Picking the Best Battery for a Hoverboard

Updated: Oct 17, 2022 2:14 PM
Picking the Best Battery for a Hoverboard|

Like most other electric vehicles, hoverboards use batteries for their power, and there are a few different types of batteries to consider. And, you’ll want to get a good, strong battery, especially if your hoverboard isn’t working right. If you’re in the process of buying one of the new self-balancing scooters, then you’ll want to consider what kind of battery you’re getting.

Hoverboard Batteries Explained

The battery is your hoverboard’s primary source of power, and it’s usually installed right next to one of the wheels but inside the shell. Read more to learn about the types of batters, how long hoverboard batteries last, and other things to look out for.

Types of Hoverboard Batteries

In the beginning, lithium-ion batteries dominated the market. While they are still common, there are also new types of batteries to consider. The best hoverboard batteries give you enough power to give you a smooth ride, regardless of the maximum weight limit, types of terrain, and rough surfaces.


Lithium-ion batteries are one of the most common batteries in self-balancing scooters because of their relative affordability. Unfortunately, they experienced many problems with early versions, and many caused hoverboards to catch fire. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) soon became the industry standard for safety certifications, and hoverboards are now required to carry a UL2271 or UL2272 safety certification. If you’re looking for a more affordable hoverboard that still offers a lot of power, then lithium-ion options are always a great choice.

Lead Acid

In the wake of lithium-ion battery fires, some hoverboard companies focused on building products with the classic lead-acid battery. Don’t let the name scare you; these batteries are tried-and-true options that have been used in cars for decades. There is a much lower risk of combustion and fire with lead-acid batteries. However, these batteries are much heavier and less efficient than their lithium-ion counterparts, so if your hoverboard has added accessories like a built-in Bluetooth speaker or colorful LED lights, you may experience shorter battery life and longer charge times for a single charge.

So with that said, if you’re ready to choose a hoverboard and are interested in great Bluetooth hoverboards, you’ll want to check out our hoverboard roundups on our site.


LiFePO4 batteries have been around for a while, but hoverboard companies are starting to recognize their value, especially when providing enough juice for hoverboards with powerful motors, especially those with dual motors, which offer 80% more speed on average. On a single charge with LiFePO4 batteries, you’ll be able to achieve more miles per charge and a higher maximum speed, even on rough terrains. These hoverboard batteries offer high voltage and great value. LiFePO4 batteries are low maintenance, low risk, and can easily handle high temperatures.

Battery Safety

When it comes to a battery’s safety features, look for UL2271 or UL2272-certified options first and foremost. You should also consider what kind of extra features the company has included in their products to provide more protection. This can include solid rubber tires for any type of terrain, maximum weight load to prevent bottoming out, and the maximum speed limit to avoid puncturing the battery casing. Also, consider the type of hoverboard motor when looking at battery life.

Tip: When it comes to a battery’s safety features, look for UL2271 or UL2272 certified options first and foremost

Battery Replacement

If you find your hoverboard only lasting for 20 minutes on a single charge, it may be time for a battery replacement. You can either reach out to your hoverboard’s manufacturer to see if they’ll replace the battery for you, or you can purchase your own and install it on your own terms. Be aware that if you choose to replace the battery yourself, you may void your manufacturer’s warranty.


LiFEPO4 batteries offer 80% more speed on average.








Picking the Best Battery for a Hoverboard FAQ

What does UL Certified mean?

UL certified refers to the safety standards put into place for electric and electronic products. UL certification means that a hoverboard is designed to prevent safety concerns from becoming real problems.

How long does it take to charge a hoverboard battery?

Most hoverboard batteries charge between two and three hours. It’s also possible to charge your self-balancing scooter without a charger. If your hoverboard has additional features like bright LED lights or Bluetooth speakers, you may find that you need to charge it more often.

How fast will the hoverboard go?

In general, hoverboards can travel around six to eight miles per hour. However, hoverboards with more powerful dual motors and larger wheels can reach a max speed as much as or more than ten miles per hour. The best hoverboard for kids should offer lower speeds.

Are there local laws regarding hoverboards or electric scooters?

Hoverboards don’t catch on fire nearly as much as they used to, thanks in large part to the additional safety features and certification companies are currently implementing. However, this doesn’t mean all hoverboards are immune to combustion. Always ride with care and caution to avoid punctures to the battery housing. You can also consider controlling your self-balancing scooter’s motor with a motor driver for more safety control.

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