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A Solar Powered Pool Skimmer


Growing up I was tasked with the chore of keeping my family’s pool clean and pristine.  I know, I shouldn’t complain that I had a swimming pool, but skimming the surface clean was not only a mind numbing task but a forearm one as well.  Enter the Solar Powered Pool Skimmer.  I know, I know, automated pool skimmers have been around for a while, but none so self sufficient.

Two solar panels charge the unit’s NiMH battery and at a full charge it should provide up to 8 hours of cleaning.  In the event of a gloomy or cloudy day, the unit will slow its cleaning speed to conserve battery life and when needed search for a sunny spot to recharge its battery.  If it gets clogged it can reverse suction and spit out what ever offending object is lodged in the system.  And to keep things extra squeaky clean it also houses two chlorine tablets that slowly dissolve as is navigates the pool.

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