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Acer Switch 12 S Improves Ultrabook – and Cranks Up the Price

Acer is no stranger when it comes to hybrid tablets, but you probably won’t hear much talk about the original Switch 12, which was, according to electronics reviews, pretty weird. The marketing, with an emphasis on a “5-in-1” computer system, was especially odd, because the Switch 12 was obviously just another slinky hybrid in a crowded field. But now, with the Switch 12 S, the company has updated the device and downgraded the lingo to a “2-in-1” hybrid that feels more competitive.

At a glance, the laptop offers a 12.5-inch display with an option for 4K resolution, a Core M processor, up to 8GB of RAM, and up to 256GB of SSD storage. There is, perhaps strangely, no option for a touchscreen on the model. Connections for the ultrabook include a USB 3.0 Type C port (learn more about these in our laptop computer reviews), two more traditional USB 3.0 ports, and a micro-HDMI out. The Switch series is all about Windows, so of course you get Windows 10 and its new fluidity.

The unique prospect of the Switch, the different modes, also returns with this updated model. You can switch between tablet and laptop modes as a matter of course, but there are also options for a stand mode to lean your tablet on the table, and a sort of upside-down triangle mode. Basically, you can hold it however you prefer.

Acer Switch 12 S

Acer’s new Switch has a hefty keyboard and 4K options.

Acer is also touting the new detachable keyboard, which does look more hefty than most hybrid computers offer. Apparently, it can also transfer data up to 6GBps between the tablet and keyboard for super fast, non-laggy typing speeds and controls.

Unfortunately, all these new specs also add to the price tag. When the Switch 12 S launches in February, it will start at $1,000. This price (high for Acer’s often bargain-worthy MSRPs) puts it in almost direct competition with Windows laptops like the Surface Book directly from Microsoft, and Acer surely doesn’t want those kinds of comparisons. Check out our Acer laptop reviews for information on more ultrabooks and where Acer is heading with its latest generations.

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  1. Emily

    Is it good for Photoshop? I am asking as it comes with only 8GB RAM. Can i increase the RAM

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