Adjustable Desk Stool Review

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Updated September 8, 2022
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The Learniture office stool is not only restricted to use in the office, but it can also be used in school, or at home, or even as a bar stool. It’s got a non slip base that allows for a wide range of motion, meaning that you’ll be able to sit on the stool at an angle, and it’ll easily slant forward to allow for the movement. Perfect for when you’re working on a standing desk, we think the Learniture stool chair is the third best ergonomic stool compared to what is in the market, and if you get to the end of this review, you’ll find out why. But first, compare this stool with  the best office chairs available today!

Why We Like It – Adjustable Desk Stool

The Learniture adjustable desk stool is a simple, affordable, and well-designed office stool that allows for active sitting, and helps relieve the back and shoulder pain that’s mostly associated with sitting on a high-back office chair.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Weight capacity of 265 pounds
  • Non slip, curved base
  • Would be better with more seat padding

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You won’t get any kind of back support from using an ergonomic office stool, but what you will do is strengthen your back & core muscles so that you’re able to sit upright for much longer. Keeping your balance as you sit on the Learniture adjustable stool should also be quite easy, as it comes with a non-slip base that stays in position no matter how much you lean. This is one thing the chair has in common with the Seville Classics Airlift 360 Sit-Stand Adjustable Ergonomic Active Balance Non-Slip Desk Stool.


The plastic polyurethane seat cover that you’ll find on this office stool feels very soft to the touch, and has a diameter of almost 13 inches. This gives anyone sitting on the chair plenty of surface area to cover, and is also comfortable enough for you to sit on for a long period of time without getting tired quickly.


To adjust the seat height of this ergonomic office stool, all you’ll have to do is press on any of the three buttons that are found on the base of its seat cushion, and you’ll be able to raise the seat from 18.5 inches at its lowest to 28 inches at its highest. How you do the height adjustment on this chair is pretty different from how you would do it on an excellent office stability chair.

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As with any drafting stool, the only issue regarding breathability that can be touched on here is the stool’s seating surface. In this particular case, the Learniture adjustable stool is fitted with a vinyl padded seat that’s also similar to what you’ll find on the Boss Office drafting stool chair, and while it might not be as breathable as a mesh fabric, it’s still good enough to keep you comfortable even when summer rolls around.


Ergonomic stools are nowadays becoming a staple especially for employers who want to create a stress free working environment for their employees, and also promote good health practices at work. The main advantage you get from using one is the improvement in your posture, and this in turn helps workers experience less shoulder and back strain even when they need to sit down and work for long periods of time. In that case, you’ll probably not want the AmazonBasics classic leather office desk guest chair.

Adjustable Desk Stool Wrap Up

If you’ve been thinking about replacing your office chair with a stool before, then the Learniture Adjustable Desk Stool would be a great first stool to try out. It’s got an adjustable height range of almost 10 inches, a weight capacity of 265 pounds and is available in black, red and grey.

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