Acrylic Pouches Pigments Professional Painters Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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As number 1 in the Best Acrylic Paint Set buying guide, this smooth and thick paint is able to create textures in addition to adding detail to artwork. Arteza acrylic paint can be used on wood, canvases, paper, rocks, and more. Certified as fade-resistant and non-toxic, all artists, including student grade artists, can use high quality paints to make their creations. This is one of the best paints to use on different surfaces.

Why We Like It – Acrylic Pouches Pigments Professional Painters

Acrylic paint in general is versatile, and the Arteza acrylic paint set can be applied to various surfaces using tools such as strings and palette knives, making it outstanding for canvas painting. Even top reviews have mentioned how great the pigment is, showcasing art with a review image or two.

  • Wide-ranged assortment of available colors
  • Comes with storage box
  • Bottles are reusable
  • Colors tend to appear darker when dried
  • Can harden brushes if not cleaned


In the United States, professionals and hobbyists use this fast drying and versatile substance to add vibrance and depth to their work, earning its popularity. More people found out that cheaper good quality acrylic paints exist, and that it was possible to avoid toxic paints in the process, and this premium acrylic paint is no exception. A verified purchase that already provided an image review later reviewed the benefits of its consistency. Another review mentioned how this heavy body acrylic paint is great for acrylic pouring. To simplify your painting, you need a paint sprayer. One of the best sprayers is described in our Airless paint sprayer kit Krause Becker review.


These pouches of paint are organized and delivered in a sturdy storage box. On each pouch is a label that contains information such as color name or number, pigment information, lightfastness rating, and transparency level. The pouches themselves have twist caps that keep the paint tightly sealed to maintain their usability when not in use, preserving this color set of 12. A 15 piece paint brush set for acrylic painting is detailed in our Acrylic paint premium artist brushes review.


The Arteza set’s price for a count of 14 is similar to the liquitex basics acrylic paint multicolor set, which has a count of 48. This is due to the Arteza set being premium paint. It also doesn’t come with brushes, unlike the meeden 64 piece acrylic painting set. Both of them are much cheaper than the sargent art 24 2498 12count quality set, since they’re sold in small pouches instead of 16 ounce bottles. To make the Arteza paint last long enough and have access to even more varieties of color, the painter would need a pouring medium to mix colors together.

Acrylic Pouches Pigments Professional Painters Wrap Up

As long as the painter uses a pouring medium to mix different paints together, they can get as many colors as they want until they run out. For beginners, customer reviews ask that they please try acrylic painting to discover different types of techniques that they can try with these paints. The initial range of color selection varies from brand to brand, but mixing them creates a whole spectrum of possibilities.

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