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Updated August 30, 2022

The recent push to increase activity in offices has led to the prevalence of adjustable vs fixed standing desks. The best standing desk provides the same desktop space for keyboards and a monitor as a traditional desk while increasing the likelihood that employees will stand while they work. For a look at nothing but great units, check out our list of Ergotron standing desks.


  • If you work at a desk job where you sit most of the time, an adjustable standing desk is perfect for reducing the negative effects of being sedentary.
  • A fixed standing desk is ideal for jobs where you have to stand all the time, like in a store or similar setting.
  • There are some health problems associated with standing the entire time you work.

However, standing too much can negatively affect your health as well, meaning a fixed standing desk isn’t always the answer. Although, a new study shows the benefits of standing at desks vs sitting on chairs. Read on to find out the benefits of standing while working, whether you’re using a Luxor or Skarsta standing desk. You may also be interested in learning the difference between a bike desk vs a standing desk.

Comparing a Fixed Standing Desk Vs an Adjustable Model

The ability to adjust the height of your desktop is the primary difference between a fixed and adjustable standing desk. Of course, the two desk models also vary in price range, health benefits, and potential issues.

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A standing desk can help improve productivity and health.

When you search for a new desk, consider how the positives and negatives of an adjustable desk measure up to those of a fixed-standing desk. If you opt for a fixed model, consider having an additional work surface at your sitting height. For further information about other desk types, check out our article on standing vs kneeling desks.


Many standing desk models enable you to adjust the height of the desktop. Some more expensive models include the ability to set multiple options. As a result, you can select a product with the ability to preset a standing and sitting position, making it easy to adjust the height of the table. Height isn’t the only adjustability you’ll want, as there are contoured and rectangle standing desks that fit multiple desk setups.

Fixed standing desks resemble traditional desks, but their position is higher. You have to stand the whole time when working at one of these desks. So, they are ideal for jobs where standing is required, such as in retail. They are not recommended for a traditional office setting because they do have some negative effects on the body.

Price Range

You can buy fixed standing desks for less than some adjustable models. This lower cost comes from the lack of a motor, crank, or pneumatic tube. However, you will have to consider whether comfort or price is more important for you.

Sit-stand desks contain more moving parts in their design than stationary desks, leading to a wide range of prices. A motorized, electric standing desk requires you to pay for the motor to lift or lower the desk surface with the keyboards, papers, and monitor, and the engine must have enough power to make adjustments.

A hand crank desk typically costs less than an electric model but more than a stationary one. Pneumatic desks adjust using pressurized tubes, and they are the least common. These models cost about the same amount as manual sit-stand desks.

Health Effects

All standing desks help fight the effects of a sedentary lifestyle, like those experienced by people who work in an office. Standing can burn extra calories to a small degree compared to sitting. Additionally, some standing desk manufacturers claim their product improves mood and productivity.

However, humans can only stand for so long without experiencing adverse effects. People who work in factories or stores that are required to stand for several hours may experience leg pain, foot pain, and swelling. The same is true of those with a stationary standing desktop.

As a result, experts recommend that you alternate between sitting and standing, which is impossible with a fixed standing desk. However, you can also opt for a regular desk with a standing desk converter and keyboard tray.


Standing for long periods while you work has negative effects on your body, so an adjustable standing desk is preferable in many situations.


Why do people use standing desks?

People who use height adjustable desks want to increase their activity while working. They also want to enjoy the health benefits associated with an active lifestyle while taking advantage of the ample space these desk options provide.

What materials are standing desks made from?

Manufacturers use solid wood and fiberboard to make their standing desks, though the specific materials can be found on their websites.

What types of standing desks are there?

Standing desks typically come in fixed or adjustable models. Among the adjustable models, some are adjusted by a crank, a motor (called an electric desk), or pneumatic pressure.

STAT: Height-adjustable desk users can improve productivity by up to 46%. (source)

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