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Are you in the market looking for the best travel fan? Well, the AceMining Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan might not be the best, but it does come very close. However, its shortcomings are what made way for its extensive list of features.

Why We Like It – AceMining Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan

Featuring a uniquely shaped body, the AceMining Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan comes with long battery life and a quiet motor. Its 3200 RPM cooling fan provides excellent wind speed, considering it’s a portable battery powered fan.

  • 3200 RPM battery operated fan
  • Quiet motor
  • One of the best battery life available in a rechargeable fan
  • Requires a flat surface to place it on


The AceMining Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan is a great performer. The fan comes with three different speed modes– low, medium, and high. At its lowest, the fan spins at 1800 RPM. The battery lasts up to a whopping 26 hours in this mode. And in the “high” setting, the fan rotates at 3200 RPM. The lithium-ion fan battery charges very fast too.


For a portable fan, it is relatively big. Granted, it makes way for bigger batteries and a bigger fan for longer and quieter operation. If you are looking for smaller and more portable options, you should look at the VersionTECH Mini Portable Fan.

Noise/Sound Level

Even at max speed, the AceMining Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan is barely audible. The noise never crosses the 40-decibel threshold. In case you need a more modular and similarly quiet fan, you should take a look at the OPOLAR Handheld Fan.

Versatility/Modern Features

The fan features 180° adjustability. So you can use it as a desk fan and adjust the angle in the desired way to point the strong wind at a specific place. But the only downside is that you need a flat surface to place the fan on. If you need a fan that you can place anywhere, you should consider getting the Honeywell HTF090B Fan.
It is a bit top-heavy, but it has rubber feet for better traction. And the portable fan comes with a bright glowing multicolored light indicator for displaying charging status.


The USB fan packs a 3600mAh rechargeable battery inside. And you can not find a quieter, faster, and longer-lasting fan at this price. The customer reviews on amazon.com show that.

AceMining Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan Wrap Up

Coming with a 3200 RPM fan, a quiet motor, and a long-lasting lithium-ion battery, the AceMining Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan is one of the best value for money fans with features to match you can buy right now. Few minor inconveniences (e.g., its weird shape, size, only placeable on a flat surface) hold it back a little. But these are just nitpicking, and if you can overlook it, you’re going to be very happy with this portable rechargeable fan.

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