Acer Predator x34 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Acer predator x34 models are the best curved gaming monitors for serious gamers. The ultra wide aspect ratio provides a deeper look into video games or movies you experience. It uses Nvidia’s G Sync Technology to bring you a better experience while gaming by getting rid of pesky visual errors like ghosting. This Acer model is much more portable than other models in the Best 1440p Gaming Monitor category as well. Speaking of other models, check out some the best computer monitors around.

Why We Like It – Acer Predator x34

The Acer predator x34 is a great monitor to have on your side during any intense combat games because its wide aspect ratio and refresh rate give you the edge over other players. It has a technology by Nvidia which keeps the graphics smooth. It has exclusive technology by Asus which will help you play or watch for longer periods of time without feeling fatigued.

  • 4 USB ports will be useful for a plethora of reasons
  • Zero frame design maximizes the size of the screen
  • People have experienced flickering issues


A great addition to the Acer model was the two internal speakers that are pre-installed which will be useful for those that don’t have the extra room for a sound system to pair with their monitor. It uses Nvidia’s G Sync technology to smooth out the transition between frame rates by matching the refresh rate to the graphics cards. Say goodbye to motion blur, because they will be problems of the past after purchasing this monitor. If you would like to find more monitors with G Sync technology, you may want to take a look at the Alienware aw3418dw.

Viewing angle

The 34” inch curved ultrawide monitor uses a TN panel type of screen display, which may use less power consumption but may bring some unimpressive viewing angles. You will have an aspect ratio of 21:9 which will make all your content look much more captivating when paired with the built-in sRGB color gamut technology. The maximum resolution possible on this monitor is capped at 2560×1440. If you are set on having your next monitor be around this size, the Asus PG348Q is another model that has a 34” inch display.

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Many customers voiced their opinions on the durability of the device. Many customers have reported a flickering issue that has occurred often with this monitor. If you have the opportunity to invest in a protection plan, it may be worth the investment since it is already a hefty purchase. If you don’t want to take that risk of receiving a potentially flickering screen, another possible choice for your next monitor may be the BenQ EX3203R.


The Acer model has a single DisplayPort, 1 HDMI port which will force you to consistently go up to the monitor and exchange the HDMI cables if you have multiple consoles that you play with. It has a grand total of 4 USB 3.0 ports.


In terms of game performance, the Acer predator monitor is up to the task of bringing any serious gamers the competitive edge. The response time of 1ms will make the gaming experience better when instant reactions may be the deciding variable in winning or losing a match. With Nvidia G Sync, you will be able to enjoy video games in exquisite detail that will keep you immersed.

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Acer Predator x34 Wrap Up

While you may need to sell a couple of your organs to pay for this Acer Predator x34 monitor, rest assured that every piece of content you experience through it will make it all worth it. Thanks to the AMD FreeSync, sRGB wide color gamut, and blue light filter you are set to experience a smooth and vivid gaming performance that won’t cause you as much eye fatigue.

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