Abba Patio Carport Portable Sidewalls Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Abba patio carport portable sidewalls is a portable garage car canopy from our list of the Best Carport Cover that fits a couple of your vehicles and provides them shade and protection from the outside environment. There is enough space to use it as an outdoor storage as well and it is fit with its own doors to enclose your area which you may remove as needed, and even place on your lawn garden.

Why We Like It – Abba Patio Carport Portable Sidewalls

The Abba patio carport portable sidewalls is a carport canopy that protects your boat or car from a majority of weather conditions like rain and sunlight due to the polyethylene fabric providing water resistance and UV resistance. The heavy duty steel frame on this canopy makes it less shaky and it is a simple installation process because it includes the anchors and bungee cords needed.

  • Roomy
  • Removable doors
  • May want to buy heavier anchors


Embedded in the fabric is a heavy duty polyethylene that is UV resistant and water resistant. You can cover an area of 10×20 or 12×20 with this car canopy depending on which version you purchase. The canopy has a total of 8 legs to set up and customer reviews reveal that it is an easy process but you may want to get heavier anchors if you want it to have better wind resistance. If you would like to find similar carports, you may be interested in checking out the Quictent 10x20ft upgraded reinforced cables blue.


This heavy duty carport has removable side walls and doors that add privacy and seal your possessions if you decide to use it as an outdoor storage as well. The 10×20 ft canopy comes equipped with bungee cords, which will save you the money. The steel frame is powder coated which gives it rust resistance. If you would like to find a carport canopy more fit to have a party under, you may be interested in the Delta canopies pvc party tent carport cover. Do you want to check out a heavy duty 72-inch straight plow blade for your ATV? Open our 72 inch denali utv snow plow kit all commander models review.


The car canopy is a pretty big investment of its own, but if you would like to see some less expensive options be sure to check out the Crown shades portable carport cover. While the canopy comes at a hefty cost, the Abba patio carport will be weather efficient in most cases of wind and snow with the exception of heavy weather events. This canopy will give you enough room for your vehicles and your possessions and ensure they are properly sealed in to prevent theft. Depending with your needs, you might need a 29-gauge carport that has galvanized steel roof panels. Lear more on our Arrow carport review.

Abba Patio Carport Portable Sidewalls Wrap Up

The Abba patio carport portable sidewalls is a great investment if you would like to give proper rain and UV protection to your vehicles. It doubles up as an outdoor storage for your possessions to give you some more space to properly organize under the heavy duty fabric cover.

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