Above Lights Smart Light Bulb 2 Pack Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Above Lights Smart Light Bulb 2 Pack may not be the best smart light bulbs on the planet, but they can certainly provide a niche use in the right hands. With the Above Lights Wi Fi LED Smart Bulbs, you get 16 million colors to play with, long lifespan, and voice controls. Standard stuff, but with a great price tag to follow.

Why We Like It – Above Lights Smart Light Bulb 2 Pack

Best in the hands of someone who loves mood lighting or is an eccentric director, these bulbs will give you 16 million colors to choose from, with the added bonus of being smart lights.

  • 16 million colors to choose from
  • Long-lasting lifespan of 35,000 hours
  • Can be voice controlled
  • Useful if you change colors often
  • Better deals available


Being able to cycle through 16 million colors is a dream few people have. If you’re setting the mood or having a knack for direction, you can find a ton of use with these Above Lights Warm White Smart Light Bulbs. And they get pretty bright with their warm light of 810 lumens. That’s plenty to make a shot look good. If it’s too much, you can always adjust the brightness. As a bonus, you can adjust color temperature, like you can with the TP-Link Kasa Tunable.

When you’re done shooting for the day, you don’t have to wonder if you left the lights on. Connect them to Apple HomeKit Amazon Alexa Google Assistant and use voice commands to shut them off. It’s that easy!


Believe it or not, some smart light bulbs require a hue bridge to take advantage of its color temperature or brightness settings. Thankfully, that isn’t the case with the Above Lights Smart Light Bulb 2 Pack. Once installed, you then install the hue app, which is called Smart Life. it’s there you’ll get to adjust coloring, temperature of said coloring, and brightness. And it’s pretty easy to navigate around the app as you ticker with the Above Lights Soft White Light Smart Lights.


Now let’s talk about value, because the Above Lights Smart Light Bulb 2 Pack does stumble a bit in that department. First off, you’re only going to find value in these lights if you want to change colors; otherwise it goes unused. If that’s the case, Philips Hue White 4-Pack is the better deal. But if budget is a concern, you can eek out a little more savings with the Peteme 4-Pack 60W, and you get to keep your color options. That’s more than the A19 Smart Wyze Bulbs can say. But if you do make the leap, you get a pair of smart LED bulbs that are great for smart home lighting systems.

Above Lights Smart Light Bulb 2 Pack Wrap Up

Above Lights Wi Fi Smart LED Lights are an excellent companion to have with any smart lighting, even more so with smart devices. With its quick and easy setup, no hub required, you’ll be cycling through its 16 million colors either via app or through smart devices like a Google Home. But that’s only if it’s what you’re looking for, as better deals do exist.

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