If you are looking for the best kayak for beginners, these watercraft are way better. Summer isn’t here yet, but it’s never too early to start planning your summer beach/lake getaways! While boats and jet skis are usually the go-to watercraft machines of choice, there are a few other options that are just as fun! Personal watercraft vehicles come in all kinds of different types and sizes with a few providing exhilarating thrills. With tax season upon us, why not blow your refund on some watercraft fun! Or even the best kayak.

 6. The Quadrofoil


The two-person electric hydrofoil watercraft is like a “sports car for the water,” with its top speed of 25mph/22 knots. But where it really excels at is that it lacks emissions that might harm any delicate marine ecosystems.  It’s lightweight at only 330 pounds thanks to its carbon fiber and Kevlar body and runs of of one 3.7kW electric motor with 4.5kWh lithium batteries, giving it a range of 62 miles before it needs to be recharged from a domestic powerpoint within in an hour. It also features flexible solar panels for charging while out on the water. With only a production run of 100 units, it’ll cost you $19,000.

5. Flyboard


Invented by jet ski racing champion Franky Zapata, the Flyboard costs just over $6,500, making it pretty affordable (unlike the Martin Jet Pack that will cost over $100,000). It works a bit like the JetLev using a jet ski’s propulsion system that will thrust and lift its rider up to 30 feet in the air. The rider also holds a set of secondary jets so they can perform various tricks as if they were a dolphin.

4. Mokai


The Mokai jet propelled watercraft offers more than 8 hours of engine-powered boating fun on only three gallons of gas! And it’s sort of like kayak but with an engine, making for an enjoyable ride. It’s available for only $3,450, making it a great purchase for a hobbyist fisherman.

3. Jetovator


The hydro-powered Jetovator is really just a flying, steerable seat that will suspend you 25 feet in the air thanks to its three powerful jets of water. Its 40′ hose connects the PWC to the flying seat’s rear and “feeds” the seat’s three water jet nozzles with high-volume, low-pressure water for speeds up to 25 mph. You power the watercraft with the  two individually controlled water nozzle levers that enable backflips, barrel rolls, corkscrews, and even 10-feet dives underwater. With only about 20 minutes of instruction needed, this personal watercraft goes for $7,000.

2. Killer Whale Submarine

killer whale submarine

Designed to look like a Killer Whale, the two-person watercraft breaches and submerges just like an Orca. The pilot and his guest are protected beneath its watertight 1/2″-thick acrylic canopy pushes and is in charge of twin control levers to make the whale’s pectoral fins for rolls and stealthy dives.  It can hydroplane up to 50 mph over the water’s surface and it can cruise up to 25 mph while submerged. Inside there’s vinyl seats with closed-cell foam upholstery and four-point racing harnesses to ensure safety. This watercraft is super expensive at $90,000.

1. Five Person Exploration Submarine


Made for those with loads of cash, the Five Person Exploration Submarine allows you and four friends to explore the sea, lake, pond or any other kind of interesting body of water. It can dive to a depth of up to 656 feet, it’s great for checking out reefs, shipwrecks and more. Passengers are safe in its climate-controlled  3 1/4″-thick acrylic pressure sphere that enables conversation. Again, this is for rich folks given the price is a whopping $2,700,000!

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