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Looking for the best archery target to get your feet wet? In the world of darts, the Accudart Master Bristle Dartboard provides an excellent opportunity to introduce yourself to darts. It’s free of staples, dividers that are angled, and six darts to get you started. And all for one low price!

Why We Like It – Accudart Master Bristle Dartboard

Easy board to use for beginners and experience cricket players alike. Dartboard features a staple free design and angled dividers to prevent bounce offs and extended play areas.

  • Dividers are angled; prevents bounce offs
  • Unique wire fasteners; extends playing area
  • Accommodates steel and soft tip darts
  • Contrast between colors is a bit low


The Accudart Master Bristle Dartboard will have you play like a pro in no time. This is mainly due to how accommodating it is of the various types of darts, such as: brass darts, steel tip, and soft tip. By doing this, Accudary has given you the widest selection possible to find the darts you’re most comfortable with. This is similar to the wide compatibility of the Block Classic 22 Archery Target.

However, we did notice the contrast between each scoring zone is rather lower than expected. Were the colors slightly brighter, it would easier to plan your next move—especially for beginners. You can easily see what you’re aiming at with the Morrell Double 450FPS Archery Target, but not so much the Delta McKenzie Speed Bag Archery Target.


The Accudart Master dartboard incorporates a few unique features to better improve your odds of sticking the landing. Its unique wire fasteners extend the playing area by an adequate margin, giving you more to aim for. The dividers between each zone are also free of staples, so you never have to worry about darts striking staples instead of the board; in fact, the dividers are also angled. In the event that you hit a divider, it’s angled to redirect the dart rather than have it bounce off.


Given its decent build quality and useful features such as its wire fasteners and dividers, we think its price tag of $32 is a fair mark. There are certainly better dart boards out there, sure, but some of the higher end boards tend to leave out darts, whereas the Accudart Master Bristle Dartboard gives you six whole brass darts to start off with. It’s a nice little package to pick up if you’re interested in darts or need something to fill the empty walls of your game room.

Accudart Master Bristle Dartboard Wrap Up

The Accudart Master Bristle Dartboard is by no means a fantastic dart board. What it does well is fill the niche as a “budget” option for beginners. The angled dividers, its unique wire fasteners that extend play area, how it accommodates all types of darts—these are features of a well-rounded dart board. We only wish contrast was a tad bit higher for better clarity.

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