Best Blendtec Blenders in 2023

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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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Blendtec offers some of the highest-performance blenders currently on the market for both commercial and residential use. By incorporating powerful motors, precision speed control, and pre-programmed settings, they are able to provide an incredible blending experience.

Their advanced blending technology detects anything impeding the motor or blades. With plenty of model options to choose from, both residential and commercial blenders, you’ll be ready for anything from family dinners to opening a new smoothie bar.

Of course, luxury doesn’t come cheaply, not even in a blender. Prices for Blendtec’s basic models start at around $300 and increase from there, with those at the highest end of the spectrum coming in at over the $2,000 mark

Keep reading on to learn more about the best Blendtec blenders and how they compare to the best blenders on the market today.

Top Blendtec Blenders

 #1  Blendtec Total Classic 75-Oz Blender


WHY WE LIKE IT: This device has presets for a wide variety of meals and beverages. The powerful blades and motor enable crushing ice and heating up soups.

  • Immense blade power
  • Built-in preset programs
  • Large graduated pitcher
  • Plastic pitcher

The Blendtec Total Classic 75-oz blender is a multifunction device ideal for smoothies, shakes, cocktails, and soups. This blender has a very large jar that’s suitable for families and commercial applications. The device uses winged blades to pull ingredients without using a tamper, while the thick, forged stainless steel blade crushes fruits and vegetables fast. This device has a self-cleaning function to keep the blender clean and germ-free. However, the plastic pitcher may be damaged by some ingredients.

The pitcher of this Blendtec Total Classic 75-oz blender is BPA-free for safety. It has a blending capacity of 32 ounces, so it makes beverages for big numbers of people. The pitcher is graduated to simplify making recipes that require measuring ingredients. With a powerful motor, this blender spins fast enough to heat up soups in as few as 6 minutes. We love the built-in presets on this model that enables one-touch operation. It has a 10-speed motor for simple customization.

 #2  Blendtec Total Classic WildSide+ 90-Oz Blender


WHY WE LIKE IT: An oversized Tritan pitcher allows for blending and preparing big batches in one go. This device has presets, simplifying making popular drinks and meals.

  • Immense Tritan pitcher
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Powerful ice-crushing motor and blades.
  • Very loud

The Blendtec Total Classic WildSide+ 90-oz blender uses 10 different motor speeds to crush ingredients ranging from fruits to vegetables and ice. This device comes with six preset programs, offering one-touch operation. With thick winged forged stainless steel blades, this device allows crushing ice and frozen ingredients fast. It comes with a large BPA-free pitcher with a blending capacity of 36 ounces, making family-sized meals fast. However, this appliance gets loud at high motor settings.

This Blendtec Total Classic WildSide+ 90-oz blender features a 3-foot power cord, enabling flexible placement on the counter. A self-cleaning function rids the blender of blending residues, preventing bacteria buildup. This device has a very powerful 1570W fast motor that can heat up soups in about six minutes. We love the bright palette of this appliance, which adds a pop of color to the kitchen. Its intuitive controls allow effortless operation. This blender also has a pulse function for precise control.

 #3  Blendtec Classic 575 WildSide+ 96-Oz Blender


WHY WE LIKE IT: This blender has a graduated pitcher to aid people in measuring out ingredients for meals such as pastries. The device has powerful blades that will prepare ice and frozen fruit recipes.

  • Stylish design
  • 4 preset programs
  • Ice-crushing blades
  • Struggles with some big ingredients

The Blendtec Classic 575 WildSide+ 96-oz blender features an attractive design that brings a touch of refinement to the kitchen counter. This blender has an intuitive control panel with four presets, simplifying operation. The device has a 1-minute self-cleaning function, so users can clean up by adding mild detergent and warm water. It uses an innovative system to draw ingredients toward the blades. However, this model struggles with some large ingredients.

This Blendtec Classic 575 WildSide+ 96-oz blender has winged stainless steel blades that crush ice and frozen fruits easily. Its pitcher is graduated to enable monitoring quantities. With the friction produced by the fast-spinning blades, this device heats up soups in a few minutes. It’s especially suited to mixing dough for pancakes, cookies, muffins, and other recipes. This Blendtec blender has five different motor speeds for easy customization. It has a maximum blending capacity of 36 ounces, so users can prepare large batches for families.

 #4  Blendtec Original Designer 90-Oz Blender


WHY WE LIKE IT: This device has touchscreen controls that enable hassle-free operation. We love its six presets and multiple motor speeds that enable precisely controlling blending.

  • Intuitive touch controls
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Large jar
  • Base slips during processing

This Blendtec Original Designer 90-oz blender is a good pick for smoothies, shakes, and juice. It boasts a self-cleaning feature for cleaning up easily after use. This blender has a cyclonic system that pushes ingredients toward the blades. We love the touch control panel with a speed slider, which enables adjusting settings easily. This device also performed quietly, making it a good choice for users who blend for long periods. However, this appliance lacks a non-slip base and moves a bit during processing.

The Blendtec Original Designer 90-oz blender has a large BPA-free pitcher with a blending volume of about 36 ounces for dealing with large quantities of ingredients fast. The jar is graduated to enable hassle-free measuring. This device heats up ingredients in a few minutes, so it’s recommended for hot soup recipes. With a stainless steel finish, this device adds a touch of refinement to any kitchen. It has eight motor speeds, and six presets for easy customization.

 #5  Blendtec Classic Fit 75-Oz Blender


WHY WE LIKE IT: A powerful motor and strong blades work together to deliver fast blending results. This device has an attractive finish to offer visual interest and is more affordable than most other Blendtec blenders.

  • Incredible design
  • Self-cleaning
  • Smoothie preset
  • Limited speed and preset customization options
  • Relatively small jar

The Blendtec Classic Fit 75-oz blender boasts a large BPA-free jar that supports easy cleaning in a dishwasher. This pitcher has a blending capacity of 32 oz, enabling preparing large quantities fast, and it’s graduated to support precise measurements. It has a powerful motor that provides adequate power for dealing with thick ingredients. This blender has several motor speeds for customization. However, the customization options are a bit limited on this model.

This Blendtec Classic Fit 75-oz blender has programmed settings for smoothies, providing effortless operation. It has a pulse function for precise control. We love the 30-second timer on this device, which allows precise control. This device has a self-cleaning cycle to keep the blender spotless after processing. The base has a unique finish that will complement the other appliances in the kitchen. This device has dishwasher-safe parts, supporting thorough cleaning.

 #6  Blendtec Classic 575 90-Oz Blender


WHY WE LIKE IT: This device has a powerful motor and winged stainless steel blades that are ideal for crushing anything from spinach to frozen drinks. We like the intuitive control panel that enables simple operation.

  • Super strong motor and blades
  • Large graduated pitcher
  • Preset programs
  • Challenging to hand-clean

The Blendtec Classic 575 90-oz blender combines the functions of a juicer, blender, and cocktail maker in one device. The blender has a powerful 1570W motor that enables producing smooth shakes. With blunt-winged stainless steel blades, this device provides fast processing. It has a large pitcher with 32 ounces of blending capacity for preparing family-sized meals. The motor on this device spins fast enough to heat up soups in a couple of minutes. However, the pitcher is challenging to hand-clean.

This Blendtec Classic 575 90-oz blender has a self-cleaning function for removing debris and preventing germ buildup. It has a BPA-free pitcher for safety. With presets for smoothies and other meals, this device offers one-touch operation. It has an intuitive control panel for simple management. This device has five different motor speeds, so it’s ideal for use with both delicate vegetables and hard frozen drinks. The blades pull the ingredients, eliminating the need for a tamper.

Introduction to Blendtec Blenders

Tom Dickson created the Blendtec brand in the 1970s with the invention of the wheat mill. His innovative ideas improved the grinding of flour twice as fast as other cumbersome appliances on the market at that time. By the 1990s, Dickson had created a “Total Blender” to bridge his creative ideas into the blending industry.

In 2006, the Blendtec brand became an overnight sensation and household name with the release of Tom’s famous YouTube video, “Will it Blend?” In the video, Tom and George put various household and outdoor items in a blender to test the durability of their blenders’ pitcher, motor, and blades. It was an instant hit, and sales soared to an impressive 700% growth.

Today, Blendtec is on the leading edge of innovation, especially when it comes to high-end blenders. Tom continues to drive the creativity behind his line of products, making Blendtec a renowned name in the kitchen industry, and keeping Blendtec ranked at the top alongside other name-brand competitors.

How Blendtec Blenders Compare to Other Brands

Pro 1: Blendtec’s technological innovations have led to some impressive cutting-edge features, such as smart touch technology and a motor protection system that detects jams, loading errors, or overheating during the blending process, automatically shutting off the machine. They also have a self-timer that lets you click the blend setting you want and step away to work on other tasks. Like the motor protection system, these automatic timers will shut your blender off after a certain time, so you don’t have to worry about keeping a close eye. For an in-depth look at a model we recommend, check out the Blendtec Designer 625.

Con 1: Some who prefer more control over their machine find the pre-programmed settings too over-the-top for their liking. The automatic timer has also received mixed reviews. Unfortunately, there is no way to shut off the timer, and users are left with pre-set 50, 60- or 90- second settings. If you feel that your blend is not mixed well enough, some models have added features, such as a 20-second quick blend button. Once the timer has run down, you’ll have to continue pressing this button until your mixture is to your liking. For many, this can seem inconvenient compared to brands that offer more manual controls.

Pro 2: Blendtec blenders boast one of the most powerful motors in the industry. For instance, the Blendtec Pro 800 comes equipped with an 1800-watt powerhouse motor and 11 different speeds. Even budget-friendly options like the Blendtec GO Fit, which compares to other single-serving blenders, blow the competition out of the water with a 1,560-watt motor. If you are looking for a blender capable of making nut butter and breaking through your toughest ingredients, then a Blendtec model is best suited for you.

Con 2: When it comes to power, there is one trade-off — a strong motor creates noise. Even a few hundred watts more will noticeably increase the decibels in your kitchen. The one exception to that rule, however, is the Blendtec Professional 800; it comes with a sound shield that brings down the volume to decibel levels similar to a conversation. Of course, most commercial blenders come with sound shields, and other comparable models don’t compromise much motor strength but are still quieter.

Pro 3: If you’re looking for the best blender for vegans or any other dietary lifestyle, Blendtec sports a wide range of professional models that give you extensive programming options. Having the versatility to switch programs between making green smoothies, whole juice, batters, and hot soups, regardless of the blender’s price point, is a luxury that not all brands have.

Con 3: Blendtec’s versatility comes at a price. Beginner models start around $300, and high-end blenders for commercial use can cost as much as $2,800. Unfortunately, budget-friendly options simply aren’t available with this brand, and some customer reviews find that limiting in consumer use.

Pro 4: Blendtec is unique in that it offers a line of blenders suited for your restaurant, bar, or other business. Their sound shields keep the noise down in the kitchen while still providing high horsepower and function. All commercial blenders are also certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), so you can rest easy knowing that they meet food industry requirements.

Be mindful, though, that Blendtec does not recommend its home products for commercial use, and it could render your warranty protection null and void if you do.

Con 4: Blendtec’s commercial appliances are big. They offer up to 90-ounce jars that will easily serve the needs of any business or even large gatherings. And the additional accessories, like the sound shield and Twister jar, only increase the bulk of your appliance. If you’re opting for one of these models, look at the dimensions of your chosen product to make sure you have room before purchasing.

Why You Should Buy A Blendtec Blender

If you are looking to upgrade that old blender you’ve had under the shelves for years for a sleeker, high-performance machine, then a Blendtec blender is a perfect choice. Despite the high cost, Blendtec won’t disappoint in its performance and longevity either. Durable pitchers and stainless steel blades will help it last years down the road.

Although almost everyone has seen a blender at some point in their lives, if you happen to be buying one for the first time, you can’t go wrong with a Blendtec blender as your first experience in the industry. Their user-friendly front panel sports a touch-screen display, pre-programmed settings, and fixed blend times. This is a touch-and-go type of appliance, allowing you to click which setting you’d prefer and step away to work on other things while your blender does all the hard work.

How Long Will a Blendtec Blender Last?

According to various consumer reports, Blendtec ranks “fair” on reliability. Other high-end brands rank much higher in this area during the first four years after purchase, placing Blendtec towards the bottom of the list.

Overall, though, a blender’s longevity is difficult to determine. Things like usage, after-care, and model type all factor into the equation. On that note, Blendtec recommends a combination of both immediate and long-term use cleaning routines to care for your product and improve its durability. And although their jars are made from Eastman Tritan copolyester, a tough, dishwasher-friendly, BPA-free plastic that is NSF certified for the best easy clean blender, caring for them by hand can help improve your appliance’s longevity.

You must add hot water and dish soap to the pitcher and click the “pulse” setting for five seconds. Some models also have a “clean” option that you can use instead. For heavy-duty cleaning, fill your blender jar with hot water and add 1-2 teaspoons of chlorine while stirring for ten seconds. Allow this mixture to sit for five minutes before thoroughly rinsing and drying. Following these steps should help improve the longevity and performance of your appliance.

Blendtec Blender Warranties

Blendtec makes up for its high-cost appliances by offering some of the best warranties in the industry. Even their refurbished blenders provide a 1-year warranty while all other blenders range from 2 to 10-year warranties. Whichever warranty you have is dependent on the model; the more expensive the blender, the better the warranty. It also covers both parts and labor with the option to purchase an extended warranty for an added cost.

It is important to remember that Blendtec will only cover what is considered normal use in a household and does not cover cosmetic damage or commercial use for residential blenders.

Blendtec Blender FAQs

Do any Blendtec models offer a glass jar?

No. Blendtec only offers durable plastic pitchers. Blendtec states that safety is their number one priority, and glass pitchers have the potential to shatter with high-speed velocities. They also claim that their copolyester jars are easier to handle and lighter in weight. In addition, all their pitchers are BPA-free and NSF compliant.

Can you use a Blendtec blender as a food processor?

While Blendtec doesn’t advertise their blenders as food processors, they perform very similar functions. Add-on accessories such as the Twister Jar cater to making nut butter, hummus, and baby food. Their high-powered blenders can also grind grains, make whole juice, and blend coffee beans.

How does Vitamix compare to Blendtec models?

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference as Blendtec and Vitamix are two of the highest-performing blenders on the market. Vitamix received better reviews for reliability but rated equally on consumer satisfaction, convenience, and durability against tough ingredients based on consumer reports. Vitamix is priced similarly on their beginner and mid-level products, but Blendtec has higher-priced professional models and offers a separate line of commercial products on their site.

Does Blendtec offer different jar attachments?

Blendtec offers many different jar accessories for various kitchen tasks. For example, the WildSide+ jar is a popular, high-volume pitcher that is advertised as 25% more efficient at blending frozen ingredients and can knead dough. Additionally, its safety blade is manufactured to be ten times stronger than others to work through your toughest dry ingredients. The Rebel+ jar has the same specs as the Wildside+ but offers a 90-ounce capacity and tamper-free blending.
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