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Acer CB282K Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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It’s no wonder why the Acer CB282K earned our number three spot for the best HDR monitor. Packed with features and for a low price, Acer has knocked themselves out of the park with this monitor. Choosing a new monitor for gaming is no easy task, however, the CB282K wants to give you an easier time. Many of the features most wanted by gamers come in this one convenient package, which also makes it a fantastic monitor for graphic designers, its features put it on the top of our list for the best monitor for graphic design and best computer monitors.

Why We Like It – Acer CB282K

The Acer CB282K truly pushes the limit when it comes to what a gaming monitor can do. Not only does it have a 4K resolution, but this monitor includes Radeon Freesync technology, allowing an already smooth monitor to perform even smoother.

  • Freesync makes games buttery smooth
  • Lightning fast response times
  • HDR makes for some fantastic images
  • Bezels are slightly too large
  • Refresh rate is somewhat disappointing


With a 90% DCI P3 wide color gamut, it’s guaranteed that the colors you see with the Acer CB282K leave little to be desired. Crisp, detailed, and all in 4K, you’ll definitely need your best graphics card, as Acer’s monitor can take everything you can throw at it and more. One detail that derails this otherwise amazing momentum the CB282K carries is the fact that the refresh rate of this monitor leaves something to be desired. Most rigs that can run 4K can also run it at higher than 60 frames. That being said if you’re looking for a monitor with a much higher refresh rate, the LG 27UD68-W has the same features with a higher refresh rate.

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Viewing Angle

Any monitor worth its salt has an adjustable base that can be freely changed to fit the user’s needs. The Acer CB282K is no different, this monitor can have it’s height, tilt, and rotation shifted to suit anyone’s needs. And with the included VESA support, you can ditch the stand and easily mount the CB282K onto any wall of your choice. Either way you’ll be experiencing great viewing angles with 178 degrees on both ends. No matter where you look, the Acer CB282K will look its best.


Plenty of good things can be said about the Acer CB282K, unfortunately in some regards there can be too much of a good thing. While the construction of the monitor is solid and feels secure, there was a compromise made in exchange for the CB282K’s durability. The bezels cut into the screen a bit too much, and for gaming monitors in particular, consumers want as little distraction as possible. There are those who don’t mind the size of the bezels will find this monitor perfect. Those who prefer something slimmer are more than welcome to check out the Samsung U28E590D.


For gaming monitors, almost everyone who buys them wants the best connections for the best picture. So it’s no wonder that the Acer CB282K comes with not only a display port, but also two HDMI ports. Surprisingly however, that’s it, no USB ports to connect a mouse or keyboard to. A surprising facet to leave out, especially amongst the group who uses USB ports the most. Should you have the need for USB ports in your monitor, the Acer B246WL is an excellent choice.


One thing to note is that to unlock the full potential of this monitor, your setup must be able to handle 4K gaming. If so the Acer CB282K is more than worth the cost. 4K resolution, high dynamic range, and many other features keep you wanting to game on and on.

Acer CB282K Wrap Up

All the benchmarks of a good gaming monitor can be found in the Acer CB282K. With FreeSync technology, rapid response times, and stunning HDR, all you really have to do is make do with the rather large bezel size, and the fact that your games will only appear in 60 frames per second. More annoyances than criticism, it’s hard to find a reason not to use the Acer CB282K.