Looking for the best ultrabook under 500? Check out this Acer laptop below. You will be impressed. Acer is kicking its ultraportable laptop offering into high gear with the new S 13, an airy model that’s designed to fill the niche between “this ultrabook is too expensive” and “I can’t use a Chromebook.”

The S 13 features several upgrades that help to move it out of the “Chromebook” category – of course, Windows 10 also helps, so if you find Chromebooks a little too short on memory, speed, and useful software for your work or school, you are exactly the sort of person Acer has in mind with this new model.

The specs are, frankly, better than we expected, although still firmly in the mid-range of the market. The S 13 sports a 13.3-inch, HD screen, a 2.3GHz Intel Core i5 processor (with one opportunity to upgrade it to an i7), and a shared memory Intel HD Graphic 520 GPU. RAM is stuck firmly at 8GB, while storage provides anywhere between 256 and 512GBs on an SDD. Ports include a USB Type C, USB 3.0,

To find out what competition this thin little computer will be facing, check out our best Ultrabook reviews for 2018 – and pay close attention to prices.

Acer S 13
Acer’s latest ultra portable laptop hits all the middle-range notes.

Acer is also pushing the battery life as lasting longer than usual, but it’s rated up to 13 hours, which doesn’t sound particularly unique to us: Similar-sized laptops tend to have batteries rated between 10 to 12 hours.

Ultimately, Acer’s new laptop appears to be targeting consumers who were thinking about, say, a Dell XPS 15 or a Microsoft Surface Book, but don’t want to spend as much money. However, to get the price down to only $750 for the base model, Acer did have to leave off a number of high-end features. You won’t find touchscreens here, or 4K definition, or super-high levels of RAM and storage (although props to the MU-MIMO compatibility, which is destined to become common but is still heartening to see on a new laptop). Everything has been toned down to appeal to the more average consumer who needs a good laptop right away and has a strict budget to follow.

If that sounds like you, take a look at the different S 13 models that Acer is offering and see if any match your goals.

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