5 Ways Instagram 6.0 Lets You Get More Creative With Your Photos (list)

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If you’re anything like me, then you’re probably use Instagram more than any other social media channel. I LOVE sharing pictures even more than I like tweeting or Facebooking. Sharing pictures of my “oh so cool life” is like an addiction, but editing them with photos apps is the best part. I have about 15 or more third-party editing apps that allow me to transform even a mundane foodie pic into a magazine-style portrait. Instagram knows there are billions of people just like me doing the same thing and decided to change up their app a bit. They’ve just released info on their Instagram 6.0 update that will provide users with even more ways to spruce up their pictures. Here are some ways their large-scale update will improve yours:

1. More Editing Options In One Place

Even though I like using third-party apps, it can sometimes be a huge hassle. I have so many photo editing apps that it’s hard to remember what each one does or it takes way too much time to perfect my cool selfie. Instagram’s cookie-cutter filters don’t always make a picture really pop, which is why so many sought out other apps to edit their snaps. Instagram wants to now cater to these creative types by providing more editing options that will eliminate the need to use multiple apps to get photos just the way you want them. I don’t know about you, but if that’s the case, then it’ll save me a lot of time going through my other apps, that’s for sure!

2. Sophisticated Photo Editing Tools


As stated above, before the new update, Instagram’s photo editing tools were pretty basic. Nothing too fancy or special. Sure, some of the filters were cool, but most of the time, they didn’t allow me to truly get creative. All that’s changed with new editing tools -10 of them to be exact. According to Instagram’s help pages, the 6.0 update now allows you to edit photos in some cool new ways, such as: Sharpen to add some crispness to photos or make them more clear; Vignette to darken the edges of your photo to direct attention to the middle of the photos; Shadows which will adjust the brightness of dark areas of a photo; Highlights that will do the oppose of Shadow and focus an image’s bright area; Saturation to increase or decrease the color in a photo; Warmth that will shift photos to warmer orange tones or cooler blue ones; Contrast to make bright areas even brighter and darker ones much darker; Brightness to make your photos pop; Adjust which allows you to crop and straighten images at the same time; and Filter Strength that adjusts filters you use. These are things professional photographers use in things like Photoshop and other desktop editing suites or what apps like Camera+ and Photoshop Express do, but for free.

3. Maximum Control Over Photos

All the new photo editing features can be used with the new wrench button and applied to images via sliders that have plus and minus options for maximum control over your creativeness. Users can also now tap on their photo to preview their new creation and compare it to before and after filters have been applied, just in case you don’t like what’s going on with a certain feature you’re using. The new effects are purposely buried in the new wrench button so that it’s doesn’t complicate things for casual users who really don’t care about all this stuff.

4. Improved Tools

Instagram 6.0

In addition to all the great new features, Instagram updated a few of their old stuff. They improved things like: Straighten, Border, Blur/Tilt Shift, Lux, Rotate and Crop. All the new improvements should make for lots of artistic pictures that will make getting more likes a breeze!

5. Simplified Video Posting

This may have nothing to do with how great your photos look, but it still a welcomed update to the app. So instead of prompting you to choose a cover frame for your videos, it’s not an option since people dust use the first frame anyways. This speeds up the video sharing flow overall.

I’ve yet to try out the new features of Instagram 6.0 yet, but I’m already sad that they didn’t add the option to create photos mosaics or add text; those are two things that are practically essential to my Instagram sharing. Oh well, here’s hoping the next update will add that in!

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