made of Fiberglass. Since it’s an air purifier, it will inevitably have weak points to allow the air to travel through it in order to be filtered. However, it’s designed to provide great performance despite having fewer holes, having less vulnerability compared to the more common purifier designs.


Despite being an air purifier, a simple concept that can be relatively cheap, it’s a powerful air purifier with high-quality parts that turn that very simple concept into an expensive, efficient tool. The True HEPA filter, the carbon filter, and the Aerasmart technology are probably what affects the price the most. That, and unknown warranty information, unlike the IQAir HealthPro Plus, which has a 10-year warranty. The HEPA filter costs about $70 and should be replaced at least once every 12 months, and the carbon filter is cheap and needs to be replaced every 3 months. And like the Aeramax 100 Air Purifier With True Hepa 9320301, this air purifier is also silent, meaning your baby will sleep soundly.

Aeramax 300 Wrap Up

Customer reviews have mostly been positive. In fact, an air purifier review from Breathe Quality, which participates in an affiliate advertising program designed to help sites earn advertising fees through Amazon, said that it has great performance while being quiet enough to not be too obvious at its highest setting.

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