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Due to its price, the Addmotor Motan has more in common as the best throttle electric bike as opposed to the best electric bike under 1000. That price expands into a high heavy duty fat tire bike that can take you 65 miles across the countryside at 23mph. All powered by a 750W mid drive motor.

Why We Like It – AddMotor Motan

Equipped with a powerful 750W motor and strong, fat tires for all-terrain fun, the Addmotor Motan is well-equipped to handle fast speeds on even the sketchiest of terrains.

  • Powerful motor; 23mph max speed
  • Fat tires are excellent on all terrains
  • Luminous headlight cuts through the dark
  • Lacks full suspension
  • Expensive

Durability & Build Quality

The Addmotor Motan Electric Fat Bike is one sturdy piece of equipment. Its frame is made of lightweight, yet strong 7075 aluminum alloy, while the front wheel suspension fork is AddShox Steel—providing a 300 pound weight limit. As fast as this fat tire electric bike can go, a full suspension system should’ve been incorporated, not a partial one.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

You’ll understand knowing the Addmotor Motan E Bikes have enough motor power to push up to 23mph, thanks to a 750W hub motor. That’s three times the power the Hurbo Folding Electric Bike has. With all-terrain fat tires, it’s expected to explore, making the choice to only include front suspension a mystery.

Range & Battery

The Addmotor Motan Electric Mountain Bike can go the distance as much as it can speed through. Going top speed of 23mph, and with pedal assist, you can easily top 55 to 65 miles on a single charge, 25 miles more than the ANCHEER Electric mountain Bike provides. Its charge time is abysmal at 7 hours. Still, it makes an admiral attempt at being the best throttle electric bike.

Safety Features

The Addmotor Motan is packing a large, luminous headlight—the largest we’ve seen. It does an excellent job cutting through shadows and monsters in the dark. Its dual-disc brake system and thick, fat tires provide great performance in rain, snow, beach, mountains, trails, and more. That makes it a candidate as the best electric hunting bike.


Taking into consideration of our Addmotor Motan Bike review, it becomes quite clear that the Addmotor Motan is simply too expensive. Priced at $1800, you’re going nearly twice over $1000. Does it perform well? For sure—but not for its price. There are plenty of folding electric bikes that perform almost as well for a third to half the price. Were the Addmotor Motan drop down between $700-900, then an argument can be made. Better yet, pick up an ECOTRIC 20 New Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike for under $800.

AddMotor Motan Wrap Up

The Addmotor Motan is simply too expensive to consider as a budget item, nor does its performance justify its price. It hardly comes with any kind of safety features. That still doesn’t change the fact that the Addmotor Motan is fast. Zipping around for 65 miles at 23mph is certainly fun, especially with fat tires performing well on most terrains.

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