These days who has time for the gym? Our lives are so hectic. First, you have to schedule the time, then change into your workout clothes, do your routine, clean up, and get back into your day. It would help if exercising was made easier. You might also want to read our HyperIce utility review in case you have any soreness after a difficult workout. That’s what Activ5 is all about. While you’re at it, give one of the best thermogenic supplements a try to improve your at-home workout. If you want to upgrade your fitness equipment, you might also want to read our g form sternum shirt review too.

Activ5 is a Tiny Gym With Big Features

What if you could exercise anywhere and at any time? What if you didn’t have to schedule your entire day around your workout? I know that it sounds too good to be true, but that’s just what Activ5 is offering. If you’re looking for the perfect thing to wear to the gym, you should also read our UnderArmour recharge energy suit review too. If you’re looking for an easy at home workout along with Activ5, take a look at the best recumbent bike for seniors.

It is a portable isometric-based strength training device and a coaching app that promises to change the way you get fit. It’s a “gym in your pocket” that tones and strengthens muscles. This tiny device is durable and measures more than 200lbs of muscle force to increase strength by an average 30% in just 6 weeks. For another way to upgrade your at-home workout, take a look at the perfect push up pull up review to decide what’s best. If you like gadgets

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Now, this is my kind of gym. Workout whenever it’s convenient for you, no matter where you are. It makes it so easy that there’s no excuse not to get fit, no matter how busy you are. If you’re a real health nut, you’ll be interested in our Clarus Q-link Pendant SRT-3 advanced personal energy system review too.

The coaching app is available on both iOS and Android operating systems and has over 100 seated and standing workouts so that users of any age and fitness level can attain the benefits of strength training. To track your progress from home too, you’ll need to read our Withings Smart Body Analyzer WS 50 review.

The app gets even better if you like personalization. It personalizes 100+ workouts to your fitness level. It also tracks your progress and lets you play games while you exercise. That will help motivate all of us, but especially younger folks.

Activ5 Lets You Exercise Anywhere
Activ5 is a gym in your pocket.

Workouts Anywhere and Anytime

Do full body workouts or short and effective workouts. It’s up to you. Best of all, it is low impact and safe. You may not know it, but this kind of exercise is said to be more effective than aerobic workouts. Did you know that isometric training can even increase your stamina? It will also help you to lose weight and reduce your blood pressure.

Combine these factors with the time that Activ5 will save you and it sure seems like a winning fitness device.

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