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It’s officially the Holidays! And you know what that means, right?! Yup, time to shop for gifts for family and friends. To make the holiday season a bit less hectic and stressful for you, we’ve come up with an awesome list of cool gifts for those who are obsessed with their iPhone 5s. The list contains everything they’d need and want to get the most out of their favorite smartphone – from game controllers to headphones and everything in between!

8. MOGA ACE POWER Gaming Controller

MOGA ACE POWER Gaming Controller

Smartphone gaming wouldn’t be complete without a badass controller like the MOGA ACE POWER that retails for $99.95. It’ll turn your  iPhone 5s, 5c, or 5 and 5th-generation iPod touch running iOS 7 into the ultimate gaming controller by providing a full set of console-style controls. It features dual analog sticks and L1/R1 and L2/R2 shoulder buttons, as well as a D-pad and four action buttons. Plus, it’s compatible with an amazing variety of game apps. It’ll also help boost battery life since it comes with a built-in charging capability that extends your iOS device’s battery life while you play—or serves as a charger whenever needed.

7. Coin


Minimize your wallet by combining all your credit cards into one convenient Coin card! It’s the only car you’ll ever need. Connecting your cards to the Coin is easy using the iOS app and the included compact dongle. To use it, just toggle through your accounts using the single mode button to choose which payment you’d like to use it and then swipe it at the store’s standard card reader. Creators are now taking pre-orders through a crowd funding campaign at $50, which is half of what it’ll regularly cost.

6. NKMOS Ultima In-Car Holder

NKMOS Ultima In-Car Holder


Driving drive and smart with your iPhone 5s when you have the NKMOS Ultima In-Car Holder that features an all-aluminum body, strong suction cup, rubber padding and a locking lever. Its intuitive clamping technology is the most advanced, accurate and incremental adjustment on the market, with adjustability to 84 mm wide. It’s available in silver or black for $99.95.


5. Smartphocus Lens Bundle

Smartphocus Bundle

For family and friends who love using their iPhone 5 for photos, the Smartphocus Lens Bundle is just the gift for them! For $129.95, the iPhone lens kit improve quality and functionality by providing the best range of features.  Simple slide installation makes it quick to go from phone to camera, and it allows iPhone tripod and monopod mounting. There’s also a shoe mount for lights, microphones and other effects.

4. Otterbox Defender Series Case

Otterbox Defender Series Case

Protecting one’s phone from spills, drops and the elements is super important, which is where the Otterbox Defender Series Case comes into play! For $59.90 the case features a built-in screen protector guards against scratches and scrapes from all that other junk bouncing around in your bag or pack. It’ll provide protection against drops, bumps, dust and scratches. It comes in a variety of colors which is an added bonus!

3. Beats By Dr. Dre Wireless Headphones

Beats Wireless Headphones by Dr Dre

These days, it’s essential to have a pair of quality headphones and these Beats Wireless Headphones fit the bill perfectly. These powerful-sounding wireless headphones prevent you from getting tangled up. You can listen interruption-free with up to 10 hours of play or talk time. The micro USB cable makes charging a breeze, whether it’s from your car or laptop. Verizon has them for $279.99.

2. Mophie Juice Pack Plus

Morphie Juice Pack Plus

The Mophie Juice Pack Plus provides lots of extra battery charge while on the go while also protecting your iPhone 5S from damages. For $83.95 (usually $120), the 2100mAh battery case with added power features up to 120% of extra battery to make it through the busiest weekends with no problem. It comes in three colors – black, red or white.

1. Nike Fuelband SE


Nike keeps on improving on its FuelBand and the SE is the latest wrist-worn pedometer that adds Bluetooth 4.0, allowing it to connect to your iPhone and doesn’t need you to hold the button and select the Sync option. On sale for $149, it also features updated circuitry for improved flexibility, increased water resistance and adds more color schemes.

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