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If you want to find the best radar detector With Laser Jammer, the Adaptiv TPX was finely tuned with motorcyclists in mind. This laser detection system extends from the front fork to the handlebar. When you come across any laser, it will jam the signal so you fly under the radar.

Why We Like It – Adaptiv TPX

The Adaptiv TPX radar jammer is perfectly geared for motorcycle use. It is made with weatherproof material so the wiring harness can withstand the environmental pressure. It is a device that can detect radar guns, and will still be updated by the company to add to the fun.

  • Standalone System
  • Bright LED alert
  • Some customers claim it was too sensitive


This TPX pro radar laser detector will jam most radar guns used by authorities, as long as you aren’t going at a ridiculously fast pace, you will not be caught speeding. It doubles as a parking sensor system as well, so you will receive notifications while parking. The TPX system includes a dual front transponder that you set up on the front fork, a control switch, and mounting hardware. If you would rather find a laser jammer for your vehicle, a possible alternative for you may be the Escort Max Ci 360.


The motorcycle radar jammer can perform radar detection from 600 feet away which gives you enough time to react and adjust your speed. If you would like to see more of the top choices on our list, feel free to check out the AntiLaser Priority.


Adaptiv technologies knew that the TPX would go through more weather events than others, so it was built waterproof and vibration proof. With a complex system like this, it may be worth finding a professional that can install this properly to use it effectively.

Ease of Use

The Adaptiv technologies TPX laser jammer provides a visual alert whenever you run into a radar gun. It has a USB port that you plug into when it is time to install updates when they are available. The TPX radar detector has an audio output so you can connect some earphones to receive your notifications. Feel free to try and install it on your own if you have the time, the setup consists of installing the dual front transponders on the mount plate, secure the control switch and wiring harness so it is safe and secure before you hit the road.


Aside from receiving a one year warranty with your purchase, you take advantage of free shipping with your order. You want to make sure that your state allows you to have a laser jammer, or you might end with more than a speeding ticket. For those states where you can have one, this investment will definitely bring you a return not only through avoiding speeding tickets but also decreasing the chance that you might get pulled over for speeding, which can be a stress reliever for anybody. If you prefer to find brands that make automotive radar detectors, you may want to consider the AntiLaser Priority.

Adaptiv TPX Wrap Up

The Adaptiv tpx is a superb laser jammer system specialized for motorcyclists. This laser radar jammer is best suited to outlast the competition with its weatherproof design, and it is continuously updated to ensure that it can improve on preventing false alerts and detecting some of the newer up and coming radar guns in the market.

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