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ADT is a golden oldie, a security system company that was around long before wireless devices, Wi-Fi, home automation, or voice assistant compatibility. Now the company is working to compete in the modern world with more advanced offerings, plus its reliance on high quality consultations and installation services. However, it’s pricing model remains largely the same. Can the combo work?


ADT offers both landline and wireless home security solutions: the latter is its Pulse line of products, the wireless devices that ADT is focusing on growing, although traditional versions are still available.

Along with these new offerings come plenty of home automation options and many programming choices. ADT is also branching out in offering compatibility with other brands, such as Nest. A starter, traditional-version package will cost homeowners around $30 per month.


  • A number of wired or wireless devices to choose from
  • Free installation options for many packages


  • An old and pricey subscription service that’s not going away.
  • As with installation/monitoring services, a lot depends on local contractors in your area
smart security ADT Pulse Products
ADT’s Pulse line is probably the future of the company.

From Best Home Security Companies

Best Home Security Companies noted that ADT currently has some good deals that show improvement from past pricing, such as free installation options, free included product like the Nest, and a warranty. However, they also disapproved of how a 3-year contract was required for service, and noted that the pricing of the traditional plan is still a little annoying.

“ADT-Monitored Security offers great introductory packages to help you get started with securing your home. The Video package is a little more expensive than the Traditional but it comes with free installation, tons of home automation features, and a 6-month money back guarantee. However, if you decide to go with ADT-Monitored Security, you must sign a 36-month contract, and you run the risk of dealing with its poor customer service, high cancellation fees, and costly service visits.

We do not recommend ADT-Monitored Security to be your home security provider. There are many other companies out there that offer better customer service and that are more affordable.”

From Top Ten Reviews

Top Ten Reviews praised the comprehensive offering that ADT had, noting that you can buy pretty much any type of security system or device that you had in mind, especially with the addition of the newer Pulse products. However, they were a little cautious about how subscription fees can increase with the more products that you purchase, making this a potentially very costly option.

“There are a few things in ADT’s contract and fee structure worth noting. The company offers an industry-standard three-year contract. If you choose to cancel this contract, you only have to pay 75 percent of what you still owe for monitoring services.

While this is still a large amount, your contractual obligation is much higher than most other home security monitoring companies, which typically charge anywhere from 80 percent to 100 percent upon early cancellation. Furthermore, few companies offer better early cancellation terms. ADT is one of few home security companies that publishes a full copy of its contract online for prospective customers to view before purchase.”

From PC Mag

PC Mag went through the ful process of setting up a Pulse system, and they were pleased with the professionalism of the service rep, the consultation, and the installation technicians who can set the equipment up for you. Less impressive was the upselling and quickly rising prices, making ADT the most expensive service they tested.

“If you compare only prices published on the web, then ADT Pulse looks very competitive. But in practice, if you opt for the higher end of the tiering scale and a modified system with a bunch of devices that aren’t included in a basic tier package (and ADT will steer you that way), your price will quickly balloon. In my case, I wound up with an excellent all-around solution, but an eyebrow-arching upfront cost of $3,276.79 and a monthly charge of $63.89, which makes Pulse the most expensive solution we’ve tested to date.”

Bottom Line

If you have plenty of money and no interest in getting hands-on with your security system, ADT remains a solid choice for picking out the security that’s right for you. However, they are being faced with a growing amount of less costly competitors, so some market research is advised. Learn more about our top pics for home security options in 2018.

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