ACDelco CF188 Original Equipment Filter Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The ACDelco CF188 Original Equipment filter is just one of the many top quality automotive products that the ACDelco automotive company produces. The company has been around for more than a century, and despite having been bought by GM, it’s still one of the most reliable companies that you can turn to for original equipment for your vehicle. The ACDelco CF188 cabin air filter is one of their more popular offerings, and it’s been known to stop even the smallest airborne particles from getting into your vehicle’s ventilation system. Could it be the best cabin air filter for your car? Go ahead and get to the end of this review to find out. You will also want to campare this ACDelco unit with the latest car accessories for a better driving experience.

Why We Like It – ACDelco CF188 Original Equipment Filter

The ACDelco CF188 Original Equipment Filter is one of the very few original equipment cabin air filters that’s got GM’s backing, and this means that you can use it on any General Motors vehicle. The cabin air filter Acdelco is sure to reduce vehicle odor by preventing bacteria & mold from getting into your vehicle’s ventilation system, so that you can enjoy fresh air whenever you’re driving. The Aikenuo 6 port car charger is another must have have accessory to charge your android/apple phone on the go.

  • 3 Layered design for maximum efficiency
  • Backed by GM
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Only works with GM vehicles

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As GM vehicle’s original parts manufacturer, you can bet that ACDelco cabin air filters are nothing short of top tier. They make sure that the airflow into your car’s ventilation system remains free of dirt and debris, and at the same time, freshens the air inside your vehicle. The cabin air filter CF188 is the GM recommended replacement for any GM vehicle, and this is because the cabin air filter relies upon a very sophisticated mechanism of clearing up your vehicle’s air. Unlike the EPAuto CP285 cabin air filter, it’s got a compound media setup that’s made up of three layers. The outside layer captures 100% of large airborne particles, a middle layer that captures smaller particles, while the outer layer provides strength & stability.


The three layered design that you’ll get with the air filter Acdelco CF188 is a lot different from what you’ll get with the FRAM CF10134 Cabin Air Filter. The Acdelco cabin air filter is however a lot more solid to deal with compared to the Fram air filter, and since it is a GM OE replacement part, it’s got the exclusive backing of an entire motor vehicle manufacturer.


One thing that’s impressive about the GM original ACDelco CF188 is that it’s got a 2 year limited warranty behind it. This inspires a lot more confidence compared to what you’d get with other alternatives such as the SpearHead BE-966. This, and the fact that it is a certified GM replacement part also gives it a huge competitive edge over most of the other generic models available in the market. Installing the original equipment cabin air filter into your car is not at all difficult, and it’ll only take a few minutes to get done if you’re a handyman.

ACDelco CF188 Original Equipment Filter Wrap Up

From the many customer reviews that buyers have left on the filter Acdelco CF188’s Amazon page, you can tell that a lot of them were very impressed with their purchase. As a true GM original equipment parts brand, it is the recommended replacement for any GM vehicle regardless of make model, so there’s no real issue to worry about. Feel free to also check out other ACDelco GM original equipment for your car that may be worth buying.

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