8×8 VPN Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Are you running a small business, in need of a VoIP service that doesn’t ask you to sell your soul to call outside the US and Canada? With unlimited calling to 35 countries all over the planet, the best VoIP to handle an order like that is 8×8 VPN. And with its support for major devices, every user can take advantage of it.

Why We Like It – 8×8 VPN Review

Unlimited calling to 35 countries; supports major devices such as Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS, and expands on its great features as your business grows.

  • Unlimited calling to 35 countries
  • Supports major devices, not just Windows Mac
  • Conference calls for 15 members; more with upgrade
  • Doesn’t have 24/7 customer support
  • Only 2 server locations


For such a low-cost service, the 8×8 VPN is packed to the brim with features, more with the higher tiers. Its basic plan, the Express, you’ll get unlimited calls to the US and Canada—and later plans include 35+, which is more than RingCentral’s 25 countries, but more than Jive and Vonage, who offer none. For a small business, the Express plan is one of the lowest per-user cost VPN services available. If you are looking for a VoIP phone system for small businesses, that offers three-way calling, auto-attendant, and other features, open our Frontier VoIP review.

This is especially good for small businesses. Conference calling supports 15 simultaneous connections in a single call, but can expand with higher monthly/year plans. It only supports 2 server locations, however. Small to medium businesses are unlikely to experience an issue, but very large businesses might have to reconsider. Either way, having a dedicated IP address with internet access being configured right is key. It’s one of the fastest VPN services, giving Hotspot Shield a run for its money. Planning to install a residential VoIP service that will turn your traditional phone lines upside down? Click our 1 VoIP review.


8×8 VPN is easy to use by design. You know how it’s helpful to have an IT guy around? Since this VPN service provider is cloud-hosted, you don’t have to fuss with special equipment; it takes care of itself. This expands to its other systems as well such as the live chat function, VPN apps, VPN connection, video conferencing and even chat support. It’s surprisingly good, but not available 24/7. If a person doesn’t answer, it’s a robot—but you can quickly speak with a person at the right hours.


What makes the 8×8 virtual private service provider so great—not just its service and performance—is its ability to expand on its great performance and service as your own business grows. With that growth comes extra responsibilities such as having supervisor analytics available, something that a larger business would find more useful than smaller ones. And if you find that it doesn’t fit you in the free trial, 8X8 has a 30-day money back guarantee. It’s one of the best VPN services for young businesses.

8×8 VPN Review Wrap Up

The 8×8 VoIP VPN isn’t just a good VPN, it’s a great one. While it does root itself into small businesses, those that grow into a reckoning force will get to expand with 8×8, introducing new features when ready. Few give unlimited calling to so many countries, not to mention 15 members in a conference. Having two server locations isn’t so bad, nor is a lack of 24/7 support—8×8 VPN’s performance makes up for it.

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