Both Next Gen consoles are on their way to market and with what we know of their specs, there isn’t much outside of brand name and chassis design to differentiate the two. Historically, there has usually been a clear winner in the console market when it came down to hardware and specs. If you want a breakdown of the current specs, check out our ps4 vs xbox 1 review. The best xbox one games also have a lot to do with sales, since you need good games to entice players. NES was topped by the Genesis, which was topped by the N64, which was succeeded by the PS-One. The list goes on. Manufacturers seemed to take turns releasing the best hardware every generation, and proclaim market dominance through their exclusive game libraries. And with all that, both are made even better when you purchase a best monitor for xbox one x or PS4.

The alternating hardware dominance has become less prevalent since Sony and Microsoft became direct competitors, so much so that the PS4 and Xbox One are essentially made of the same stuff. The similarities between the two are so evident, that making the decision on which to buy appears to come down solely to which company/controller you prefer. While I prefer to game on my PC, I still feel the need to be in the know, so I began researching the differences between the new Xbox and PlayStation and I was able to find a few key differences between the two. The differences I’ve found, while pretty miniscule, actually point out some key differences in the focuses of each machine. If you can’t afford either of these new brand new consoles, take a look at the Dingoo A320 pocket retro game emulator review for a more affordable way to game.

1. Better Interface and Software

Xbox One Launch Titles

If there is one thing that Microsoft knows, its software. Long before Microsoft considered selling their own gaming system, their DEVs were busy creating the most widely used word processing software in the world. If the stability I’ve experienced with Windows 8 thus far is an example of what to expect with the OS running the Xbox One, I could get behind supporting an Xbox One purchase.

2. Exclusive Games

HALO 5, FORZA Motorsport, Titan fall, and, if you’re into the type of game… Dead Rising 3. Who doesn’t want to play these games? (I forgive anyone without a desire to play DR3, I’m with ya). I love racing games, and racing games are the number one reason I asked for my first PlayStation back in Jr. High. It’s very odd to me that I haven’t seen any exclusive driving games announced for the PS4, but as a lover of FPS and driving, Xbox has enough exclusives announced to sway a decent amount of sales their way.

3. Arguably the Best Controller in the Biz

Microsoft Xbox One Unnecessary

This only counts as a reason if you like the Microsoft controller better than Sony’s because best here can only apply to preference. I’ve heard more people tell me that they feel that the Xbox controller is more comfortable to them than the other way around. The Xbox controller is also more versatile as it can be used to play games on the PC as well.

4. Bundle Includes Kinect


Yes, the Xbox One is $100 more expensive than the PS4, but it comes with the Kinect! Sure, some people may not want the Kinect, but so what. I didn’t necessarily want the backpack that came with my laptop, but I use it every-fracking-day. With every Xbox One system coming with a Kinect, you can be sure that far more game DEVs will find ways to utilize it, making it more of a necessity than a luxury.

5. HDMI In

I know that the HDMI input is intended to serve as a way for you to plug your Cable/Satellite box into the Xbox One. Doing so is supposed to allow you to “seamlessly” switch between games, movies and television, which sounds fantastic if it’s executed properly. What I really want to know however, is if I can plug the PS 4 into the Xbox One’s HDMI port and seamlessly switch between systems/games. How awesome would that be? If it is possible, the Xbox One will end up being exactly what it’s designed to be, the central hub of your gaming and entertainment experience easily.

6. Skype for In-Game Chat


This is a win here. Skype has been around long enough to work out a lot of the kinks associated with VOIP and their annexation into Microsoft only served to supply them with a bigger financial backing. Look forward to easy to manage group chats and the ability to switch between in game chatting and chatting with distant family member without ever having to put down your controller.

7. More Powerful Online Network

Microsoft has somewhere in the ballpark of 300,000 servers ready to handle the oncoming load of new Xbox Live accounts. Great news for day one players. With numbers like this, would it be impractical for me to state that Xbox One’s launch day is more likely to go off without a system wide crash than the PlayStation 4? Probably, but between the two online networks, I think it’s safer to put my coins (private data) in Microsoft’s cup for now.


I can hear you now, “b-b-but the PlayStation’s GDDR5 RAM is newer and faster than the DDR3 included in the Xbox One”. You’re right… technically. While the GDDR5 does come with a higher bandwidth and clock speed, its advancements over DDR3 can only really be applied to graphic performance. As far as app processing, AI and acting as a media server, the Xbox One should outperform the PlayStation 4 easily.

9.  Versatility

Microsoft Xbox One Unnecessary

Everything I’ve listed above is proof of I’ve used to get to this point right here. Microsoft has made claims that gaming would cease to be the primary focus of the XBox and simply become one of its many features. With the Xbox One, the proof is definitely in the pudding. Working as a gaming machine, movie player, TV, Streaming Device and a Browser, it is quite obvious that Microsoft wants the Xbox One to be that one device that everything else plugs into until it eventually replaces them. As someone who has more disk space dedicated to media than anything else, a nice media server option is a great benefit to having the Xbox One. Now that I think about it, the Xbox One might be cheaper than my current entertainment solution of running XBMC on my old desktop.

If you want an all in one device that can stream TV, Movies, display live TV and display games almost as clearly as the best equipped gaming system on the market, your money should be heading to Microsoft. It’s rare for me to say such a thing, I know… Maybe it’s because I’ve been playing GTA 5 on a 360, maybe it’s because of my love for quickly responding GUI’s. More than likely, it’s due to my media addiction, and my love for AR, but right now, I see the XBox One as having a bit more value than the PlayStation 4. I’ve still got quite a bit of love for Sony, which I’ll be sharing with you next week, so be sure to check back to get the whole picture. In the meantime, enjoy the weekend and may the Force be with you!

Christen Costa

Grew up back East, got sick of the cold and headed West. Since I was small I have been pushing buttons - both electronic and human. With an insatiable need for tech I thought "why not start a blog focusing on technology, and use my dislikes and likes to post on gadgets."

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  1. PS Fanboys are so pathetic. I guess that’s how you act when you spend the last decade getting your asses handed to you.

          1. It’ll be really sad for Xdrones when the COD review embargo lifts and the Xbone version ends up having the worst performance of all of them.


    GET LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Trying too hard.
    Suddenly less is better because NES outperformed the Genesis? lol

    PS4 has the price advantage. Power advantage. And yes, games advantage.
    “Bu-but Xbox has better launch line up…” Well, you can keep your launch games, I will take year after year of exclusive PS4 games from Worldwide Studios. Arguably the best controller in the biz and original UI.

    1. I’ve never liked Playstation exclusives. Sorry, Kingdom Hearts doesn’t appeal to me. Game preference is just that, a preference.

      1. Of course you don’t. I’m sure you’d feel different about them if they were Xbox exclusive. Everyone says the same thing, so I can’t say I believe you. Just be honest and say that you’re sticking with Xbox because that’s what your friends are getting or because you’re a Halo fan or something.

        And Kingdom Hearts III isn’t even an exclusive.

        1. Think what you want to, but I was never a fan of Final Fantasy, MGS, the multiple platformers sony had as exclusives, Tomb Raider, etc. Oh, and I also hated the PS controllers. They had no trigger, the analog sticks were too close and the handles were nubs. That was my preference. I’d rather have played Zelda, Goldeneye, Starfox, Banjo Kazooie, Halo, Fable, Elder Scrolls, etc. That’s why I’ve always liked the alternative consoles over PS (N64, Xbox, Xbox 360). And yes, I said I like Halo and that is a preference. There is no such thing as a “games advantage” except for personal tastes. For me, the “game advantage” is Xbox, but I’m not going to say it is the same for everyone else.

          1. Seems to me like you just decided to skip PlayStation altogether. I’ve met a few dense people in my life.

            And I didn’t say it was the same for everyone.
            I just said I’d take games from Worldwide Studios any day over the XBO’s launch. Especially over just Halo and Fable(the only 2 games on Xbox you listed). I couldn’t get into Halo and the Fable games underdeliver. Although the first game was good.
            Other games, like the Elder Scrolls I can play on PS.

          2. I did skip Playstation all together because it sucked. I didn’t miss out on anything…like I said I never have like PS exclusives. Sorry if that makes you mad. I like FPS and RPGs and 3rd Party games, and Xbox has always had more quality in those genres. Xbox also was the first with online gaming for a console and while I was playing XBL on the original Xbox, PS fans were sad. So, no I didn’t miss out on anything I thought was great.

            Triggers were just part of it, the controller is too small and uncomfortable in my hands. But not having a trigger is pretty stupid when you enjoy playing FPS. Who wants to shoot with a bumper? Dumb.

            And you did say it was the same for everyone when you said “games advantage” for the PS4, which again, is subjective. I’ll take an xone with Halo, Fable, Titanfall. And 3rd party games like Elder Scrolls, The Witcher, Destiny, etc I’ll enjoy on xone with a better online service.

          3. * “because it sucked”
            Not even close to being factual or reasonable opinion. You can say you preferred something else, but that doesn’t necessarily make the other product “suck”. Grow up.
            Thanks for admitting bias. PlayStation helped define modern console gaming with the PS1. You’re welcome.

            * Xbox first online? No, it was Sega.
            And why would 100mil PS2 gamers be sad that they’re not playing on XBL with the 5 people that owned an Xbox just for Halo? LOL

            * It’s funny how Xbox fans think they were the first online. PS2 gamers were playing Star Wars Battlefront II, FFXI, SOCOM II, MGS3:S, TiimeSplitters, Burnout 3, Resident Evil Outbreak, Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six: Lockdown, Battlefield 2, etc among many other third-party games ONLINE(broadband).
            But please, continue living in your bubble.

            * A lot of people on 360 swap the aim/shoot inputs from the triggers to the bumpers because they’re quicker and require less travel time. Dumb? Don’t think so. You haven’t tried the PS4 controller. But why would you even consider it, right? classic.

            Again, just Halo and Fable? Every other game you mentioned is playable elsewhere.

          4. “because it sucked” = my opinion.

            *First QUALITY online service = Xbox, sorry for not being technical. Dreamcast tried and failed horribly. I also was playing online with the original Xbox before XBL through gamespy servers.

            *There were plenty of people that bought an Xbox just to play Halo, if you think otherwise, you’re an idiot.

            *Trigger = preference again

            *DS4 – haven’t been able to play with it, I’ve heard it’s better, but analog sticks still parallel = I’ll stick with the comfort of the already best gaming controller (again my preference).

            *We are debating consoles, not if I want to play Titanfall on PC…because I’m not a PC gamer. And with respect to 3rd party games, I was saying I mostly play those along with exclusive FPS and RPGs, so it doesn’t affect me NOT having a PS4.

          5. * You’re totally right. As terrible as it may be, it is your opinion.

            * If you cared that much about online gaming, you’d be playing on PC back then. DC was short lived but it worked.

            * I was obviously exaggerating since only a laughable 24mil people had an Xbox. Come on, keep up.
            * And of course plenty of people bought an Xbox just for Halo. That’s what I said. Halo was the only good reason to get an Xbox, and maybe graphics.

            * Well good for you. I personally played broadband online PS2 games, as I previously stated. Worked pretty well. You should look up videos or something.

            I like how you need to keep getting more technical each time I have a counterargument. Wanna keep moving that goalpost? *sigh* never mind.
            But alright, I get it. It’s all a matter of preference. Goodbye.

          6. Only having to get technical because you’re bad at reading between the lines. You’ve spent all day arguing over one’s preference, hope that makes you feel accomplished. Now go play with your pikachu.

  4. the part that worries me the most about the x1 is microsofts intense desire to monetize everything. i know they scaled back, but the intent is there. i can just see ms and x1 being like the cable company in 10 yrs. yes it will do it all, but between online services and third party media connections it will cost you about 50 bucks a month. if you dont believe me just look at what happened to cell phones. do you remember when they were about 30 or 40 a month? now they are 100 plus. sure they are little computers. i use the term computers very lightly. but still, i can see where the console entertainment industry is going.

  5. I am laughing at this article hard. Legitimately laughing.

    “I can hear you now, “b-b-but the PlayStation’s GDDR5 RAM is newer and faster than the DDR3 included in the Xbox One”. You’re right… technically. While the GDDR5 does come with a higher bandwidth and clock speed, its advancements over DDR3 can only really be applied to graphic performance. As far as app processing, AI and acting as a media server, the Xbox One should outperform the PlayStation 4 easily.”

    This isn’t true for one reason: pipelines. Because of the architecture of the board in the PS4 the data goes where it needs to faster. This isn’t just for graphics.

  6. Oh man, the $0N¥ N4Gtard NeoFAG Paupers are in full force again, trying to make the PoS4 look better when in fact they are only making themselves look absolutely stupid. Foul console for foulmouths $0N¥ paupers.

  7. Ok before I get labeled a fanboy and bashed I just want to say I really don’t care which console people buy or for what reasons. What I do have a problem with is journalists who claim to do research and obviously don’t. No.exclusive driving game for ps4? How did you miss drive club which was.announced back in.February along side the ps4 and has been talked about at every game show since? The xbone controller can be used with pc giving it more value? The ps4 controller was confirmed to do this months ago and now that they’re on store shelves they’ve been found to work with ps3 and 360 as well. And at the end he claims to have plenty of love for sony lmao. You sir are a pathetic journalist. Claiming to be a gamer who does his research on top of being a driving game fan yet obviously is neither since you have no clue about a game that’s had 9 months of hype backing it up.

  8. What will happen is this…much like this generation, Sony only gamers will be treated to some of the best and highest rated games of a generation. Period. Microsoft only gamers will be left fondling their kinects wondering where they went wrong when they can’t play the next great game from one of Sony’s first party studios. I fully expect that when Naughty Dog, Guerilla, Sony Santa Monica, Quantic Dream, Media Molecule etc.etc.etc. reveal their projects, it will stun those among us who love gaming. I own a 360 and PS3 and have enjoyed both this generation, but when it comes to exclusives, anyone suggesting it’s actually a competition is lost. Sony has been killing it with exclusives for quite some time now while the best Microsoft has been able to offer on that front is retreads of Gears and Halo. I like Gears and Halo, but there is little innovation from their studios, they just milk old franchises. Sony, on the other hand, gives up gem after gem continually. I’m looking forward to games like The Order:1886, which for me offers a more interesting scenario than anything I’ve seen coming for Xbone. What does Microsoft first parties have coming? Quantum Break? Microsoft pays for exclusive content and has now payed for an EA exclusive, TitanFall, a multiplayer only game that will alienate a large section of gamers who have absolutely no interest in a multiplayer only game. Oh, and it will be 720p on the Xbone yet 1080p on pc. That is not good. That is not next gen to me. Sorry.

  9. This list is pretty pathetic. Any list which includes exclusives as a strength compared to Sony’s roster of first party developers and the games they have produced and will continue to produce is a joke. The guy who wrote this article is no gamer. He enjoys TV. So be it. But don’t confuse your love of all things TV and apps with gaming. I have a smart TV and a/v receiver that can run rings around anything the Xbone claims it will do. I want a powerful console that runs the best games from the best developers on the planet. The only choice is PS4. Why would I spend 100 dollars more for a box that is coughing and wheezing struggling to achieve 1080p? Is that next gen to you? Lord help you people. Microsoft has you by the sac so tight you don’t even realize how little they offer you for what you pay. Live gold is a joke with it’s games offerings vs Psplus. No comparison. Live gold gives you the privilege of paying to access you own internet connection while offering little else in return. Don’t tell me about apps I can access anywhere else in the world on my tablet, laptop, or smartphone. Live offers nothing for the money. Now they tell you to pony up an extra hundred bucks for a console and camera which uses a significant portion of the already inferior gpu to run the damn kinect. Good luck with that. Next gen indeed.

  10. Azure is cloud data hosting though. Yeah it’s been around for years so what!?

    The only benefit you really get is unlimited cloud storage which is pretty useless considering how limited the data storage is.

    Digital foundry and developers debunked the M$ PR BS about cloud computing. As proved by releases of Battlefield 4 and COD which PS4 has the clear advantage in frame rate, resolution & overall stability.

    1. Your post, Road Show, is far from accurate. You seem to be inferring that people who site “the cloud” as an advantage to so because they think visual improvements ONLY can be achieved via “cloud compute”, but that’s not the argument or the position. Not at all.
      Microsoft’s cloud SDK can be used to offload any computation developers wish to offload. Developers could build services which host sessions, offload AI (like Forza 5), offload physics computation, or run persistent worlds players connect to (Titanfall), etc. It’s a HUGE deal – especially since it’s 100% free for developers to use. Sony can’t compete on that level because Sony cannot offer anything like it at all, much less for free.
      I don’t know if the cloud can (long term) be used for any serious visual improvements, but to say it *can’t* isn’t true… the question is how much, and how effectively, given latency realities.
      As for the DF comparison of Battlefield 4, most laymen think the X1 version looks better anyway (despite the resolution gap), so who cares? The power advantage PS4 has doesn’t show in any meaningful way, and the perf gap will only shrink over time… so it’s a null point. It doesn’t matter.

      1. BS

        Developers and Digital Foundry have already debunked serious cloud computing capabilities.

        Regarding the detail on BF4 you forget that PS4 was muddled out.

        You also forget that the more a game is dependent on cloud computing the less the experience the user will have depending on internet performance.

        Basically latency on the net is far worse than latency on your onboard hardware. It’s just not there dude and you believing the PR BS is just pathetic.

        PS4 has far more power and is now easy to develop for. It will have the advantage all generation and obviously by a far bigger advantage than the little xbox had at the beginning of 360/PS3.

        Also you are acting like sony can’t put in servers if cloud computing some how does come a long way and that cloud computing is already doing stuff on current gen.

        See how pathetic you sound? You act like Sony isn’t capable just because microsoft has this cloud data business already in place. It’s literally freaking nothing.

        PS4 is by far more popular. PS4 has far more pre-orders. PS4 will get all the attention it needs to remain the #1 console..easily.

        1. Digital Foundry falsified claims about cloud compute adding to visual fidelity in a meaningful way without problematic lag/latency – but they did nothing to show that cloud compute isn’t a big deal for dedicated servers, AI (like in Forza 5), physics computations, etc… those are all demonstrably improved with Microsoft’s cloud, and it’ll show on day one.
          Digital foundry suggests that PS4’s 900p Battlefield 4 likely looks so blurry/messy because PS4 doesn’t have a hardware scaler, so up-scaling 900p to 1080p in software ends up producing a worse image than X1’s 720p hardware scaled up to 1080p.
          In any case, the bottom line is that the X1 version look better, and most people agree… even if the PS4 version *DOES* have higher resolution, the ‘numbers’ win is not ultimately as important as the rubber-meets-the-road win X1 enjoys with a crisper picture and more vibrant colors.
          So what have we learned? The author of the article is right, and while Sony enjoys a mild hardware advantage, that one advantage can’t compensate for the many advantages X1 enjoys over the PS4… so the final question for consumers? What matters most to you? If it’s graphics – neither console will give you what a PC does, and neither console has a meaningful leg up on the other. They end result on both will be “they look the same”. So then, do you care about the features X1 provides you that the PS4 doesn’t? Well, not everyone does… and not everyone like MS’s exclusives as much as Sony’s – so in that case – PS4’s probably the right console for you… but there’s no denying that the X1 offers more than the PS4 in terms of services, features, and out-of-the-box capabilities… whether or not you like them, or would use them isn’t the point… because some will, some won’t… but those features are objectively something of value which PS4 cannot do/cannot match.

          1. Since you agree so much with the advantages listed above, I guess the PS4 only need 2 things for the consumers:
            1)Being the most powerful console for “gaming”
            2)Being $100 cheaper.
            Saying that what Sony is enjoying is just a small hardware advantage is just being a fan boy.

            As of October 19, a website that gives estimate, with their margin of error of course, has the PS4 pre-order at 725K and Xbox1 at 525K with Xbox one gaining ground by 50K on the previous data 3 months ago. And this the US we are talking about which is without a doubt Xbox territory. Even today Xbox360 is selling more in the US
            than PS3. Xbox 360 has sold 44.7 Millions units in the US while PS3 has
            only sold 27.4 Millions units. So believe me if PS4 pre-order where even
            equal to Xbox one, that would be super great news for Sony. Imagine a
            200k lead.
            And on that same site, still with their margin of error, on the last software pre-orders estimate (november 2nd) PS4 has
            a total of 1.9 Milions games pre-orders combined while Xbox One has a
            total of 1.325 Millions games combined. And this is happening in the US
            which is Xbox territory.

          2. Exactly!

            Looking at US pre-orders and seeing far higher software and hardware pre-orders in the US is great for Sony. The one territory it could never win all generation (PS3 did bet 360 last month though, finally beat their streak).

            World wide though PS3 has dominated for years and the gap has grown from 40,000 more PS3’s sold each week globally to 100,000 more a week.

            it’s pretty pathetic that xbox 360 couldn’t beat the PS3.

            (1) 1 year head start in the first console generation where online play is a MAJOR factor. 8 million lead is huge. Friends gotta buy what friends got.
            (2) Millions of RROD rebuys.
            (3) A supposedly superior online network.
            (4) HALO
            (5) A more popular motion peripheral

            and it still ended up in last place. LOL.

          3. On PS4 beating X1 in pre-orders:
            I’m not certain the data is fully accurate, but even if it was completely accurate – that doesn’t tell you much. There’s only a relatively small demographic who goes out and pre-orders consoles months prior to launch… and all the data currently shows is that Sony’s done a good job securing more of that demographic than Microsoft has… but you’d expect that, right? I mean, the PS4 caters more to the core gamer who counts pixels, argues in online forums, and tries to find objective reasons to support their buying decisions – and that’s great – but that’s a fraction of the broader gaming demographics… and pre-order success does nothing to show long-term and broader retail success… so pre-order data doesn’t at all prove market share dominance… all it does is show what one, small demographic of customer is leaning toward… and as the reports indicate, the numbers are getting closer together as we get closer to launch… so the delta is shrinking, which means the X1 is gaining momentum, and the PS4 is losing momentum…
            On 360 beating the PS3 in the US:
            Why would anyone expect 360 to have dominated? PS2 was the most successful console of all time. Sony absolutely obliterated the competition in that generation of consoles… this generation was Sony’s to take. I’m shocked 360 did as well as it did, frankly… but it deserved the recognition it earned. Microsoft changed online gaming forever. The 360 easily brought the biggest and most profound positive evolutions to gaming this gen over the other two players, and Kinect was the best selling consumer electronics product ever. Period. Big deal… so yeah, the competition has been great! I’m glad to see it.

          4. Dude you are one hard headed son.

            360 only did so good because it was the only next gen console in the market where ONLINE PLAY IS A MAJOR FACTOR. Friends gotta buy what friends got. 8 million lead dude.

            Then millions of RROD rebuys. 33-55% failures for 5+ years.

            ***And I’m not counting on pre-orders although you are entirely wrong about how significant it is.

            I have fought all this generation with many of my friends that love 360. After the announcement and E3 where Microsoft showed their true colors ***JUST LIKE IT TOLD THEM – you have but sit back and wait for M$ to screw you over again.

            Anyways I don’t know 1 person personally that is getting an xbox one at launch. Even all those guys that I fought with all generation so hard about 360/PS3.

            You have but look at history to see the future and Microsoft has done nothing but screw over every gamer it has ever touched (PC, Orig. Xbox, 360 & Tried to on X1 and still do via paywalls to basic features and a worthless subscription service).

            It’s pretty PATHETIC that 360 LOST the generation despite:

            (1) Entire year head start as the only next gen console where online play is a major factor.
            (2) Millions of RROD rebuys
            (3) A supposedly superior online network
            (4) HALO
            (5) A more popular motion peripheral (despite it being inferior)

            I mean I can’t see how xbox didn’t secure 2nd place this gen. Sony freaking fought an uphill battle the whole way. Releasing a year late and at $600 and they still came in and stomped xbox into the ground.

            I know there’s some duplication on this post but I wasn’t responding to you on those so I wanted to make sure you were set straight son.

          5. Battlefield has better resolution and until these babies release and I see some more comparison vids I’m not accepting anything until I see that.

            But even then it doesn’t matter. PS4 had far better frame rates as well. There were several times X1 frames dipped when PS4 didn’t. There was only 1 time PS4 dipped which was odd, it was the scene with all the dust & smoke for a long period of time but even then it was higher than what x1 was getting when it dipped.

            Face it, PS4 is simply more powerful and will have better resolutions and frame rates for the beginning of the generation. Once developers squeeze more out of x1 and finally get it to pump out the resolutions they want it will still have lower frame rates than PS4.


            the only freaking thing it does that PS4 doesn’t is cable pass through. Cable many got rid of and is really just a tiny feature.

            PS4 has friend spectate/take over mode and PS4 has a secondary chip for all video compression/decompression and uploading/downloading.

            With more power, better price, better priced accessories, highly valuable subscription service, free exclusive content in AAA multi plats, no paywalls on basic features, PSvita companion, the better features PS4 is obviously the best place to game.

            **The PS3 now is already the 1 entertainment piece needed. PS4 will be just the same.

            On PS3 now it’s already: CD player, DVD upscale to HD, 3D blu ray player, internet browser (so like free unlimited music and browsing), netflix and like streaming, online movie rental, Video game player (with free exclusive content in AAA multi plats and tons more and better rated exclusives) & it auto connects to windows 7 & 8 PC’s and uses them as your home media server. All the music, movies & videos on your smartphone backed up to your PC is available through your internet on your PS3 on your big screen TV and 7.1 surround sound.

            PS3 is freaking pimp! It’s all a person needs. Me I got a huge library of movies, netflix, hulu plus, amazon instant, redbox & free local digital TV and the only thing not done on the PS3 is the local TV.

            Just everything you think you have is nothing dude. The cloud computing is not what you think it is and like I said the more dependent on the cloud the worse quality those with bad connections are going to have. It’s a bad idea to depend on external sources of hardware performance.

  11. HEy B00ME,

    No, as the article stated, at the time of writing, I hand’t heard of any exclusive driving games for the PS4. That isn’t meant to be taken as there aren’t any available, just that I hadn’t heard of any. Also, no. Until reading your comment, I hadn’t heard of DriveClub.

    1. Just because you hadn’t “heard of one” doesn’t mean you can use that flawed argument and it hold up.. Drive club was announced back in april and has been known by a majority of the gaming community since.. Your entire article is pure opinion and very little factual evidence at all.

  12. lol i how every xbox one fanboy argues that the kinect is better since it in 1080p but when they find out xbox one games are at 720p theyre like that doesnt matter

    1. I actually notice just the opposite, how Sony fans say it’s the end of the world if an X1 game runs at sub 1080p, yet the Sony Eye cam will *never* be capable of anything over 800p, and the Kinect can display a full native 1080p RGB stream. It’s hypocritical on both sides, but the truth is – people really don’t care or notice… so anyone making a big deal out of it on either side is wrong to do so. It just doesn’t matter much.

      1. i kindve have to disagree with you on it not mattering. i read an article today that i think made a very good point about the definition of ps4 and xbox one. It was pointing out what would happen when i game is made so large that it can only run at 720p and 30fps on the ps4 then what resolution could the xbox one version run at? if this trend keeps up shouldnt be a very good answer

  13. SO the guy who wrote this article writes about the exclusives of the xbox one but only likes ONE game thats gonna be a launch day release. All people who like Forza should line up to buy the xbox one. I dont see myself buying an xbox one until HALO 5 comes out. Titan fall looks good but there are two other systems it coming out on (both of which i own)

  14. more games? nope sony has more exclusives in developement than any other system
    more powerful? Nope last time i checked the ps4 is “the worlds most powerful console”
    Better graphics? Nope at least two games that utilize a better resolutiion with the ps4
    better motion peripheral? Unknown the fact is sony is the first company to come out with a motion peripheral though
    Better UI? Probably not, the fact is sony has spent alot of time to create a better expierience with the ps4 UI- there are also many reports that the xbox one interface is very buggy(goole it and youll definately find an article that proves this)
    Better controller? NO granted i like the 360 controller more than the ps3 controller i’ve used both the xbox one controller and the ps4 controller and they are both fanastic! Im saying the ps4 controller is better since its rechargable and isnt stuck in the stone age with AA batteries
    the only things xbots can target the ps4 is a lack of dnla support which is so unimportant its ridiculous- If you have a computer you have SPEAKERS!!!!!!
    PS: I am far far far from a sony fanboy and have played the 360 vastly more than my ps3(I Am proud to point out i am a general in halo 3 and onyx is reach :)) but when there are literally dozens on websites saying that the ps4 is better maybe just maybe its actually true!! and maybe you should automatically go into denial mode and be like PS$ FAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNBBBBBBBBBBBOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! the second you see an article is support of the ps4 as there are MANY


    (1) The interface hasn’t really even been shown off and I like Sony’s better. Both look about equal.

    (2) EXCLUSIVE GAMES? DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT A FREAKING EXCLUSIVE IS???? Titanfall & Project Spark gonna be on PC. With 360 we had Gears of War, Mass Effect, Left4Dead, Both Battlestations, All the Fables & Alan Wake on PC. Xbox has almost nothing…Forza is about the only game that doesn’t have a version on PC and it’s nothing but a GT wanna be.

    Sony has an army of studios and JUST LIKE PS3/360 GEN PROVED Sony will continue to support the console ALL GENERATION. Not abandon it after 4 years (almost no exclusives the last 4 years on 360 – despite 2.75 billion per year revenue from xbox live).

    (3) I absolutely disagree a million times over again. Controller is personal preference and Sony has done a great job modifying the dual shock 4. The dual shock also has a lot more hardware for the buck. $60 recharge batteries, gyroscope, speaker, touch pad, light bar. Where as X1 is $60 + $25 battery pack and lacks gyro/touch pad/batteries/light bar.

    (4) Kinect 1.0 is laggy misreading command junk responsible for no core exclusives on xbox 360 for the last 4 years in a row. It can’t do hard core games, no buttons so waving your hands around is very limited. SEE PLAYSTATION 2 GAME KINETIC. HANDS FREE MOTION GAMING HIGH RATED ON METACRITIC BEFORE WII AND LONG BEFORE KINECT. SONY KNEW THAT HANDS FREE IS JUST TOO LIMITED.

    Also PS4+ Eye Toy is still $40 cheaper.

    (5) HDMI so Cable pass through. ONE GUIDE is paywalled behind xbox live gold. Also everyone I know got rid of or are thinking of getting rid of cable so this is worthless.


    (7) BS BS BS BS. More powerful WTFE. PS3 has more dedicated servers now, cloud computing in the PR BS M$ was trying to say was debunked by several developers and digital foundry. Any game that needs dedicated servers or cloud computing on PS4 will get it.

    Except PS4 only paywalls multi player. You can still browse the net, use streaming services, play free to play online games, single player games, disk based & online streaming movies, video capture/upload & spectate/take over mode all without PS+.

    Then instant game collection on PS4 with PS+. Xbox does not have games with gold on X1.

    (8) I just simply disagree. I think the performance of X1 with BF4 & COD Ghosts proves my point. lower resolution, lower frame rates and over all more unstable on Xbox one.


    Everything is freaking paywalled. WORTHLESS “SUBSCRIPTION” SERVICE. Still huge power brick, Under powered, Exclusives on PC, no free exclusive content like PS4 Destiny, Watchdogs & Assassins Creed.

    Xbox is the absolute worst place to game.

      1. Why in the freaking world would you think I’d be stupid enough to buy an xbox!?

        Xbox will screw you over time and time again just as history has proven.

        I game PC, Nintendo & Playstation and only a handful of games I can’t play with that set up. Titanfall if it’s good I’ll get it on PC. Just like I did Gears of War, Mass Effect, Both Battlestations & Halo’s from last gen. I will def. play Project Spark on my PC rig.

        Xbox live is a worthless subscription service and xbox one is a freaking brick without it. $300 every 5 years. You can’t do anything but play single player games and watch disk based movies on xbox 360 or xbox one without xbox live.

      2. (1) Made Halo 2 for PC Vista only
        (2) Dropped all service/support/games on orig. xbox as soon as 360 was here.
        (3) RROD happened and it happened to gain market share. It worked…the consumer was the one who suffered. 3% industry standard 360 failed 33-55% (11-18 times industry standard) for 5 years.
        (4) Paywall basic features on X1 and XBox 360
        (5) Overpriced hardware & accessories
        (6) Just look at what they tried to do with X1.

        I absolutely hate xbox and would never in a million years support them. I miss out on almost nothing.

        I am a bit pissed that PS4 is pay to play now but at least only multiplayer is paywalled. Everything else is not and we get free games on PS4 & PS3 & PS Vita with PS+.

      3. Is that really what “Adults” do? Spend all of their hard earned money on multiple videogame systems? You sound retarded to me. That’s something that a grown child would do, so speak for yourself. Especially one who comes onto websites arguing over them.

        1. So what are you in the conversation? The mild-mannered and even-tempered adult who keeps his head above the fray and his wit on the tip of his tounge?

          Were you this guy when you called me retarded? Or do you take that hat on and off as you see fit?

          Because all I got from your cute little tirade is that you’re kind of a colossal douche.

      4. well theres no doubt ill eventually get both consoles i see every argument as being over which one to buy first. Once you buy one console there isnt a point in buying the second console until a good number of exclusives come out for it

    1. We do pay more for our Network but that’s because if you look into it our services are more consistent and stable with less disconnects overall. I believe both consoles have there pros and cons. Plus the Xbox one x is currently the most powerful game console out. abled 60 fps. 4k gaming and streaming. PS4 does have 4k but the Xbox one s was the first console to have true 4k texture PS4 pro still only has upscaled image to 4k it’s not actually a native 4k resolution. As for Versatility. Xbox does have way more over all things you can do with it. Wether it’s deemed necessary or not it’s still there. Plus let’s not forget that cross platform issue. Xbox one x actually destroys PS4 pro in every aspect processing power and all. Not trying to start an argument just stating facts as you are.

        1. Tears of joy? Because I’m so happy Xbox has finally been put in their place.

          Not even in Xbox’s strong hold…the US is xbox ahead. Xbox will be nothing but a #2 all generation.

          Thank you

          1. Here’s what this last year looked like for me with PS+. PS4 will be no different.

            And yeah I’ve seen lots of fanboy tears all coming from xbox. You have but go to a games with gold article or a cod ghost article or a battlefield 4 article or a US pre-orders article to find them.

  16. Until one has has actually held both of the new controllers in their hands it’s pointless to base a point off of the XBox 360. Perhaps Sony has closed the gap with the new controller. That was an invalid point made by this writer.

  17. Until one has has actually held both of the new controllers in their hands it’s pointless to base a point off of the XBox 360. Perhaps Sony has closed the gap with the new controller. That was an invalid point made by this writer.

  18. 1.) Bwahahahahahahaaha!! Oh God I can’t breathe!

    2.) What is with the Hate fir Dead Rising. I’d rather play it than another fps filled 12 year-olds spouting homophobic slurs.
    3.) I do like that controller.
    4.) Most people would call it anti-consumer to force customers to purchase

    1. – _ – You’re not being forced to buy the Kinect any more than you’re forced to buy wheels when you buy a car. The Kinect is PART of the experience, and is part of the console! It comes in the box with the rest of the machine (like a bluray drive or a HDD or a controller).

      Believing that you’re paying for two products under one price-tag is straight-up incorrect. While it might not be the case with the 360/OG Kinect, XBO/Kinect 2.0 are part of a single experience – exactly like the Wii (or Wii U) shipping with their IR bar.

      1. Wrong! Does the One function without Kinect? Yes it does because it comes with a haptic device ie a controller that will operate the system to the fullest of its abilities. Kinect is an enhancement or add on that comes with the system and tags an extra $100 onto the pricetag regardless of consumers desire to have it. Your analogy of a car is way off. Cars allow you to add or remove features to your liking and budget mutiple engines, trims, colors, and purposes. So don’t insult people’s intelligence by making claims like this to justify the higher price/weaker performance of the “One”.

  19. You’re wrong comparing Gaikai with Azure… the cloud on XBOX is essentially to help ONE to get more proccessing power than whathave rigth now… the first aplication is gonna be on multiplayer servers wit matchmaking (NOTE: Killzone Mercenary will have the same thing)… instead GAIKAI is gonna be a SERVICE of game streaming.. at first os gonna be used as PS3, PS2 and other PlayStation consoles emulator…

    But SONY Could use GAIKAI As that too.. and You are comapring Azure/XBXDataCEnter with Gaikai before SONy bougth it and invested in it…

    1. Consider it this way: Azure was already bigger and better then Gaikia was. Azure was rated as the top service in the world, for a time. Gaikia never was able to get better then them.

      After both were bought, Microsoft invested WELL over 5 times the amount of money Sony did.

      Microsoft has about 300,000 servers, all the while Gaikia is sitting at about 8000…

    2. Azure is a bunch of computers running an OS which can be utilized however dev’s imagine. Gaikai is a service which is built on a farm of computers which runs games locally, then streams them down to customers.
      Azure could be used to do exactly what Gaikai does, and in fact Microsoft showed off a demo of it running Halo 4 remotely (and with only 66ms of lag, which is much faster than the Gaikai service test results I’ve seen with lag upwards of 150ms).
      Sure Gaikai and Sony could repurpose their farm of computers to run something more like Azure, but it’s not trivial… and even if they did, they’d need to ensure their farm of computers/data centers could compare with Microsoft’s – and I don’t think they can. Microsoft has tens of datacenters all over the world, running the best cloud OS in the business, with more than 300k unique server machines. It’s massive… and Microsoft is constantly investing more and more into it… there’s nothing that Gaikai has done which Azure can’t, but there are countless things that Azure has been used for which Gaikai has never even experimented with… so yes, they are different. VERY different… but Azure just happens to be better in virtually every single imaginable way.

  20. I wonder how much Microsoft paid for this article? I hope they didn’t pay much, because it’s very clear that the author did extremely little research in creating justifications for the headline.

      1. Anyone who’s paid attention to Microsoft over the last two or three decades knows that shady practises are not uncommon to Microsoft.

        To make so many blatant “mistakes” against the PS4 in an article supporting the Xbox One looks just a little bit suspicious does it not?

  21. What on earth does this sentence mean?

    “NES was topped by the Genesis, which was topped by the N64, which was succeeded by the PS-One.”

    “NES was topped by the Genesis”. So you mean graphically because it wasn’t in sales.

    “the Genesis, which was topped by the N64” So you mean graphically. Saleswise, the N64 may have once outsold the Megadrive but with new smaller versions of Megadrive still being released, the MD has now probably outsold it.

    “the N64, which was succeeded by the PS-One.” So you don’t mean graphically any more now? You mean sales wise. The PS1 came out before the N64 and, whilst the PS1 might have put games on CD, hardly anyone would bother to say that the PS1, even with less memory, might have sometimes had better graphics (i.e. textures) than the N64- not when the N64 games were so epic regardless. You wouldn’t push Banjo Kazooie over a cliff just to play Crash Bandicoot.

  22. Author is clueless with the hardware and senseless about the camera. Buying a PS4 and a Camera is still 40 dollars cheaper then the Xbox One.

    Performance wise it has been well proven that developers are having HUGE problems and bottlenecking with the RAM of the xbox one.

    The OS is taking up 10% of the systems power much more then Sony’s OS… OS foot print on consoles are small for a reason. It is to maximize the power of the consoles.

    The new COD Activision asked to break the restriction MS has on the 10% GPU portion saved for the OS. So that it could run it game in 1080p MS said No because if it did the OS has problems running and becomes UNSTABLE.

    So that is why the COD game is in 720p while it is in 1080p on the ps4 and PC…

    HDIM in is a non feature… why because you still have to have a cable box you still have to plug your tv in the cable box then your cable box into your Xbox… So they are going to be doing 99% of the tasks that you all ready pay for in having the cable box…

    Also the TV specs of the xbox are only good for one country the USA. NO other countries have any time slots of when or if they will get these functions…
    When or if they do get them there will be many less then what the USA is getting…

    MS in full disclosure has stated that they will share information and conversations all with in their rights… With confer to connect… Look up MS’s involvement with PRISM

    The only thing on this list… is the controller… MS has one of the designs for a controller or FPS.. for dual stick shooters and RPGs sonys controller wins out..

    Since FPS are very popular in the USA which MS is catering to it gets a lot of praise there…

    Don;t waste your money spending more money on a under power system… and with MS non discloser agreements signed and enforced till NOON on LAUNCH DAY sends HUGES waves of concern through the gaming community.

    I and a gamer that games on many systems… I have owned the last two MS consoles Xbox and Xbox 360. I own a PC and WIIU and have PS4 preordered but I am not going to be getting the XBOX this time around since the system is going to have many problems specially with their OS… I would wait till the truth comes out… what is waiting one week.

    I say wait one week come back here and you will see HOW WORNG the Author of the store above is… These issues will come out very fast since they are quiet prominent…

  23. What about the fact that the One can’t run a decent game at more than 720p, that has to be upscaled. I would bet my paycheck that the PS4 could run Titanfall and Ryse at 1080p native without breaking a sweat. Both of these games I could not care less about, but still the statement is true.

  24. Never liked Kinect, or PSMove for that matter, so what I object to is MS ramming it down your throat. So they have made my desicion essy, I am not paying $100 for something I dont want.

  25. Super subjective. I like the optimism though.
    Both consoles will have their days/months/whatever.
    I personally will get both (eventually) and once was sure I would make Xbox One my next-gen cherry-popper but all the negative news is getting me down…
    Oh well, Killer Instinct will lift my spirits.

  26. Still buying the PS4…see that’s the REAL reason people buy consoles..i grew up with playstation so i will stick with it because i love it..i don’t care about anything else..same with xbox gamers..both systems are freaken awesome and worth every penny so can we stop arguing?

    1. Yep, I’ve always liked the Xbox over PS. It would take a whole lot for me to change my mind, just like many gamers. It’s like you said…just a preference. I bet the amount of console gamers that would actually switch from their current/previous gen systems is very insignificant.

      1. Tell that to all of the people that went over to the 360 from the PS2. Just because you don’t “think” it will happen doesn’t mean it won’t… Microsoft has burned alot of bridges with their fanbase from the RROD and disc scratching issues to the fact that they have all but abandoned the 360.. Hardly any first party titles in the last two years.. Also their smug approach to the X1. They truly don’t care about their fanbase and i personally know several people jumping ship from XBOX..

        1. hahahahahaha you sound incredibly butt hurt. It was just my opinion man, chill out. There are going to be a small percentage that change consoles (I’m guessing 10%), but the people that typically own one console and that console has been either a PS or Xbox over the last decade will probably stay with the same company.

          Not sure what you mean about “smug approach”. Maybe you’re just constantly upset about something in your personal life.

          1. Im far from butthurt.. im just letting you know your assumptions dont lineup with reality… Microsoft were dead in the water afyer the x1 reveal.. Between the always online requirement and the focus on tv integration they pissed off a majority of their fanbase.. But their response to these reacctions was “like it or not this is the future” and don mattricks response to the always online controversey was “we have an offline console, its called xbox 360” no regard whatsoever for consumer desires.. They are smug arrogant bullies and care very lityle for their fanbase or the negative impact that they have had on the industry.. I refuse to buy their products purely because I dont agree with the way Microsoft conducts themselves and business..


          3. Ouch, zing. Way to get me. The funny thing is we haven’t been debating facts at all, we’ve been debating subjective opinions, so you actually sound like the irrelevant fanboy who is also incredibly mad.

          4. Correction you haven’t been utilizing facts. Everything you’ve said has been subjective some of which you have attempted to pass off as fact. Yet when you are confronted by someone who isn’t gullible or naive on the situation your reaction is to laugh like a child.. Your debating skills are severely lacking.

  27. Spot on, wish people really knew what the difference between ddr3 and gddr5 were.
    ddr3 best for cpu okay for gpu
    Gddr5 best for gpu okay for cpu
    ddr4 best for both

    There are work arounds for useing either for both.
    Esram has been shown to be able to store 3gb of high res images on 16mb useing tiled resources. This in theory means that the x1 could use the esram as a 6gb frame buffer but time will tell

    1. Except so far the eSRAM has proven to be a bottleneck and the reason most X1 titles are lagging in the resolution department.. Sony has a Asynchronous unified memory allowing the superior GPU to have simultaneous read/write access to the unified pool of memory. The system doesn’t have to “copy” information for other processes to access that information significantly reducing latency issues. Sony did their homework and are enjoying a clear performance advantage…

  28. It’s very odd to me that I haven’t seen any exclusive driving games announced for the PS4. I stopped reading when I read this if this guy doesn’t even know about one of the first games exclusive to ps4 drive club he has zero value in comparing the two systems


  30. SONY IS SELLING MORE EVERYDAY KIDS WANT PS4 NOT XBOX 180 SONY WORLD WIDE xbox us only and losing there as well only dum Americans buy xbox cant play any fighting games Because the D pad sucks nuts

    1. Did someone create an account just to yell at pro xbox people? That’s so cute! Your doing a great job of reinforcing the typical uneducated loudmouth SDF moron. Please keep it up!

    2. Actually no.. Sony Pre-sold 125 consoles the last 3 months, while Xbox One pre-sold 175k. While PS4 maintained a small 200k lead.. Xbox One sold more consoles during the last 3 months.. so.. you are wrong.. Sony isn’t selling MORE everday.. might want to check your “facts”.Check FORBES for proof… . Also.. Almost all in the know.. and analysts predict both Xbox One and PS4 will each sell around 5 million consoles by March 2014…

      1. I love it when you guys only give half of the story. You forgot to say that this is happening in the US which is Xbox Land where PS4 has a 200k lead over the Xbox one. Even today Xbox360 is selling more in the US than PS3. Xbox 360 has sold 44.7 Millions units in the US while PS3 has only sold 27.4 Millions units. So believe me if PS4 pre-order where even equal to Xbox one, that would be super great news for Sony. Imagine a “small” 200k lead.
        And on the same site where I think you got those numbers, on the last software pre-orders estimate (november 2nd) PS has a total of 1.9 Milions games pre-orders combines while Xbox One has a total of 1.325 Millions games combined. And this is happening in the US which is Xbox territory.

        1. Um.. No.. Most analysts have PS4 worldwide at around 1.5 million pre-orders.. and actually several analysts are seeing stronger demand for the Xbox One in parts of the world (even saying PS4 may take initial lead in the USA)… Some also give a slight edge to Microsoft by March 2014 because they think the Xbox One will be in better supply during that time.. Was just a Forbes report a few days ago (not a fan biased gaming site).. Both are expected to sell around 4-5 million during that same time.. Also an Xbox rep said their pre-orders were just as much as Sony’s….

  31. Something else to consider – Wifi direct (Xbox One) vs. Bluetooth 2.1 (PS4).
    Wifi direct is literally nearly 100 times faster than Bluetooth 2.1, and it has virtually 0 perceivable latency/lag where as Bluetooth 2.1 simply isn’t nearly as fast, and it has mildly perceptible lag/latency with connected devices.
    Therefore, Xbox One’s second-screen experiences (like SmartGlass) will be substantially better than Sony’s, and the controllers themselves will have less latency/less lag – which directly improves gamer control perception. It’s actually a huge win for Microsoft which isn’t very publicized… Microsoft should be letting consumers know more about that, as it’s vastly superior to Sony’s PS4 Bluetooth wireless implementation…

    1. Dude give it up Bluetooth had no percievable lag on the Ps3 nor will it on PS4. As far as second screen experiences they use wifi to function.. Your point is invalid.

      1. Look up Uncharted and controller lag. You’ll find tests which show upwards of 200ms of lag… that’s worse than Kinect 1.0. Just because some people don’t notice or care about controller latency doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist and that it’s not a problem for others… Wifi-direct and X1’s controllers will be fastest on the market. Less latency means you play better. The game’s more responsive. It makes a difference. One reason why people like COD so much is that the developers care about this – they do everything they can to minimize controller lag, and it shows. That’s one of the reasons the game runs at 60fps – to minimize controller latency/lag.
        As for Vita/second screen experiences using wifi – you’re right – but wifi is not wifi-direct. With wifi – all network traffic is routed through your router, so (again) there’s lag/latency. With wifi-direct, the device talks DIRECTLY (hence the name) to the device it’s connecting to. The difference? WAY faster, WAY quicker, greater connection distances allowed, etc. There’s no denying it – wifi-direct is just better than Bluetooth 2.1 or traditional wifi. It’s measurably, and factually superior.

        1. I have played Uncharted 2 nearly platinumed it in fact.. There was NO I repeat NO perceivable lag whatsoever.. A human’s brain cannot perceive latency of those speeds.. You are taking an obscure fact to bolster your own argument… Sony had bluetooth connectivity on the PS3 which was a significant advantage over the dated IR tech that the 360 used but it didn’t seem to matter much did it? So again bluetooth works perfectly fine for a gaming controller regardless of your sad attempt to make wifi direct a selling point.. Also Shuhei confirmed that after the initial sync with the PS4 that the Vita could connect and stream content and run the second screen experience regardless of whether the WIFI router was working or not.. So yes the VIta connects directly to the system.. Yet again you were wrong and not WIFI direct isn’t WAY WAY quicker.. Is it better? Sure but not enough of a difference to make these absurd claims…

    2. You do realise that Sony’s PS4 second screen solution is using wi-fi and NOT Bluetooth, right? Bluetooth is only used for the controllers.

      1. 1. The controllers are what people use the most when ‘commanding’ their console… Bluetooth 2.1 is *WAY* behind wifi direct. Look up the numbers, it’s impressive. As far as controller responsiveness and latency, is “good enough” really what you want out of a next gen controller experience? Not for me, I want better – and Microsoft is giving me that.

        As for Vita/second screen experiences using wifi – you’re right – but wifi is not wifi-direct. With wifi – all network traffic is routed through your router, so (again) there’s lag/latency. With wifi-direct, the device talks DIRECTLY (hence the name) to the device it’s connecting to. The difference? WAY faster, WAY quicker, greater connection distances allowed, etc. There’s no denying it – wifi-direct is just better than Bluetooth 2.1 or traditional wifi. It’s measurably, and factually superior.

        1. You don’t need a router at all to connect the Vita with the PS4 – the Vita can communicate directly with the PS4 without any router between. This has been confirmed directly by Yoshida-san:

          Q: “If my internet connection is down, but my router is still up and both PS4 and Vita are connected, can I still use Remote Play?”

          Yoshida-san: “Once you had registered them, yes. And even if the router is down, too.”

          Q: “So there is a direct connect to the system ala remote play on the ps3? Neat.”

          Yoshida-san: “yes, you can choose.”

    3. the Second Screen option with Vita and, probably, smartphones with the PSApp use WiFi not bluetooth.. the BT is for Wireless device like headphones…

  32. Gaming isn’t about ‘raw power’ of the machine. If it were, PC would win every time ‘gaming’ was mentioned…

    That said, PS4 vs X1 is an uphill battle. X1 has more games, better online, and more subscribers that can seamlessly transfer over.

    PS4 can’t even play mp3’s or stream from DLNA server proxy. Major, major bumps in the road.

    1. so why is Sony selling more hahahahahahaha xbot fanboys numbers dont lie PS4 NATION IN THIS LAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

    2. Okay, yes not being able to play mp3’s or stream from DLNA server proxy is a small hitch in the PS4 but the rest you’ve mentioned doesn’t stand up to the PS4.

      More games, nope, PS4 has a line up of great Free To Play games along with a decent selection of paid up front games. I would say Sony have one or two extras for launch compared to X1. Better online? Sony have a great online service minus the lack of party chat. Now that PS+ funds will be used to enhance PS4 online, we’ll see much better performance. X1 online is nothing special in the first place. More subscribers, you mean live accounts. Well, considering half the xbox 360’s sold have been to replace broken units, while PS3 still have the total lead over the two companies, I would say that isn’t so true either. Specially with PS+ being such good value for money.

      P.S this is from a gamer who loves games and doesn’t really care what platform he plays on. I own all current gen systems so I’ve used them all pretty thoroughly. Thought I’d say something before you try and fob me off as a sony fanboy.

    3. @Tech the Xbox One cannot play mp3 nor rip cds.. This wasnt a hardware deficiency just a business move by both to push subs of their respective music services..

    4. The only way you can play mp3’s on the One is if they are being streamed from a windows device, ie. windows pc, windows phone, zune. Just like with the PS4, you cannot plug in a HDD full of music and play it. Sony will fix this error very soon and it won’t matter anyway.

  33. The author is pretty much spot on, with the exception of the memory comparison. There’s no question PS4’s memory is overall the better memory at face value, but both memory configurations have ups and downs. PS4’s is broadly easier and generally faster without any customizations/special work. Xbox One’s memory configuration (with ESRAM) actually has greater overall bandwidth, and less latency – so some calculations will run better with X1’s configuration. The point is – there’s no clear victor. There are plusses and minuses to both… and the secondary point is that the differences are small enough so that they won’t matter.

    While the PS4 has a raw performance advantage (albeit minor), industry legend John Carmack says the systems are virtually identical, as does the creator of the Resident Evil series, so any launch performance gaps will close over time… and then what? Sony can’t magically include an HDMI-in port for PS4. Sony’s eye cam will still be 720p (while Kinect is 1080p). Sony’s cam will still not be able to see anything in the dark since it’s strictly RGB (Kinect uses infrared, and has active IR stream so it works in ALL light conditions). Sony’s controller still won’t feel as good as the X1’s. Sony still won’t have the exclusives X1 has (including Titanfall, Halo, Gears, Forza, Dead Rising, Killer Instinct, Fable, Kinect Sports, etc.). Sony still won’t have any answer for exercise gaming like X1 will have. Microsoft’s cloud investment is world-class – you don’t get better than it – and Sony can’t compete with that… free dedicated servers for all devs.
    The differences over time will be profound, but not the graphical difference. No, it’ll be the features, OS, services, and software where Microsoft sets itself apart from Sony, and the mild perf edge Sony has won’t matter at all… most people won’t even notice it’s there.

    1. Playstation will have and do have their own first party exclusives… Uncharted and DriveClub for instance, with plenty more to name but no need to be a “fanboy.” As far as ps4 camera goes, it’s a hair over 720p and shoots in 3d. Has better 3d detection to tell where you are in a room. As far as lighting goes, who the hell plays kinect in the dark? I have never played it in the dark and neither have any of my friends or current co workers around me. Titanfall 1 is exclusive but if you have done your research, that’s the only exclusive. Also, Epic games could be bringing gears to ps and taking it away from ms. All in all, both systems are great and both will sell very well. Both companies are very smart and can both build great systems. As far as a developer point of view(seeing as I am one,) eSRAM is a pain to work with but will be great once we can nail it down. Also, not to harp but Sony also has cloud gaming and computing, so that’s not a Microsoft only deal. If you want to hook your X1 up to your cable box than by all means, do so. This man here is buying both for the games they offer and not as a pass through for my live TV streaming.

      1. 720×1280 vs 800×1280 – essentially the same… but yes, it is slightly higher than 72-p for PS4’s eye, but still X1’s Kinect is 1080X1920. As for lighting conditions, you’re missing the point… it’s not just about light or dark, it’s about shadows, directional light, etc. – all of that can make your face undetectable by Sony’s camera – where as NONE of that impacts Kinect at all – since it’s using an active IR stream rather than RGB. Oh, you’re a dev? That’s great – what kind of games do you build? As for the ESRAM, I hear reports on both sides, but all I’ll say is that it just doesn’t matter… even now, with the biggest graphical delta we’ll ever see, the games look the same. The delta will only shrink over time, so (again) power just doesn’t matter. It’s a null point this gen (just like it was last gen). As a dev, your touting of Sony’s ‘cloud gaming’ is seriously dubious. As a dev who’s supposedly “done his research”, you should know that Sony doesn’t have anything close to what Microsoft does… Amazon has traditionally been the top cloud provider, but Microsoft has passed them on cloud quality and functionality… not to mention, cloud compute is 100% free for devs… not true on PS4… heck, Sony doesn’t even have a cloud SDK… they expect the devs to do everything on their own… so no, it’s not comparable at all… What Microsoft has completely dominates anything Sony could imagine… because for Microsoft, it’s not just their gaming rig that’ll use it… all of their enterprise customers will too… it’s massive, and it’s a multi-billion dollar investment which Sony literally has no answer to… and yes of course I’ll hook up my TV through my Xbox One. That’s a HUGE feature advantage that (once you’ve used) you’ll never want to go back… it rocks.

        1. You are going to have an argument for any point thrown out, so no need to argue. The games I have helped develop have no bearing on the subject. Also, I stated that I am getting both and as a “personal” preference will not be hooking mine up to a cable box. I “personally” see no need to seamlessly switch between my tv and games. I understand why MS is doing it and fully back it for the people that want it and think they need it. As for cloud service and computing, put up your sources for all you “know.” I am not saying that I know all and especially when it comes to the cloud but I know that Sont has taken over a multimillion dollar cloud service and are making multimillion dollar improvements on it to be a competitor with Microsoft. Also, cloud won’t be as big as most may think for a good 5+ years. Again, trying not to argue. I love and apprieciate both companies equally. Just don’t want your misguided rants to impact some young person who looks to forums for aid in purchase. Both systems are worth their respected amounts.

          1. hahaha “don’t want your misguided rants to impact some young person who looks to forums for aid in purchase” yet you want yours to do so. Jack has made valid points for everything he’s said and if there’s any misguiding “rants” it’s been done by PS fanboys. Look at all of the comments on almost every gaming site and see the intellectual depravity from them.

        2. Just a quick Google search of top cloud providers in 2013 was easy… Microsoft is third, behind Google and Amazon. Sony won’t be on the list until next year as they have had no reason for cloud computing. I’m telling you peopl, whoever reads this, do you research and buy the console that you want. Don’t let people sway you one way or they other. Both systems are pretty much identical, in everyway.

          1. You should probably pay more attention to your “quick google search” information. Most popular does not equal best… Azure won the award for best cloud service, beating out Google and Amazon… did you read the links you requested from me?
            It’s categorically false to say the systems are pretty much identical in every way. They are pretty close in terms of performance, but they are *very* different in terms of services, OS structure, and features… the X1 comes out pretty far ahead on PS4 on those levels… but one thing I agree with – consumers should look at the games and the features, and make an informed decision as for what’s best for them.
            For me, it’s no contest. TV switching, IR blasting for my living room system to turn on with a mere voice command, light-independent (and near instant) facial recognition to sign me in without even touching a controller, instant-on, Kinect voice for nearly everything, Microsoft’s exclusives, Skype/app-snap features, better cloud, better services, better online play, etc. etc., etc… I care about all of that more than resolution… if I care that much about resolution, I’d get a PC which blows away PS4 and X1 anyway.

          2. Jack, you’ve hit the nail on the head of why I wanted an xone. I think MS has traditionally innovated and pushed the envelope whereas Sony has followed most of the last decade.

            If you’re a person that loves PS exclusives, that is fine. Personally, I’ve never felt the need to have them, because I like FPS and RPGs (which if you look at what the Xbox 360 has delivered on those fronts regarding console games, it’s been way better than the PS3).

            MS has been scrutinized in the past for innovative directions that have proved great for console gaming (such as requiring broadband connection for the original XBL) and I think this gen, they upped the ante tenfold. Unfortunately, a lot of those features created a huge backlash (although I was for the game sharing, etc. since I don’t buy and resell games),

            MS is positioning itself to only be a great gaming console, but a full multimedia device, which I absolutely love. The HDMI input + kinect voice features is one of the biggest selling points to me. I think my wife (who has the gaming extent of a 25 year old who is addicted to candy crush) will even really enjoy using voice commands to browse TV.

            I’m really looking forward to picking mine up in 3 weeks!

          3. in terms of service and quality, microsoft’s azure service is pretty much the best around.
            and they’re gaining fast in that sector.

        3. Er, i’ve been using PlayTv on my PS3 for the past 3 years (it’s a DVR) and i’m confident a successor will come to the PS4 (with HD freeview) who needs a cable box?

    2. I’d have to disagree with you overall. I agree performance won’t really matter – I couldn’t care less about the specifics, but multiplatform games have to consider both anyway, so there won’t be much difference. The main issue for me then, becomes the exclusives. That’s where I majorly disagree with you.
      If you’re trying to sell exclusives a a major reason to get the console – the fact is, the PS3 has had far more exclusives than Xbox. The last few years have been quite dry for 360 in terms of exclusives, whereas Sony constantly pumps out great exclusives even now, at the end of the PS3’s life. The Last of Us received great reviews, Journey was amazing, and year by year, Sony brings us great exclusives. I don’t understand how you could claim Xbox will have greater exclusive support – this generation disproves that point already. Better launch support? Maybe. But in the long run, there’s no reason so far to believe that Xbox will be better than Playstation in that respect – everything points the other way around.

      Kinect – I personally don’t have any interest in motion gaming (disliked both Kinect and PS Move). The majority of my gaming friends don’t either – they’re all into GTAV or Battlefield etc. Motion gaming doesn’t sell a console to them at all.

      OS and services-wise – I think comes down to preference. I think Sony has truly delivered with PS Plus – I literally never run out of games today. Just in the last few months I got Metal Gear Rising, Far Cry 3, Assassin’s Creed 3, Remember Me all with the sub. That’s a LOT of very recent games, whereas Xbox Live gave old games, and only in the last few months. In terms of cloud gaming, Sony also has Gaikai, and I’m keen to see where it goes. I’m sure Xbox has great cloud support too, but at moment, I’m sceptical of both systems until I see how cloud gaming actually affects games. Honestly, I doubt it’s as great as both companies are making it out to be.

      Tl;dr – I think there are great reasons to get BOTH consoles. Your reasons for Xbox being better don’t apply to a large number of people – specifically exclusives (I entirely disagree with you about Xbox being better in this respect), and Kinect (I don’t think the majority of gamers are interested in motion gaming). Services-wise I think both are great. Xbox has better online support, perhaps, but PS plus games are more important to me on a personal level – I don’t often game online.

      1. I can appreciate a differing opinion, but you’ve made some claims which are just false.The Wii was the number 1 selling console this gen, because of motion gaming. Just because you and other core gamers may not have taken to it, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s hugely popular, and many people absolute love it. Dancing games, family games, bowling, sports – millions adore it. The Kinect is the fastest selling consumer electronic device ever. Period. No qualifiers… so obviously, you’re simply factually wrong. Besides, Kinect for Xbox 1 is SO much more than motion gaming. It’s voice interaction on a whole new level – and PS4 can’t match it. As for exclusives – look at the facts – Xbox360 had more. PS3 has had some great ones over the last year or two, but over the whole span of this generation – 360 easily beat PS4 in terms of the number of exclusives, and in terms of over-all highly rated games. 360had more games, higher rated games (overall), and more exclusives. Additionally, Microsoft has invested over a billion in exclusives for Xbox One, and the system isn’t even out yet. Those are the facts. Now, if you personally prefer PS exclusives, that’s great, but that doesn’t refute the facts I’ve stated… and the facts suggest that PS4 won’t have as many, or as high quality exclusives over the whole generation… As for the games on Xbox Live vs. the games on PSN – you get to KEEP the games on Xbox Live… you don’t on PSN. It’s apples and oranges… they’re different, but I’d rather OWN the games I get for free, rather than only get them as long as I pay for the service. As for cloud gaming – it’s real – it’s a big deal – and it’ll show as such on Day 1. Forza 5’s drivatar AI shows it beautifully. When I played Forza 5, one of the AI actually crashed – and not because I made it. It drove like a HUMAN. You can only get that with cloud power, and Forza is delivering that on day one. So, I’ll take Xbox One’s laundry list of features, games, and services over PS4’s mild performance advantage.

        1. Wii was the best selling console, but in terms of software, it failed by the mid-end stage of it’s life. It missed out on all the third party games and received poor ports due to the lack of power on the console. Other than the amazing Nintendo exclusives, there were no other notable third party games to play. It’s not a great example of success. In the last few years, it completely dropped off, and everyone was either playing 360 or PS3. The Wii U is similarly struggling – and clearly because the Wii appealed to casual gamers, but left the hardcore gamers wanting. I sincerely hope the situation gets better – I love my 3DS, and want Nintendo to succeed – but they ARE struggling, and the Wii’s “success” came at a heavy cost.

          I’m sorry but if you want to claim facts, you have to provide evidence. To claim that X360 has MORE exclusives is not fact, it’s wrong. Here’s the list of best exclusives on Metacritic

          Uncharted2 = 96
          The Last of Us = 95
          LittleBigPlanet = 95
          Metal Gear Solid 4 =94
          God of War 3 = 92
          Uncharted 3 = 92
          ICO/Shadow of the Colossus = 92
          LittleBigPlanet 2 = 92
          God of War Col. = 91
          Killzone 2 = 91
          MLB 11: The Show = 90
          MLB 09: The Show = 90
          Journey: Collector’s Edition = 89
          Demon’s Souls = 89
          Ratchet & Clank Tools of Destruction = 89
          Uncharted: Drake’ Fortune = 88
          MLB 13: The Show = 87
          HeavyRain = 87
          MLB 12: The Show = 87
          Resistance 2 = 87
          Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time = 87
          Valkyria Chronicles = 86
          Resistance: Fall of Man = 86
          NI NO KUNI = 86
          Sly Cooper Col. = 85
          MLB 08: The Show = 85
          Infamous = 85
          MotorStorm = 84
          God of War: Origins col. = 84
          Killzone 3 = 84
          Gran Turismo 5 = 84
          Warhawk = 84
          Dragon’s Crown = 83
          Resistance 3 = 83
          Ratchet & Clank col. = 83
          Infamous 2 = 83
          ModNation Racers = 82
          MotorStorm: Pacific Rift = 82
          Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds = 81
          Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn = 81
          Jak & Daxter col. = 81
          Puppeteer = 81
          Disgaea 4 = 80
          God of War: Ascension = 80
          Yakuza 3 = 79
          Heavenly Sword = 79
          Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix = 79
          Yakuza 4 = 78
          Disgaea 3 = 78
          Tales of Xillia = 78
          Starhawk = 77
          MotorStorm Apocalypse = 77
          Tales of Graces f = 77
          MLB 07: The Show = 77
          3D Dot Game Heroes = 77
          Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time = 76
          Twisted Metal = 76
          MAG = 76
          Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness = 76
          Folklore = 75
          Naruto Ultimate: Ninja Storm = 75

          Halo 3 = 94
          Gears of War = 94
          Forza 3 = 92
          Halo Reach = 91
          Forza 4 = 91
          Gears of War 3 = 91
          Forza 2 = 90
          Left 4 Dead = 89
          Left 4 Dead 2 = 89
          Fable 2 = 89
          Project Gotham Racing 3 =88
          Halo 4 = 87
          Project Gotham Racing 4 = 85
          Forza Horizon = 85
          Dead Rising = 85
          Viva Pinata = 84
          Halo ODST = 83
          Alan Wake = 83
          Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary = 82
          Halo Wars = 82
          Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise = 82
          Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation = 80
          Fable 3 = 80
          Saints Row = 81
          Perfect Dark Zero = 81
          Crackdown = 83
          Kameo = 79
          Gears of War: Judgement = 79
          Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts = 79
          Blue Dragon = 79
          Lost Odessy = 79
          Tales of Vesperia = 79
          Naruto: Rise of a Ninja = 78
          Frontlines: Fuels of War = 75

          Not only does PS3 have more top-rated exclusives, it also has more variety. The 360 exclusives are entirely dominated by Halo, Forza and Gears of War.
          If you want to tell me it’s fact that 360 has better exclusives, you need to show me fact.

          Now about Kinect – I agree this is entirely dependent on each person. I persoally don’t like it or want it (and I’ve played hours of it with friends, so don’t say I haven’t tried Kinect), but I still don’t think core gamers care about it. However, as it IS forced into each purchase, I expect devs certainly will try to use it effectively, and I’m actually keen to see if they can change my mind about motion gaming and the X1.

          In terms of PS Plus and Xbox Live – sure I see what you mean about wanting to keep the games – but MS has only given out a few games for free so far – PS Plus has given out hundreds of great new games. It pretty much pays for itself, and seeing as every Xbox gamer must pay the sub to play online anyway – I don’t see continual subbing to PS Plus as a huge issue in terms of keeping the games.

          Honestly, I’m not here to flame the Xbox One. I’m not even planning to get a PS4 at launch (will probably get one down the track). I’m personally open to the prospects of both, and do not believe that anyone can say one side is DEFINITELY better at the moment. I just think you are wrong abot exclusives – you say there are more on 360, but the facts (which I have actually provided) say otherwise.

          1. These are the facts:
            PS3 total games: 793
            PS3 Exclusives: 158
            Xbox 360 total games: 958
            Xbox360 Exclusives: 199
            Xbox has more games, more exclusives, and more higher ranked games. Xbox has better online services, and better OS features (custom soundtracks, rich presence, cross-game invites, cross-game chat, party chat, etc, etc, etc)… Xbox One will leap-frog Xbox 360 on all those fronts, and PS4 will still lag behind.

          2. I just posted a list of the top ranked metacritic games for both consoles. You might want to read and count it again before you claim falsely (yet again) that Xbox has more well-reviewed exclusives. That is far more objective proof that PS3 has more and better exclusives. You only list the number of exclusives – clearly there are NOT hundreds of great exclusives on either platform.

            You claim that you respect other’s opinions, but blatantly say that Xbox is superior in every aspect. CLEARLY this is not fact, otherwise the whole world would agree with you (and they don’t – PS3 sales and Xbox 360 sales are practically equal). There are fans of both consoles, and both have advantages and disadvantages.

            Let’s just agree to disagree. You like Xbox, I like Playstation. We’re both gamers, we both love our exclusives. I just want this fanboy war to end already.

            Console choice is entirely subjective – to claim one side is objectively better is to be a fanboy.

          3. You’ve misread much of what I’ve said, then made false assumptions and conclusions based on your own misunderstandings. Let me clarify:

            1. “You might want to read and count it again before you claim falsely (yet again) that Xbox has more well-reviewed exclusives”

            I didn’t make that claim. I claimed that the Xbox 360 has more exclusives, and that is has more higher ranked titles. Both of those statements are 100% true and factual, based on multiple sources. I never claimed Xbox 360 has more higher rated exclusives.

            2. “You claim that you respect other’s opinions, but blatantly say that Xbox is superior in every aspect.”

            That’s simply false. I’ve claimed that the Xbox One has advantages, and disadvantages. As noted, the PS4 has a mild specification advantage over the Xbox One. Therefore, it’s false to claim I hold to a position that Xbox is superior in every aspect.

            3. “Console choice is entirely subjective – to claim one side is objectively better is to be a fanboy.”
            I agree with the first part, but there are clearly objective realities which make the consoles different, and in some cases objectively better. PS4’s GPU specs are objectively better, even if the fruits of that advantage are subjectively meaningless. Xbox One’s wifi direct is objectively superior to PS4’s Bluetooth 2.1. Xbox’s ability to recognize and sign people in seamlessly regardless of lighting conditions is superior to PS4’s facial recognition which can completely fail when a face isn’t well lit. Xbox One’s Kinect RGB feed is objectively better than PS4’s RGB feed with it’s PlayStation Eye.
            So clearly, it’s false to say that there aren’t objective advantages one console has over the other… now, when you want to make a holistic comparison, you’re right, you can’t argue that objectively PS4 is the better platform, nor can you argue objectively that X1 is superior… but you can break it down (as I have) and make data supported claims.

          4. I don’t see about 900 different games on xbox at gamestop where as the PS does they have an entire wall devote to PS3 games not one game is the same whereas the xbox side you will see multiple copies. P.S if you included indies that’s idiotic.

          5. Regardless of what you see at your corner brick and mortar store, the fact is there are more games on Xbox 360, and more exclusives. Those are non-debatable facts.

          6. Whatever. There has hardly been any exclusives on 360 for the last 4 years in a row.

            And most of it’s exclusives aren’t even exclusive…they are on freaking PC.

            Gears of War, Mass Effect, Left4Dead, Both Battlestations, all the Fables, Alan Wake…all on PC with FREE online play the PC way.

            Basically instead of paying for xbox live $300 every 5 years I can put $300 every 5 years into a PC upgrade and get a far better experience than xbox could ever give.

            Sony keeps pumping out the AAA exclusives consistently. The last 4 years prove it all. PS3 8-12 exclusives per year Xbox 1-2 same old broken record of Gears, Halo & Forza.

          7. There have been plenty of exclusives over the last few years – just (admittedly) not the kind of exclusives you personally might want. If you like the one-play-through/epic single-player goodness of the PS3’s exclusives – that’s great, and the PS4 will probably be a great console for you… but to dismiss the exclusives on Xbox 360 because you don’t like them seems backwards to me. I’ve never claimed one system had ‘better’ exclusives over another, but the simple facts don’t lie:

            Xbox 360 has hundreds more games than PS3.
            Xbox 360 has more games which are higher rated on Metacritic.
            Xbox 360 versions of cross platform games are either the same or better than PS3 version over 90% of the time in terms of not only graphical performance/fidelity, but also in terms of features (cross game chat, custom soundtracks, rich presence, party-play, etc.)…
            Also, if you’d prefer to save money and spend on a PC – that’s great! Microsoft gives developers a fantastic platform for PC development too, and with PC’s you’ll always have the best/most cutting edge equipment. If power/resolution is what you care about – there’s no denying that the PC is the way to go, and the PS4 and X1 are relatively weak in comparison… even with today’s top PC’s… over the next 3-5 years, you can imagine the delta in perf will be staggering.
            …but for those of us who love Microsoft’s exclusives and who’d prefer to game on consoles, the X1 is a fantastic choice… and being that X1 has many features the PS4 doesn’t (and can’t even compete with), for many of us, the decision is easy.

          8. You are flat out wrong buddy. Xbox hasn’t gotten anything for years. Both have hundreds of games digitally which all compare to each other. Xbox true exclusives are few and far between.

            Halo was great but was best back in the day on PC with free online play and keyboard/mouse support.

            Gears of War 1 was great on PC. As well as Mass Effect and both Battlestations, Left4Dead, All the Fables & Alan Wake.

            That only really leaves Forza which is junk IMO but fine it’s a decent exclusive that is a true exclusive. As is Ryse (thank god they changed it from all kinect to no kinect).

            You are wrong on the metacritic as well as someone else has posted on this page and from my experience. Xbox just has nothing man, it’s exclusives are on PC, almost no exclusives the last 4 years which is half it’s life and is supposed to be the consoles golden years. It has no free exclusive content like PS3 enjoyed in all the best AAA multi plats (Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire, Batman Arkham Asylum & Arkham City, Mafia 2, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, FEAR, Mass Effect 2, Fight Night, Battlefield BC2 & BF3, Far Cry 3 and more.

            Then all the free games with PS+. 64 last year alone and huge titles and not super old like games with gold (which also is only on 360).

            MULTI PLATS HAVE BEEN THE SAME FOR YEARS UPON YEARS. Not since Fight Night Round 3 (beginning of the gen) has there been a seriously bad port to PS3. It’s always debatable.


            So get that through your freaking thick skull. If it were a Micro$oft “platform” then PC would be pay to play with paywalls up the yin yang just like xbox.


            Cable freaking pass through. Whoopty freaking doop. Teens and young adults are a generation of cord cutters. We love our netflix, hulu, amazon instant, redbox and everything the like. Screw $60/month cable riddled with tons of commercials for 4 channels you like.


            Xbox one without Xbox live:

            Single player games
            Disk based movies

            PS4 without PS+:

            *Single player games
            *Disk based movies
            *Internet browser
            *Access to streaming services
            *Use of video capture/upload (15 mins compared to xbox 5 mins)
            *Use of Spectate & Take over mode ***NOW THIS IS A GOOD FEATURE..SOMETHING XBOX CAN’T FREAKING DO****
            *Free to play games (even online)
            *Free video chat
            *Cross game chat

            With PS+ we get the intant game collection for PS4/PS3/PSVita and for $10 less per year.

            PS4 is more powerful, has better features, better game performance (as proven now), free exclusive content, instant game collection, friend spectate/take over mode,

          9. The truth is: 90% of Xbox Exclusives are a total crap. Yes, Xbox have Halo, and stuff, but listen, this is a small amount of totall Xbox games in the market, there are 6-7 titles what is cool title, Halo, GoW, are cool, but the others like Viva Pitana, that game is a joke. But, Sony’s exclusive titles are amazing, almost all of them, InFamous 2, Uncharted 1,2,3, Last of Us, and all other game by Naughty Dog is amazing, and will be forever. And we talking about the next-gen here, not the current gen. For PS4 there’s almost 180 games in development, this time there’s about 60 game in development for the Xbox One.

            Accept it, Sony is beat down Microsoft at this point, there could be change in the future, but that’s won’t happen, if you see, the best games right now in PC are Indie games, Xbox One have NO indie support AT ALL. The only good indie title what microsoft have now, is Minecraft, but Sony have Minecraft too. Cube World, and other Voxel based games will be cool, on PS4, not on Xbox One.

          10. You should have wrote an article. You’ve obviously done something that Jordan Goodson is incapable of…. RESEARCH. Keep in mind too that the PS3 actually outsold the 360 worldwide in the years the PS3 was available for sale.

          11. the sales is not the point, the point is that PS2 sold over 150 millions and the ps3 half of it. The original xbox sold 25 millions and the 360 sold 80 millions (I guess)….one company saw its sales cut in half, and the other triplicate it…..and guess what? who is the real winners, US GAMERS. Halo was the reason sony had to make Resistance, Killzone….Forza is the reason GT had to up its game,…..Gears of War is the reason Sony is making the “The Order”….. sony i think will win this generation, and that will make Xbox to up it game, and again, winners US GAMERS

          12. You say “sales is not the point”. You make this statement, but use sales AS your point…… You cannot compare PS2 sales to PS3. The 360 sold 80 million so far. The PS3 has sold 80 million so far, in a year’s less time than the 360. Most in the U.S.. What does that prove? That Americans (I’m American) are dumb enough to buy 2-3 of the same POS console after they continually break. So how many of these U.S. sales are from the SAME customer? 3-4 million? 54% failure rate adds up. I went through TWO original Xboxes and after the second one broke, I learned my lesson. And I think with PS4, you’ll see more 360 gamers move over.

            Yes the 360 ate into Sony’s sales, but that generation (PS3, 360, Wii) sold more consoles combined than any other generation. Keep in mind the Wii sold 100.30 million.

            I think you think that EVERY move Sony does is to counter act Microsoft’s. You can’t compare “Gears of War” to “The Order 1886”? Why? two entirely different settings and the other is that NO ONE has seen gameplay from “The Order”, so how can you make that assessment?

        2. This Jack007 has to be joking, right? Every argument he makes is pretty weak. If you prefer the Xbone, that’s fine…but to suggest Microsoft has better exclusives is ridiculous, and to suggest because you get to “keep” the crap games you’re getting free doesn’t make the quality of those years old games any better compared to what psplus offers. And this clown talks about the power of cloudzzz. Wow. These fools are still completely lost. Attributing random crashes to the power of cloudzzz? Desperation, is what that spells. I guess that’s why Titanfall is 720p on xbone and 1080p on pc. Those cloudzzz sure are doing a bang up job. Wake up or get rolled over.

          1. There’s no question PS4’s memory is overall the better memory at face value, but both memory configurations have ups and downs. PS4’s is broadly easier and generally faster without any customizations/special work. Xbox One’s memory configuration (with ESRAM) actually has greater overall bandwidth, and less latency – so some calculations will run better with X1’s configuration. The point is – there’s no clear victor. There are plusses and minuses to both… and the secondary point is that the differences are small enough so that they won’t matter.

            While the PS4 has a raw performance advantage (albeit minor), industry legend John Carmack says the systems are virtually identical, as does the creator of the Resident Evil series, so any launch performance gaps will close over time… and then what? Sony can’t magically include an HDMI-in port for PS4. Sony’s eye cam will still be 720p (while Kinect is 1080p). Sony’s cam will still not be able to see anything in the dark since it’s strictly RGB (Kinect uses infrared, and has active IR stream so it works in ALL light conditions). Sony’s controller still won’t feel as good as the X1’s. Sony still won’t have the exclusives X1 has (including Titanfall, Halo, Gears, Forza, Dead Rising, Killer Instinct, Fable, Kinect Sports, etc.). Sony still won’t have any answer for exercise gaming like X1 will have. Microsoft’s cloud investment is world-class – you don’t get better than it – and Sony can’t compete with that… free dedicated servers for all devs.
            The differences over time will be profound, but not the graphical difference. No, it’ll be the features, OS, services, and software where Microsoft sets itself apart from Sony, and the mi

          2. 1. I never suggested MS has better exclusives – that would be a subjective/opinionated claim. I stated the facts – Xbox 360 offers more games, and more exclusives than PS3. It’s alright (and expected) though, really. PS3 came out a year later, so you’d expect there to be a gap in the number of games… why is this difficult to accept?

            2. PSN vs. XBL – I love the competition. I’m glad Sony’s upping their game and adding features XBL didn’t have… it means that now my XBL subscription just got better. I’m getting games I otherwise wouldn’t have gotten – and I like that… does the quality of game selections differ? Sure it does… PSN+ has some great offerings… but one key difference is that you don’t keep the games when you stop subscribing to PSN… you *DO* keep the games you get for free with XBL, and that’s a big distinction.
            3. The cloud is exceptionally useful, and is indeed a game changer… not because of fallacious claims about possible visual enhancements, but because of truly next-gen AI (see Forza’s drivatar implementation), physics, and other compute loads which can be offloaded… not to mention, 100% free dedicated servers for any devs who can build them. That’s huge, and it’s something Sony cannot compete with.

          3. I don’t even want to keep those crappy games bro. PS+ in the last 3 months has given me so many games that I won’t be able to finish in a year. Why the hell would I bother if I can keep them forever or not? Even when the quality of PS+ games are awesome, I want to move on and play new games.

      2. Just to add a bit to the exclusive title issue, many formerly Sony exclusive titles became cross platform (ie: Tekken, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, etc.) whereas I only know of one Microsoft exclusive that crossed over, Mass Effect. Where PS3 shined in the exclusive category was in it’s more powerful hardware, many of the PS3 exclusives just couldn’t run on 360, that won’t be the case in this generation, the hardware is too close for that to be much, if any of an issue as far as developing games for one system over the other. Hardware is only as good as the devs put it to use, with PS3 they really made use of it’s superiority over the 360, I can’t really see devs making a game that will run on one system and not the other this time around. Btw, I’m no fan boy, I’ve owned every PS and Xbox system, and get the PS4 eventually for those exclusives, but I think the One is the clear winner this time if for nothing but versatility.

    3. This article was written like a neogaf fanboy thread. Most of these things aren’t boons at all, not to mention the only reason the kinect is with the system is because its $100 extra. You can get the camera for the Ps4 and STILL come out cheaper not to mention if the kinect games are anywhere near as “Good” as those this generation its a non factor. Also, the xbone being a man in the middle device for cable boxes is another non issue. Not everything is supported, especially depending on your region. Your xbone cant even properly access DVr…so…yeah.

    4. Jack007…How can you make an argument out of the Kinect’s cam being 1080p vs. the PS4 cam being only 720p; but yet can’t see the issue with “The Gaming” systems themselves being 720p vs. 1080p?
      Btw, the PS4’s cam is optional not mixed in to an overblown price. I’m just saying. Lol!

      1. First off, I’m not making an argument that the resolution difference really matters. I wouldn’t ever argue that. It’s trivial, but it is (objectively) an advantage over the PS3 for several reasons:
        1. The resolution limit on PS4’s camera is a hardware limit. It’s literally impossible it’ll ever be above 800p. Kinect’s RGB feed will *never* be below 1080p. It’s a hard limit on both.
        2. The resolution delta we’ve seen in games is a soft limit, as X1 actually supports up to 4k resolutions, and can easily render games at 1080p native (see Forza 5)
        3. With X1’s scaler chips (3x), the X1 can display a true/native 1080p HUD while the 3d portion of the game renders to a lower native frame buffer… which is then hardware scaled up to 1080p… so the end result still looks good/crisp. PS4 doesn’t have a hardware scaler, so up-resing an 800p frame to 1080p in software will look blurry and result in poor image quality… so video chat will *always* be superior on X1.

        1. Wow are you actually trying to say that an upscaler can turn sub-hd resolution (720p, 900p) to ‘native’ 1080p?
          Are you serious?

          1. Not at all. If that’s what you infer from my post, read it again. I never made a claim of any kind even remotely resembling your inference.

        2. “The resolution limit on PS4’s camera is a hardware limit. It’s literally impossible it’ll ever be above 800p”

          This is false. Sony actually had the max resolution pegged above 1300p but the fps were 20.. So they settled on 1280×800 at 60fps because 800 is still HD resolution and they can keep a rock solid framerate. In fact Sony had it running at a blistering 320fps but resolution was sub hd. I’m sorry but you don’t have any need for a 1080p resolution lens in the kinect it literally serves no purpose aside from bragging rights in these console wars.. Sony went for practical for what the camera will be used for.. Has absolutely nothing to do with hardware limitation.

          You do realize that the 4k resolution you are pointing out is only in regards to video right? Neither of the systems can render graphics in 4k because they amount of memory bandwidth needed is far more than either console provides.. By the way the PS4 also supports 4k video resolution..

          “can easily render games at 1080p native”
          If this were true jack then more games would be running 1080p and thats just not the case.. Some games (Ryse) is 720p @ 30 fps.. I dont know why you are so adamant about downplaying the inferiority of the XBONE. Microsoft bet the farm on multimedia functions and let the gaming take a backseat and are now paying a huge PR price for that…

          I guarantee you that nobody is buying either console based on video chat capabilities.. Again just a bullet point in a fanboy argument.. THE most important factors of a gaming console is the gaming. Sony is clearly winning in that regard.. I know you have to justify your $100 more purchase that is technically inferior but you aren’t convincing anyone on here in the contrary regardless of how subjective you pretend to be…

    5. I think John Carmack is awesome, but he also seems to be out of touch lately with how video games are made and/or enjoyed. Not only that, but it is only in his interest to say such things. Other developers have stated otherwise, and ignoring raw numbers seems like a terrible idea. Also, he said ALMOST, and he said SIMILAR. He never said EQUAL, or EXACTLY THE SAME. Which seems to indicate hes downplaying something that is already showing to be a significant edge on sony’s console.

      1. I’ll take John’s word over yours… Rage on Xbox 360 and PS3 is still one of the most technically and aesthetically pleasing games on either system… and it’s because of the technology Carmack pushed. I wouldn’t be so quick to try and diminish his impressions.
        As for what’s in his best interest – was it in his best interest to say the 360 was the better platform in 2006, and multiple times throughout this last gen, because he did – and he was right. 360 was the better machine, and now with this generation almost behind us, we can measurably show it as such. It’s just the better platform, and John called it then… just as he’s calling it now.
        As or your football/soccer analogy, completely off base and inaccurate… the better analogy would be an NFL announcer who was a superbowl winning quarterback, then a coach for years on a superbowl winning team, who’s now commenting on the capabilities of two quarterbacks – if he says they’re the same – he’s the best kind of judge, and in the best position to do so. He’s got both dev kits, and he’s got all the specs/white papers… but also, it’s not just John Carmack who’s said as such. Other devs have as well, and the creator of Resident evil also said they’re nearly identical.
        So the fact is – they’re very, very close – and the professionals acknowledge as such… it’s only the fanboys who are making a mountain out of a molehill… and heck, I’ll grant that the PS4 has some better specs and a bit more power – but when the rubber meets the road – the games look the same, and always will. The gap we see today is the biggest it’ll ever be, and as time goes on – that gap will only shrink… and that’s fine… because the X1 has other features and advantages over the PS4 that I (and millions of others) value more than a few specs which don’t yield a noticeable advantage.

        1. Perhaps you misunderstood what i was saying. You seem very defensive.

          1. I’m not a fanboy of either company. I am a 360 fan because in my opinion it was the best machine last gen and still beats ps3.

          However, what you’re saying is incorrect due to a flaw in your perspective, not because John Carmack is wrong. John Carmack isn’t wrong. And i didn’t say that he was. I simply asserted that what he said and what he meant are not necessarily the same thing, and if you knew how John is personality/intelligence-wise, perhaps you would understand that more.

          When he says something, you could get one idea, but he could be 1-2-3- 400 steps away from that, because he is honestly smarter than most people on earth.

          The point being, he said “they are very similar”. he DIDN’T say “the differences won’t show and won’t matter at all to anyone”.

    6. And yet Playstation still is better than Xbox is. Yes Xbox came up with something nice, new and can compete with PS4 but it didn’t mean they actually beat Sony. People in general will lean for something new and different that’s why so many bought the other system thinking they got an upper hand over the PS3 but they didn’t really have a big advantage that set the Xbox apart from Sony except mimic their success and they’re very good at that. Yeah sure if you have a throw down of big companies who supports both system of course Xbox will come top but that doesn’t mean anything to consumers unless you’re an investor and if you are an investor then STOP trying to trick people to buying Xbox because even after all money spent on the company endorsing Xbox they still can’t shake Playstation off their throne in gaming. PS4 is gonna stump the competition and when it comes out this holiday everyone will wish they own one.

  34. Author, you wreak of pro-Microsoft bias. And you’re reviewing two systems which haven’t even been released yet. Amazing! That’s a special skill!

    1. I disagree. I think the author is pretty much spot on. His comments about the memory probably aren’t quite as representative as they could have been if re-worded/expanded on a bit more – but there’s nothing in his article that’s false…

      1. No he’s pretty spot on about the memory. If the case was any different we would be running GDDR5 in are PC’s over DDR3 and not waiting for DDR4.

        1. You’re right, there’s absolutely no GDDR5 on any of my GPUs. Thank you for showing me the error of my ways!

      2. 1. His point about the os being better is an assumption and slightly skewed because of bias. Has he used both extensively to back up his claim? Nope.
        2. He discredits the PS4 for not having a racing game. Big fail
        3. Again making assumptions that the new Xbox controller is better despite the press heaping praise (you know people that have actually used both) on the DS4.
        4. Kinect has been a mild success. If people were as hungry for motion gaming as you claim then more than 1/3 of the user base would have it. 80 mil consoles: 25 mil kinects.
        5. RAM.. Sony is using the RAM setup that developers themselves emphatically told sony to use. They also customized the GDDR5 memory to asynchronously read/write memory and allowing processing to be offloaded. No need for eSRAM..

        1. 1. If only you knew how wrong you are here.
          2. In an op/ed piece I fail because I enjoy driving games? Also, no discredit here.
          3. I’m guessing you skipped the sentence about the best controller being a matter of preference?
          4. Now everyone who buys an XBox One will have a kinect. Didn’t say its desired, simply stated it’s there.
          5. You’ll really want to read my follow-up piece…

          1. 1. I’ve always hated xbox OS and UI. Sony’s looks far better.
            2. Forza does suck and is a gran turismo imitation. Drive Club will be great when released then when Gran Turismo arrives oh man give me chills I’m so excited.
            3. Dual Shock 4 has a lot of great innovations and I’ve always hated with a passion xbox controllers…all of them.
            4. Kinect is pretty limited and what games I’ve played on it were not worth my time. Fighters uncaged, blackwater, star wars kinect all sucked so freaking bad. Also I looked up PS2 game kinetic which was hands free…looks like micro$oft copied everything from sony…even the name.
            5. The PS4 has more power and currently is 2 for 2 for better graphics, resolution & frame rates. I think the games can speak for themselves.

          2. 1. REAL journalists that have actually used both have stated just how smooth and improved the PS4’s UI is.. There is no clear advantage to either of them. PERIOD.
            2. You failed because you give the edge to the X1 for falsely claiming the PS4 didn’t have a racing exclusive. Which I and many others have pointed out that Drive club has been known since the PS4’s announcement in the spring. The fact that you “didnt know about it” doesn’t give you a pass on this issue.. I to love racing games but you should have done better research before making claims like you have and hiding behind the OP/ED mask… Regardless of whether its an opinion piece or not you still have to be factually accurate..
            3. No I read that but you cannot claim controller as an advantage for the X1 and then follow it up with preference.. It doesn’t work like that.. You titled your piece 9 reasons the X1 is better than PS4.. You should have said 9 reasons I prefer the PS4 and I wouldnt have responded as strongly as I have.. I hate misinformation..
            4. Again the cost of the X1 is $100 more because of kinect being included.. SO basically those that dont want it are forced to pay more because Microsofts desire to increase market share of a device that a majority of people dont want… THis is not an advantage, this is anti consumerism..

            You are entitled to your opinion and preferences.. Im not trying to convince you why the PS4 is better according to me.. I’m trying to stop the misinformation that plagues online journalism especially about something im so vested in…

      3. True, I could have written 1200+ words on the difference between GDDR5 and DDR3 but that wasn’t the topic of the article. I actually had to cut about 150 words from that section because it killed the flow of the piece. Thanks for the supportive comment though. Cheers Jack!

        1. So instead of supporting your claim with “facts” you omit that pertinent information to save the “flow” of the piece? When did supporting statements take a backseat to an articles “flow”? This pretty much sums up why there’s such a vitriolic response to your bias- riddled fluff piece..

          1. I included what was necessary to get the point through. If I was writing a piece on RAM choices, I would go on and on about the differences between the two, but that wasn’t the focus of the article. As far as the vitriolic responses… the piece is getting responses. Over 100 comments thus far. I’m happy.

          2. I completely disagree you use a blanket statement that ddr3 is better for multimedia processing and conclude that the one should easily win in said arena.. You have completely dismissed Sony’s customized setup.. Sony chose GDDR5 because of its graphical prowess but customized that chipset to have asynchronous memory read/write so thst they can offload system side processing to the GPU.. Your blatant dismissal of this fact belies your bias.. Besides when did multimedia features become more important than it’s Gaming capabilities? Obviously in your mind it’s enough to warrant a mention in your reasons xbox one is better than ps4..

      1. And duh, the title says that it’s pro Microsoft. But that isn’t to say Jordan is bias. These are just reasons one might want to consider when they look at the PS4, Xbox One or even the Xbox 360.

  35. I can hear you now, “b-b-but the PlayStation’s GDDR5 RAM is newer and faster than the DDR3 included in the Xbox One”. You’re right… technically. While the GDDR5 does come with a higher bandwidth and clock speed, its advancements over DDR3 can only really be applied to graphic performance. As far as app processing, AI and acting as a media server, the Xbox One should outperform the PlayStation 4 easily

    Hahahaahahaa this article is trash your just another Fanboy and you need to be fired for writing this trash GDDR3 RAM can not outperform GDDR5 RAM any real person educated on computer hardware knows. This and with that sad is seems as tho you are not educated on computer hardware. at all

      1. Exactly.
        To the layman, BF4 actually generally looks better on X1 (even with the resolution discrepancy). It’s amazing, but the X1 version actually looks sharper and more vivid, which is far more noticeable than the more pronounced jaggies on the X1 version from the lower resolution…
        I’ll take the X1 version over the PS4 version any day…

    1. Yeah you have no idea what you’re talking about. Gddr 5 Ram is great for GFX while ddr 3 is great for everything the X1 does and will smoke the PS4 in app speed and multitasking. Since your such a smart computer guy and all please explain to us why we still run DDR3 and were waiting for DDR 4 and not changing over to GDDR 5?

      1. first off dummy we use GDDR3 ram BECAUSE IT CAME FIRST DUMM A** GDDR3 RAM has to be fed data where GDDR5 almost all of the Data can be read at once i dont have the time to teach you dummy pick up a book

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