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Acer sb270 bbix 27 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re looking for a mid-level monitor that comes very close to any of the top-shelf options, the SB270 BBIX27 is going to be one of your top choices. A quick response time and a bright, sharp picture makes you feel like you invested in the best 27 inch monitor, or a screen that will last and last. Lightweight and portable, the Acer SB270 BBIX27 is a nice monitor for your home office space, or can even be taken on the road with you for travel needs. Speaking of nice monitors, check out our review of some of the best computer monitors on the market.

Why We Like It – Acer sb270 bbix 27

The ACER SB270 BBIX27 is a bright, beautiful full HD resolution monitor that works perfectly with your gameplay. The specs are geared for a games refresh rate which can give online gamers the competitive edge they’ve been looking for.

  • Sharp Design Fast
  • Refresh rate
  • Bright colors
  • Some backlight bleeding
  • Weak stand


For a basic, mid-level, wide screen monitor, the Acer SB270 BBIX27 holds its own. The front panel type, IPS, offers a bright, crisp picture, that the casual gamer can happily live with. Colors pop and a decent response time allows this monitor to work nicely for not only the gamer, but for anyone looking for an office space screen. But it truly feels like this monitor has been made for the casual gamer. There is definitely a nice difference between this and other monitors like the Acer R240HY, which gears more towards a professional performance.

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If you’re the thin, sleek, movable monitor type, IPS LED monitors will please your needs, aesthetically. The SB270 BBIX27 surely fits in this category. In fact, when looking from the side, the monitor almost seems to disappear. The stand is nothing to get excited about, however. Although the base is smaller and doesn’t take up much office space, there is not much rotation offered. The black slick material is nice looking, but can easily smudge and look dirty. Although there is no height adjustment available, it does sit at what can be considered the perfect level.


If gaming is your focus, you’re definitely going to get a little bit more out of the Acer SB270 BBIX27. It’s a very good price for its design and specs… and your eyeballs will surely thank you. Like the ASUS VA24EHE monitor 1920×1080 D Sub, Acer monitors like these come with a three-year warranty so it’s nice to have that kind of protection. And excellent customer support makes it worth the money in itself. A nice picture, good looking frame, makes this all for a smart purchase.

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Acer sb270 bbix 27 Wrap Up

If you’re looking for a large ultrathin screen, the SB270 BBIX27 gives you a fantastic option for the price. The 1080p display can help you achieve ideal viewing details. With impressive response time and refresh rate, you’re not gonna see much lagging or pixelated images at all. While plenty of screens of this size are overpriced, this one seems to be in the average users budget. Just like the LG 24M47VQ, You can enjoy this full HD screen at all angles, and is easy on the eyes and quick responding to your reflexes.

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