9 Clandestine Drinking Apparatuses To Sneak Booze into Any Sporting Event (list)

If you enjoy going out and drinking, your wallet must be suffering. Drink prices are insane, which is why it’s wise to bring your own booze. But BYOB isn’t accepted at a lot of places like concerts, sporting events and more, so you’ll need to hide your liquor and these crazy gadgets will do just that! You’ll be able to hide  your favorite alcohol with a few of these sneaky flasks and pouches that will go unnoticed by security (hopefully, at least)!

9. Wine Rack Flask Bra

wine rack flask bra

This one is only for the ladies! Every woman enjoys drinking win and now they can take their favorite vino with them on the go with the Wine Rack Flask Bra that features a pouch inside the bra that you can fill with wine or a liquid of your chose. The straw can exit from either side of the bra and you’re all set to get your drink on (even if it’s at places that don’t allow it!). Get it for $36.99.

8. The Beerbelly


The Beerbelly actually allows you to carry your beer around while you rock an pretty unattractive beer belly (not recommended if you’re trying to attract the ladies). However, it does allow you to drink what you want, when you want t and where you want it with no hassles. It’s a great disguise for when alcohol isn’t allowed! And it’s only $29.95.

7. Drink Dispensing Driver

drink dispensing driver

Have a drink or two while out on the greens with the Drink Dispensing Driver that allows golfers to discreetly get their drink on without the marshals  coming to stop the party. The unit’s club head and shaft give the appearance of a typical driver, yet it dispenses 1-oz. per second from a spout in the club head with the touch of a button. List most golf stuff, this doesn’t come cheap, going for $89.95.

6. iFlask


Have a drink whenever you want thanks to the iFlask, which conveniently looks like an iPhone but it’s really a flask you can take with our anywhere! It holds 5oz of your favorite drink and provides an extremely discreet design. And for only $24.95, it’s worth it if you know you’re going somewhere where alcohol isn’t allowed so that at least you can have a bit of fun.

5. Double-Sided Binoculars Drinking Flask

double sided binocular flask

Alcohol can get expensive at concerts and sporting events, but that doesn’t have to be when you have the Double-Sided Binoculars Drinking Flask that will conceal your beverage of choice in the body of binoculars. For only $37.97, these looking binoculars hold 16 oz. of your favorite alcoholic beverage.

4. Sneaky Shorts Disguise Flask


Sneak in a drink or two with the Sneaky Shorts Disguise Flask that’s designed for tailgating and spectator events. The shorts are thin, flexible and reusable and fit underneath shorts or pants and hold more than 24oz of liquid. It’s available in a one-size-fits-all and costs $18.95.

3. Sippin’ Seat Flask Stadium Seat Cushion

Sippin' Seat Flask Stadium Seat Cushion

Bring your own drinks to save money when you go to your favorite sporting event or concert with the Sippin’ Seat Flask Stadium Seat Cushion. Not only will it allow you to be comfortable while sitting, it also holds 36oz of a beverage of your choice for only $29.95.

2. Flask Tie


Drinking at work is prohibited but the Flask Tie allows you to take a sip or two unnoticed when things get too stressful. The tie features a removable pouch that can can be filled with whatever liquid you care to keep wrapped around your neck. Get it for $25.

1. Reef Dream Sandal

reef dream sandal

A flask in your shoes? Sure, why not with the Reef Dream Sandal that has an encapsulated canteen in each heel that can hold up to 3 ounces of liquid for $45.

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