Acrylic Paint Premium Artist Brushes Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The VisuartPro acrylic paint brush set can provide an artist’s versatile, high quality paint brush-related needs. These acrylic brushes can not only be used as oil paint brushes, but also have a wide selection of paint brush types such as round brushes. While not included in the Best Acrylic Paint Set buying guide, these premium quality acrylic paint brushes are one of the cheaper brush sets for beginners to start acrylic painting. Using a fine detail paint brush or two can make quite a difference. These are some of the best tools used by artists.

Why We Like It – Acrylic Paint Premium Artist Brushes

This artist paint brush set includes premium quality brushes and non-toxic acrylic paint. This paintbrush set has a reputation as one of the best artist paint brushes for wooden artwork that contains the best acrylic paint for wooden artwork, this can be a great addition to an artist’s art supplies.

  • Set includes mixing knife and sponge
  • Brushes come in a carry case
  • Colors are saturated
  • Brushes fall apart if kept in water for a long time
  • The paint tubes are small


These professional quality, non-shed nylon hair brushes offer precision paint control, and can be used for scrapbooking, canvas art, and detail painting. Painting surfaces that these synthetic bristles can be used for include ceramic, terracotta, decorative wallpaper, glass, fabric, canvases, craft foam, and paper. The high quality paint provides a great way to achieve vibrant and lasting art pieces through their highly pigmented colors and quicker drying time compared to oil paint. If you are a beginner or hobbyist in painting, you need to use the right paint. Check out our Acrylic pouches pigments professional painters review.


This set has different types of painting brushes that include a round, flat, comb, angular, and liner brush, coming in various brush sizes from 1/2 to 12. The Filbert brushes have long handles to offer the option of consistent paint strokes that look similar to the strokes of the oil brushes, while the oil brushes have long handles so that the artist has some distance between them and the canvas. However, the paint comes in 0.4 fluid ounce tubes like the Soho Urban Artist paint set, and the brushes fall apart when submerged in water for too long. Do you want a vise for heavy-duty applications? Open our Yost vises FSV 4 5 forged steel bench vise review.


The VisuartPRO paint set offers acrylic paintbrushes an artist may need to add variety and texture to their work. While the nylon bristles are of good quality, they can fall apart easily. To prolong their lifespans, clean the brushes before the paint on them dries to avoid being compelled to submerge them for longer periods of time. The paint provided is more of a sampler size, as the tubes are smaller than the tubes of the Arteza and liquitex basics acrylic paint multicolor paint sets.

Acrylic Paint Premium Artist Brushes Wrap Up

Reviews from the United States have stated that these nylon brushes can add fine detail to one’s artwork, and that the paint was voted as one of the best paints for wood-based projects. The acrylic paint brush set comes in a carry case and has sampler-sized acrylic paints. However, the brushes won’t last long if they have been submerged in water for a long time.

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