Acronym Jacket With Magnetic Neck That Magically Holds Your Headphones


This is the first I’ve heard of Acronym clothing, but I’m picking up what they’re laying down, style wise that is.  They’ve got a ton of jackets for the soggy winter months ahead and one jacket in particular that has caught my eye is the GT-J14, a hardshell, Gortex infused jacket.  Style wise it’s very palatable to say the least and something that had me doing a double take was the floating ear buds on the model’s neck.  They don’t come out right and say it, but from the looks of it the jacket’s neck piece has a removable magnetic strip that magically holds a set of ear buds within ears reach.  After all, how many times have you removed your buds only to found the cord tangled or them dragging in the wet snow.


I have no clue on where, when and for how much you can buy this jacket but if you’ve got any ideas please drop us a comment.


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  1. Acronym usually costs $1000+ more, and though a lot of technology is used, it is for sure overpriced, since the materials dont outweigh the costs

    stylewise they are the best technical out there…

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