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Tossing a few activated charcoal tablets back isn’t going to do much for your skin, hair or teeth. That’s where finely milled powder comes into play. With a bit of water, perhaps some additional ingredients, you can turn powdered charcoal into toothpaste, face cream, and even shampoo. And the best activated charcoal for beginners is Zen Charcoal’s Activated Charcoal Rejuvenates Pouches.

Why We Like It – Activated Charcoal Rejuvenates

The best way to acquaint yourself with activated charcoal; finely milled and certified food-grade, 100% from Eastern American hardwood trees, funnelled into a small, 8 oz pouch.

  • Versatile; use on skin, teeth, hair
  • Finely milled, certified grade from Eastern American hardwood trees
  • Scoop inside pouch
  • 8 oz may not be enough


The success behind Zen Charcoal Activated Charcoal comes from its versatility. It isn’t squeezed into tablets; it’s all powder. Mix it with a bit of water to create a paste and you’ve got yourself a mixture that rejuvenates skin, without the need of harsh chemicals. For your teeth, a nice toothpaste mixture can absorb toxins. And the same goes for adding it to drinks and food.

While it can be used on your hair, it may not be enough for a full clean. That’s where the WOW Shampoo comes in to fill the gap, which already incorporates activated charcoal.


To make their charcoal, Zen Charcoal went to the best source possible: Eastern American hardwood trees. It’s the only ingredient used, making it vegan-friendly. It is then put through a milling process to make it finely milled, certified food-grade charcoal. This helps when putting it in drinks as you’ll experience less grit between your teeth after sipping or after brushing your teeth, unlike Schizandu Organics Hardwood Activated Charcoal Powder.

As good as it can be, there’s always the chance that you’re allergic. To prevent accidental poisoning, make sure you consult with your doctor and run a test to ensure you’re not allergic. Do NOT test activated charcoal at home, by yourself.


Is Zen Charcoal’s Activated Charcoal Rejuvenates Skin, Hair Detoxifies Helps Digestion, Treats Poisoning, Bug Bites, Wounds worth considering? Not only does it have all kinds of unique applications, but inside the pouch is a free scoop, which is perfect for beginners. It will help when it comes time to create their own concoctions or to create other recipes. While 8 oz is enough in one pouch, however—frequent users might want to reconsider purchasing the 40 oz bag. For capsule supplements, the NaturaLife Labs Activated Charcoal may interest you.

Activated Charcoal Rejuvenates Wrap Up

Eight ounces isn’t quite enough for frequent users, but it’s the right portion size for newcomers to activated charcoal, which is primarily why Zen Charcoal’s Activated Charcoal Rejuvenates is perfect for beginners. It’s plenty to experience how it helps one’s teeth, hair, skin, and digestive system. And since it’s a fine milled powder, it can be mixed with various ingredients to enhance its use.

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