9 Things You Should Know About the Phosphor Touch Time Digital Watch (list)

Phosphor Smartwatch

Phosphor is largely known for their E-Ink watches.  And today, the company released – they’ve actually already sent me one – the Touch Time Digital Watch.  Unlike their previous watches, it doesn’t use an E-Ink screen, though they’re promising an exceptionally long battery life despite using a tiny, backlit LCD screen.  So here is some things you might like to know about it.

1. Easy to Read

Despite being an LCD, the screen is very easy to read.  Resolution is a scant 144×168, but given the screen’s small size, it’s a moot issue.  A touch of a button, and the backlight, a set of white LED lights illuminates, and enables night time viewing.

2. Straps

For the style conscious, there are a whole host of straps to choose from.  Well, to be honest, there are just two strap types – silicon and metal – but there a variety of colors and finishes that will likely appeal to your inner cool.  Colors include pink, orange, black, blue and two metal finishes.

3. Apps

So Phosphor is billing this watch as a sort of smartwatch.   It is, but it isn’t.  There is a calculator, reminder option, and even a lunar calendar.  But, to be completely honest, it feels a bit antiquated.  That isn’t to say it isn’t a neat idea, but using the calculator, or adding reminders will leave many wondering “why wouldn’t I just do this on my smartphone?”  Other apps include an alarm, stop watch and a timer.

4. Touchscreen

There are no physical buttons on the Phosphor Touch Time Digital Watch.  In other words it’s touchscreen.  It’s not grossly inaccurate, but don’t expect Android or iPhone accuracy.  Nevertheless, it’s more than enough to get what you need done, done.  I’ve only used it for a small amount of time, so perhaps overtime and with some acclimation it could get easier to use.  That all said, the interface, or UI, is fairly intuitive, allowing you to swipe and tap without much thinking.

5. No Bluetooth

I was really hoping that the Touch Time Digital Watch would have a Bluetooth connectivity.  Not to sync my calendar or contacts, but such that I could receive notifications from my phone when I receive a call or text message.  Of course, this would greatly reduce battery life and increase cost, so I can understand why it wasn’t included.

6. Watch Faces

Depending on your penchant for old or new, you can adjust up to 5 different watch faces.  This includes a traditional analog look and a digital read out.

7. Battery

According to Phosphor, the Touch Time Digital Watch’s battery should last up to 1-year on a simple coin/watch battery.

8. Language Support

My watch came in English by default, but there is support for French, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish, and Norwegian.

9. Pricing

The silicon banded watches are $159.  The stainless steel version is $199 and the black stainless steel version is $209.

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