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If you are in search of a small bag big enough to carry your most essential items, the Adidas originals festival crossbody black bag is a great size for traveling lightly. This bag is on our list for the Best Bags because it is portable and provides plenty of room for your things.

Why We Like It – Adidas Originals Festival Crossbody Black

The Adidas originals festival crossbody black bag is meant for smaller items for a concert or any other live event. There is just enough room for your most needed possessions like your wallet, keys, phone, and smaller convenient items. Right now for purchasing this bag you also get free shipping included.

  • Has a decent amount of pockets
  • Extremely Portable
  • Not machine washable


This Adidas bag is 100% polyester ripstop, but unfortunately, it is not machine washable. The best way to clean this bag is with a damp cloth since it will preserve the screen printed logo. If you would rather try to find a machine washable bag, a better choice may be the under armour undeniable medium duffle bag. The Adidas crossbody bag has a zippered main compartment, a front pocket, and a slit pocket in the back to store all your possessions. You carry this bag using the shoulder straps which are adjustable to fit your needs.


This small bag comes in 4 distinct color schemes so you are free to choose which one fits your lifestyle best. It is designed to carry the most essential items like a wallet, phone, keys, and more. If you are trying to fit more into your bag, a better suggestion for the ladies may be the Puma womens evercat dispatch duffel bag. As long as you remember to clean your pack with a damp cloth, you will preserve the screen-printed logo on the bag and shoulder strap.


The Adidas originals festival crossbody bag will not break the bank, and it is affordable enough to buy a couple of them in different color schemes. This bag will save you lots of time from looking for your things by providing a quick and easy way to access them. This is the ideal bag to take to a festival because it is very lightweight. If you are looking for a bigger bag, a better bag may be the Vera Bradley womens signature foxwood.

Adidas Originals Festival Crossbody Black Wrap Up

While this bag is not machine washable, the Adidas originals festival crossbody black is still a highly efficient bag to take to concerts or any outing. This bag is just big enough to carry the small important items. This is a one size fits all for most people. All they have to do is adjust the strap to their preference. Also, remember to wash only with a damp cloth to preserve the screen printed logo.

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